Ghost Hunters

Season 4 Episode 7

Ghostly Conversation

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2008 on Syfy
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Ghostly Conversation

TAPS investigates the Ruffstone Tavern in North Providence, R.I. and the Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire.

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  • the taps members go to brentton woods new hampshire and find some very good evps.could not believe the responses they had in the princesses room.

    mount washington hotel was awesome.I could not believe they actually found evidence in a place in new hampshire,nothing good really happens here.before this episode aired they did a theatre in the city I live in,went down there got a picture taken with a few members.taps is just as friendly as they appear on tv. Well i hope they come back to mount washington again.there probably is more stuff happpening(hopefully).this show was also informative because i did not know grant went to there with his wife.still trying to figure out where that piece of glass came from that fell around grant and jason.moreless
  • Not quite as stunning as they said it would be

    Coming into this season, Jason and Grant talked up the evidence in the first case substantially in the press and on their radio show. It was some of the best audio evidence they had ever collected, and the circumstances were supposed to be equally impressive. In fact, Mt. Washington Resort is now becoming one of the "hot spots" for paranormal events. Darkness Radio is holding an event this year, and a local organization offered an additional opportunity this summer.

    Usually that means that the location will be given the full-hour treatment, so even after the previous episode focusing on Wright-Patterson AFB, I was a bit surprised to discover that it was only the headliner, not the full focus of the episode. It seems like an odd thing to focus on, but once that was revealed in the teaser, I was constantly wondering how they were going to cover a location of that size (and relatively sudden notoriety) in less than an hour.

    Case #1: Mt. Washington Resort

    Most of the investigation was more of the usual for this season: personal experiences and the sound of knocks and footsteps. As I've mentioned before, I've heard much the same thing from time to time, so I can't completely discount it, but it's not the most compelling "evidence". That is reserved, in this case, for the EVPs.

    Jason and Grant interpret the EVPs as evidence of an intelligent haunting. There's room for other explanations, however, and I'm not sure "intelligent haunting" is the most applicable or inventive. Predicting the skeptical explanation is far from difficult: it will either be deemed a complete fabrication or an extended misinterpretation of a cell phone signal interception. Nothing in the footage can dispute those opinions.

    However, to indulge in some rare speculation, if Jason and Grant interpreted the EVPs correctly, there could be another, more interesting way to explain it. What if this was some kind of odd time-slip phenomenon? After all, it sounded like "the Princess" was responding to some kind of unseen voice. What if she was hearing TAPS as disembodied voices, wondering where they were coming from, just as TAPS was recording her as an EVP? The "evidence" could fit into that kind of concept.

    The idea certainly doesn't pass any kind of Occam's Razor or critical thinking standard, but it does demonstrate how even the best "evidence" can be used to support all kinds of "theories". Jason and Grant are looking for evidence of spirit activity, so the "evidence" supports that conclusion for them. The trick, beyond verifying "evidence" as authentic, is finding a way to make it specific enough to support the desired paranormal conclusion.

    Oddly, despite the comments within the episode that the EVPs were the best they'd ever gotten, supported by all the pre-airing hype, the editing seemed to downplay their enthusiasm. I expected them to dig into the interpretations a lot more.

    Case #2: Ruffstone Tavern

    I've always enjoyed the debunking-heavy investigations more than the rest, because that's what a lot more groups should be doing. It's what attracted me to the concept of the show in the first place. They cover the entire investigation in the space of about ten minutes, which makes it feel like a way to fill out the episode after the resort investigation came out short after edit, but it was a nice little coda. Considering how often the editing seems to leave out even the most basic debunking in other episodes (generously speaking), it's good to see one investigation where there was no "evidence" and plenty of real-world explanation.moreless
  • TAPS Investigating the Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire (and a bar in the second half of the episode) - one of the Best episodes ever.

    Seriously, there are some creeeepy EVP's (electronic voice phenomena) they found in what is called the 'Princess Room'. The room once occupied by Carol Stickney, the wife of the Hotel's builder. The first EVP they played for the client in the reveal, with Tango and Steve in the Princess room sounds kind of muffled. The second one though,……dude…… Jay and Grant are sitting in the Princess room and Jay asks, "Princess are you here?" and in perfect response to Jay's voice you hear a woman say, (in some kind of accent, I can't quite name) - "hello is there someone there?" like she wasn't expecting a question and was interrupted but now you had her attention…… Then Jay says, "Princess can you at least let us know you're in here?" and again the same voice says "of course I'm in here where are you?"

    Totally creepy, you really need to hear it to get the full effect. I've watched all of Ghost Hunters' episodes and this is by far the best EVP they've found. This image of a woman flashed across my mind and chills ran down my spine. You get a sense of another-world, another-time, like everything is normal from her perspective and they're disturbing her. Like she's the one hearing voices and ghosts, not the other way around. Total goose bumps. It's just like in that movie The Others with Nicole Kidman, (spoiler) when she figures out that they are the ones that are dead. Great episode.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: Grant attempts to debunk a strange smell experienced at the Ruffstone Tavern, and believes he has done so very easily. But Grant misremembers what the client told him, and thinks that it was a "musty" smell, not a "musky" one, which is considerably different. So the source of the alleged "musky" scent was never discovered.

    • Also Appearing:
      Investigation 1: Mount Washington Hotel - Bretton Woods, New Hampshire
      Fred Hollis - Head of Security
      Erin Izzo - Front Desk Clerk
      Cathy Hoganson - Security Officer

      Investigation 2: Ruffstone Tavern - Providence, Rhode Island
      Heather Feeley - Bartender
      Heather MacKnight - Chef
      Kevin Macchio - Eyewitness

    • The investigation of the Mount Washington Hotel took place on February 6-7, 2008, and the second at the Ruffstone Tavern occurred a few days later, on February 11-12, 2008.

    • TAPS is the first team to investigate the claims of paranormal activity at the Mount Washington Hotel.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Dave: How old is this place, do we know?
      Steve: She said it was built in the 1800s. It was a Speakeasy.
      Dave: What is that?
      Steve: During Prohibition, people would come here and drink secretly. They call it a Speakeasy.
      Dave: 'Speakeasy?'
      Steve: You don't talk about it. You don't tell people where it is, you don't tell people about it, it's a Speakeasy, you know? 'Easy' on the... on the 'speak.'

    • Jason: Princess, are you in here?
      Female EVP: Hello? Is there someone there?
      Jason: Princess, can you at least let us know you're in here?
      Female EVP: Of course I'm in here. Where are you?
      Jason: Can you say something?
      Female EVP: Of course I'm in here. Where are you?

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