Ghost Hunters

Season 2 Episode 16

Ghostly Child

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on Syfy

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  • One of those episodes...

    Last week was centered on a single investigation with a lot of unusual circumstances, so it stands to reason (and expectation) that this week would be somewhat less dynamic. Sure enough, that’s what happened. Perhaps once I would have been less than enthusiastic about such episodes, but I find it a lot easier of late to take it in stride.

    In between episodes (and, in fact, during the hiatus), I had a chance to become more informed on what the TAPS team is up against, thanks to filming “Ghost Hunters”. Every episode, including investigation, takes up to a week of time. Considering that 20 or so episodes were filmed in the past year, that’s a huge chunk of time and maybe half the possible investigations that the team can reasonably handle in a year (not counting time off for the day jobs and good behavior). Just going by Jason’s 80% Rule, that means that perhaps 4 episodes out of 20 will actually feature something that can’t be reasonably explained.

    Of course, the question is where that line is drawn. Is he just referring to the investigations where he’s forced to admit a place might be haunted? That would be my interpretation, and as such, neither investigation in this episode meets the criteria. A couple of odd occurrences are well below the line. (Not that Jason claimed that those places were haunted, per se, but you get the picture.)

    So, onto the first case:

    I’ve been in places where you get that same unusual feeling of dizziness or skewed equilibrium, and it is incredibly unsettling. It’s also very interesting that the experience was different for Steve and Brian. That little situation with the board is a little weird, but I’m not convinced that it wasn’t sitting the wrong way and just fell on its own. It’s strange for an EM field to come and go like that, but it’s not impossible. Even with the discovery of the former occupant named Grace, I’m not convinced. There are indications that something could be happening, but certainly not enough to make a concrete claim to a haunting.

    Second case:

    This was another one of those situations where the owners desperately wanted to hear that the place was haunted, so no matter how much evidence was presented to the contrary, it was a losing battle. But it does highlight what I really like about TAPS: they will take the time to find a scientific cause for what appears to be paranormal. (Though I’m somewhat skeptical that Jason would actually mistake that for a real orb!)

    I could bicker about the amount of time spent on Brian and his issues, but I’m a bit more forgiving at this point, because there should be some readjustment problems. Since those kind of personal issues are part of the series, for better or worse, there’s really no point in complaining anymore. Thankfully, there’s more than enough good to go with the annoying!