Ghost Hunters

Season 4 Episode 18

Ghosts of the Sunshine State

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 01, 2008 on Syfy

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  • More of the same

    This episode was representative of all the recent fourth season episodes, in which the K-II Meter plays a constant role at the center of Jason and Grant's investigative process. The vast majority of investigations this season have featured the device, which is unfortunate. I simply don't find that "evidence" credible, so when it's so dominant a presence on the show, it detracts from my enjoyment.

    Thankfully, I did see them using the K-II Meter in a more logical and practical manner in this episode. I'm speaking of the unusual EMF levels found in and around the chair. I'm not sure that it's reasonable to draw the conclusion that it was definitely a human shape, but it was an EMF in a place where one would not be expected. Using a tri-field meter might have been more robust, but they never seem to use those anymore.

    Case #1: Pink House/Purple House, St. Petersburg, FL

    This was something of a "funhouse" investigation, which for the most part made for interesting viewing. As I said, using the K-II as an actual EMF meter was more satisfying than the "electronic Ouija board" antics.

    I'm not sure what to think of the "knocking". On the one hand, it was caught on audio, so we're not forced to take their word for it. On the other hand, that kind of "evidence" is the easiest to manufacture, even without the knowledge of the investigators, so how much weight can it be given? It's the kind of "evidence" that would be scoffed at on "Most Haunted" or "Paranormal State". I don't think that the source changes that underlying issue very much.

    All that said, there were objects found missing, footsteps heard by two different investigators, and supposed shadows. It might be that all of those could eventually be explained, but the experiences matched those of the client, so they should be taken into consideration and not dismissed. It's one of those situations where the limited timeframe becomes a liability to thorough investigation.

    Case #2: Renaissance Vinoy Hotel, St. Petersburg, FL

    This was a bit of a surprise, because very little time was left to this investigation, which usually means a lack of "evidence". Instead, we had two items that were worth the price of admission.

    The first item was the closet door. I think the debunking was a very good start, because it set the conditions necessary for the ironing board to push the door open (assuming that it was, in fact, closed). But that only brought them (and us) to the central question: how was that force applied to the ironing board in the first place? Not that I was expecting an answer under the circumstances, but it is heart of the matter. (Hardcore skeptics and naysayers are probably already citing fishing line.)

    Then there was the audio evidence. I'm not sure what the voices were trying to say, and I didn't hear what TAPS thought they heard. But they were apparently audible, which usually triggers red flags. I also noticed that the second voice was accompanied by a flashing light over by the door, which made me think of one of those smoke detectors with recorded voice. But they didn't say a word about that light, despite the brightness. Did Jason just dismiss that for some reason, or was it only visible on the IR footage? Either way, it's strange that they didn't comment on it.

    Neither location was deemed "haunted", though they were labeled as having paranormal activity. But I did notice that the activity in the two locations rivaled that of the initial Stanley Hotel investigation, which was presented as a shockingly active location at that time. Now, it seems like similar experiences and "evidence" is almost routine. It's not really possible to draw definitive conclusions from that observation, but it does play into the hands of those who question the apparent increase in captured activity.
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