Ghost Hunters

Season 4 Episode 5

Ghostly Bounty Hunter

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2008 on Syfy
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Ghostly Bounty Hunter

The team goes to Trinway, Ohio to investigate Prospect Place, a stop along the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. Then they investigate a home in Massachusetts where the owners complain of shadowy figures.

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  • Another slow episode...building to something big, perhaps?

    This has been a rather unusual season of "Ghost Hunters". The third season was marked by an increase in celebrity guest appearances, flashy tourist attractions, and post-production and editing controversies. While there were some good moments, I felt it was the least effective season. Since the infamous Stanley Hotel Live Halloween event, the show seems to have settled into something closer to the beginning of the second season.

    While many critics point out that the percentage of sites declared "haunted" was much higher after the first season, looking back on the actual episodes and associated commentary, there was a lot of criticism for the lack of documented evidence. A lot of locations had little to no activity, and fans were getting more and more frustrated.

    Personally, I find the investigations with scant evidence to be a more realistic depiction of the field as a whole. I also admit that it makes for relatively boring television. This is at the crux of the debate over the show itself. Many will point out that slower episodes (like this one) make it more reasonable to believe the "evidence" from more active sites. Critics see that as a clever psychological trick. As always, it is a matter of perspective and subjectivity.

    Case #1: Trinway House

    This episode came down to a set of personal experiences and some odd noises caught on tape. Nothing in terms of EVP (which is unusual lately), and most of the experiences were fairly easy to explain. As odd as it must have been to hear the door handle move on its own, it's not impossible that someone was trying to mess with them.

    Case #2: Prospect Place

    The "big" evidence here appears to be the thermal footage. Setting aside the issue of temperature for a moment, I swear that silhouette looks like a cat. I'm not sure that the size is right for even a large and fat cat, but as a cat owner, it looked like a cat that was sitting in the window, saw people coming, slid off the window, and ran away. I don't know if Jason and Grant would have arrived in time to see a cat if it really wanted to be somewhere else!

    I'm not sure, based on perspective, that the size is quite right, however, and I'm intrigued by the lack of heat. Not intrigued enough to say that it's something unexplained, but I think it would warrant closer study.

    I was, however, deeply amused by Steve's misunderstanding of the term "Underground Railroad". Considering that he admitted that he's not one to read books, maybe it shouldn't have been such a surprise. Then again, was he really that ignorant about American history? Perhaps interpreting that scene is another matter of perspective and subjectivity.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Also Appearing:
      Investigation 1: Medeiros' House - Norton, Massachusetts
      Amy Medeiros - Homeowner
      Tony Medeiros - Homeowner
      Cameron Morton - Eldest Son

      Investigation 2: Prospect Place - Trinway, Ohio
      George Adams - Owner
      Garnet McMahon - Volunteer
      Paulette Bishop - Volunteer
      Bill Krejci - Historian

    • According to the date embedded in the thermal cam footage, the investigation of Prospect Place was done on January 22-23, 2008.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Jason: This place was part of the Underground Railroad, correct?
      Steve: Yeah, the underground railroad goes through the basement, and I believe is still there- you can still see where the railroad went through.
      Grant: What's he talking about?!
      Jason: The Underground Railroad, Steve- it's not an actual railroad. It's what they called it; it's how they hid slaves and moved them all around.
      Steve: So it's not really an underground railroad?

    • (Jason and Grant are freezing in the van, watching Steve and Tango's investigation inside)
      Jason: (over the walkie) J. to Steve.
      Steve: Go, for Steve.
      Jason: So, Grant and I are a little bit frozen out here, I see you sitting next to that nice, warm fireplace in there...
      Grant: Scumbag!
      Jason: I'm thinking that, you know, it'd be nice if we could have a chance to get in there and investigate near that fireplace.
      Steve: You know, we kind of like it in here, I think we're going to stick around.

  • NOTES (1)

    • At Prospect Place, one of the people interviewed states that the ballroom was used by some of the slaves for ritual sacrifices. The same location was investigated by the Ghost Adventures Crew for their Tavel Channel show Ghost Adventures in the episode "Prospect Place", and the people interviewed for that show stated that during the 1960-70s, the place was abandoned, and the same ballroom used by occulists for Satanic rituals, including animal sacrifices.