Ghost Hunters

Season 6 Episode 26

Ghost Of Christmas Past

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2010 on Syfy
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Ghost Of Christmas Past
TAPS investigates a haunted New Hampshire Inn, and a revolutionary era fort in New York.

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  • A surprisingly low key season finale

    After the previous episode, I suppose a Christmas-themed episode shouldn't be that surprising. I mean, after all, there have been several Halloween specials and other forms of cross-promotion. Perhaps next year they will search for the ghost of the turkey consumed at Thanksgiving. Or maybe an extra-special TAPS/GHI extravaganza at Christ's Tomb over Easter weekend, hunting down the Holy Spirit. (Honestly, I put nothing past Pilgrim Films or Syfy.)

    All kidding aside, this has been a rough season for "Ghost Hunters". I started off with a lot of promises about new technology, yet the team seems to use less and less as the episodes roll by. And then there were the constant team shuffles due to "Ghost Hunters Academy" and the Night of the Long Knives for the GHI team. All the while, it seems like the formulaic nature of the show has led to a certain amount of apathy. With the ratings falling, Pilgrim Films and Syfy seem to be grasping at all the wrong straws to generate buzz.

    Here's the thing: if this particular location was chosen to be used for a Syfy Christmas Week promotion, did the team fell compelled to find something, however tenuous, to justify it? Considering how it feels like the show has turned into a promotional vehicle for an endless array of commercial locations, I can't help but wonder.

    Case #1: Christmas Farm Inn, NH

    Jason and Grant start in the spa area of the carriage house, and of course, they immediately hear footsteps. Has anyone done a statistical trend analysis of how often investigative footage starts this season with Jason and Grant hearing footsteps? It has to be in the 90-95% range. This is why even dedicated fans are getting jaded; those who claim that it's all according to a script just keep getting more and more ammunition.

    Amy and Adam work in the kitchen area, with Amy taking over Kris' old duty of repeating the summary of reported activity given a few minutes earlier in the episode. They hear a bunch of noises, which Amy figures must be settling. Adam is confused by the fact that it happened only once that they observed. Why he thinks settling noises would happen constantly, I don't know.

    Steve and Tango investigate the main dining room. Steve gets excited by an odd haze and orbs of light when he takes pictures from a particular spot. Given that he also gets lens flare in the same spot, it's hard to get too excited about it. It's quite possible that there is a reflective surface being caught at just the right angle from that particular position. It's a huge reach to connect simple photo anomalies to stories about an apparition.

    Jason and Grant move into Room 12. They manage to determine that if someone is standing outside the room making noise, the acoustics make it sound like it's coming from the bed. This perhaps debunks the reports for that room, which is nice, since it feels like the first bit of debunking from Jason or Grant in quite a while.

    Steve and Tango take on the spa area next. Tango claims to hear a little kid, but he's unable to hear it on playback from the handheld camcorder. Steve hears it himself, a bit louder. They both agree it's coming from a floor above them, so they move. Sadly, this doesn't seem to work, and soon enough, Jason and Grant bring the investigation to an end.

    None of the "evidence" is particularly compelling, and the sounds that they consider significant sound either mechanical or distant. In fact, there's so little to work with that the conclusion of a "residual haunting" doesn't really make any sense at all. So was it their legitimate conclusion, or something they felt compelled to say for the Christmas episode?

    Case #2: Old Stone Fort, NY

    Jason and Grant start the investigation on the second floor. Jason seems to hear a giggle, and Grant hears someone take a seat in a nearby chair. Their reactions seem a bit overdone to me, especially Jason's exclamation, but at least it's not footsteps. At least, not right away; the footsteps come soon enough.

    Steve and Tango investigate the tower, where there is a reported crying sound. Tango tries to debunk the reports by testing a door, but the attempt doesn't pan out. But I have to agree with Steve, because that's the kind of thought process that they should be using more often.

    Amy and Adam follow-up on the second floor, and Amy once again recaps the client's claims. Both Amy and Adam recognize that the flooring in the room and the acoustics make it very easy to generate loud noises and "footsteps" just by shifting one's weight. Oddly, Jason and Grant didn't make the same observation, though it's fairly evident if one goes back to listen to their segment. Yet even when they continue to verify the odd acoustic issues, they keep getting confused by unexpected sounds. It's a good example of how a location's properties can affect perception.

    Jason and Grant move into the tower, and they find tons of evidence of animal infestation from mice, rats, and birds. They believe that would explain any screaming sounds that have been reported from the area. Oddly, Steve and Tango didn't seem to recognize the strong urine smell at all. (Perhaps too many dares and pranks have dulled the senses?)

    Steve and Tango investigate the graveyard nearby, which has all the usual issues that come with an outdoor investigation. They talk a lot about pattern recognition and how easy it is to mistake certain shapes and monuments as apparitions, which is all good information. But in the end, it seems more like marking time than serious investigative footage.

    They capture a few stray "whispers" during analysis, but given the acoustics of the room that everyone acknowledged, it's just not that impressive. All those noises could have been their own movements amplified by the room conditions. Thankfully, they leave it inconclusive, because that's about as far as the "evidence" could possibly be taken. But it does bring the sixth season of "Ghost Hunters" to a conclusion with a whimper, not a bang.moreless
Amy Bruni

Amy Bruni


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Jason Hawes

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Grant Wilson (II)

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The investigation of the Christma Farm Inn took place on November 10-11, 2010, according to the date embedded in their camera footage.

    • Also Appearing:
      Investigation 1: Christmas Farm Inn - Jackson, New Hampshire
      Gary Plourde - Owner
      Bruce Campbell - Former Employee
      Samantha Bilodeau - Housekeeper

      Investigation 2: Old Stone Fort - Schoharie, New York
      Carle Kopecky - Museum Director
      Anne Hendrix - Volunteer
      Carol Platt - Former Docent

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Grant: (as they do "lights out" at the Christmas Farm Inn) You're going to turn off the Christmas lights?
      Jason: Yeah, we gotta. Sorry
      Grant: Oh, man!

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