Ghost Hunters

Season 3 Episode 4

Ghost Hunters: Live From the Stanley Hotel

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2006 on Syfy

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  • A very ambitious episode for the SF Channel do a live broadcast.

    I thought that this type of episode was very ambitious for the SF Channel to do so, broadcasting live from an investigation, much akin to what British “Most Haunted” dose all of the time, which only recently hit the United States’s airwaves on the Travel Channel.

    While “Most Haunted” had a checked reputation in faking some of its stuff, there one thing that show dose good is live broadcasts and the use of several live web cams from various of different locations in the area that they are investigation on their website, with sound, which I heard crashed a couple of times during their three night live event. This wasn’t the case with Ghost Hunter’s live event on the SF Channel, because they had only one live cam which switched from location to location from to time with no sound, on their website which I think is needed because when a person is investigating a haunted place, one has to used all of your senses, including your ears.

    Now some fans didn’t like the idea of the ECW guy going on long with their on their trip, I also thought that this wasn’t a good idea because I not a fan of wresting either. But, I thought that he wasn’t a distraction to the guys and he ask questions that a non-expert would ask if they were put in the same place that he was. Plus he didn’t promote his sport and he also did some investigation with the guys, which also help them as well, which I like because there are numerous of time when I saw an episode of TV that like that had an celebrity on the show and they do nothing to the show, but only act like a third wheel to the show.

    Now here are my grips with the show, one ditch the soundtrack that they use for the edited episodes, this is a live show, with raw data and one has to hear everything that is going on there. The soundtrack might inferred with the unusual noises that can’t be explain at that time, or might cause the viewer to think that there is a sound that isn’t there, believe me that happen to me a couple of times while I was watching some of the live broadcast. Another one as I stated above, on the website, give the user to option to view different webcams not just the one, because strange things can happen in other places not just one that you are forcing the user to watch.

    Now, here are the things that I like, I like the fact that they don’t have a studio with a live audience watching the show, where the guys can swtich to, like they do on “Most Haunted”, they broadcasted directed from the site with all of the glitches that might come along with doing a live broadcast. Also their text messages that they won’t ubiquitous, like the ones that came from “Most Haunted”, and that some of them weren’t over the top like some of the “Most Haunted” ones were, where one user claimed that they saw a hooded figure standing in a stone circle with a sword cover in blood. Jeez, give me a break on that one! I think this is something that the guys over at "Most Haunted" should learn to do, have a person read all of the text messages that come through and throw out the ones that are so over the top that they can't be real.

    With a few retooling on the web site this could be a regular thing for the Ghost Hunters. I also heard that they are going to a do a live follow up on what they caught that we won't able to see or heard while on the broadcast, which I am so wanting to see.
  • They`ve talked far too much.

    I like the idea of a live investigation, especially in this place, but everyone except Jason was talking far too much. I do not really understand why the wrestling guy was with Jason and Grant. He wasn`t bad in what he was doing there, but I just don`t get it.

    SciFi Channel is not very experienced in doing a live show I guess, but the hickups weren`t too distracting. The music in the background, the whole editing of *every* episode of this series is quite distracting, but I try to live with that. Overall TAPS did once again a good job, but like I stated, I would prefer less chatting.
  • What a Show!

    This was a great Halloween Special on the Sci-Fi Channel, I really enjoyed it I've leared alot more things about the hotel then I didnt know and I've seen more of the hotel in which I doubt I'll ever see if I ever go to estes park since I live here in colorado but still it was great.

    I enjoyed watching the episode where they visit the stanley hotel for the first time and again for the halloween special I Hope they come back again later on in the future. I don't know why but I get excited when T.A.P.S. or any famous folks/show comes to colorado to film a show or movie or do a taping somewhere in colorado.
  • Beautiful!

    This is what I have been waiting for! A truly haunted location where the spirits don't take a break. Everything happened! This is a ghost hunter's dream. I have always wanted to be a TAPS member and this episode has validated my dream. It has also made me want to watch the movie "The Shining". When I heard that woman laughing I was like yes! That's what I'm talking about! This is what I've been waiting for! This episode was far very very far from a dissapointment. It was perfect. Point blank, plain and simple, it was absolutly just perfect!