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Ghost Hunters

Season 2 Episode 15

Haunted Sanatorium

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Haunted Sanatorium

TAPS investigates the Waverly Hills Sanatorium where 63,000 patients died of tuberculosis.

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  • Great return for a great series!

    It’s been quite a while since “Ghost Hunters” had a new episode, so I was looking forward to this since the date was announced. And it didn’t disappoint! I usually prefer it when they investigate houses or buildings currently in use, since there’s less chance of unusual light and shadow effects or acoustic tricks, but there’s also a certain allure to the big, abandoned buildings like this one.

    I also liked the fact that this was an episode devoted to one particular case. Granted, a lot of time was spent rehashing the ground rules for TAPS and the personal histories of the main players, since this was something of a premiere in the middle of a season, but there was a lot of investigation footage, which is always welcome.

    A few of the moments were cringe-worthy. I’ve never been particularly happy with Brian; he just rubs me the wrong way sometimes, at least in terms of how his footage is cut for the episodes. On top of that, it felt like the moment when he and Tango were running was staged for effect, as if to play on Brian’s past history, and I find the staged conversations to be a bit annoying.

    One other interesting topic: “shadow people”. Believe it or not, I don’t question that. And I don’t question it because I’ve come across this phenomenon myself. In my case, I was with a group of three other people and every single one of us saw the exact same thing. We must have spent hours investigating that space to figure out what it might have been, but that experience was something that fed my early interests in “paranormal” activity and the concept of non-corporeal intelligence. The explanation given in the episode is actually quite logical, even if it is a bit short and general.

    Anyway, on to the case:

    The best evidence, in my mind, was the thermal footage. I agree that it looks unusual, but I’m not so convinced that it wasn’t an animal. That’s one big building, and large dogs could run around without being heard or even seen in the dark. They never showed the thermal image of Grant standing in the spot where the image was recorded, so it was impossible to make a good comparison.

    I’m also not sure about the strange object that went wafting across the hallway in the camera footage. To me, it looks like a patch of old paint whipping off the wall and out of camera focus. The condition of the walls alone should make that a primary possibility. I understand why it looks unusual, but my first reaction wasn’t “paranormal” by any means.

    Most of the other evidence was personal experience. Now, some will inevitably claim that the personal experiences are evidence of fakery or “manufactured drama” or some such nonsense. I’ve been following TAPS outside of “Ghost Hunters” long enough to know that Steve, Jason, and Grant wouldn’t play that game.

    I honestly believe that they were communicating what they thought they saw and what they thought the probable source was. Even the most seasoned individuals are going to react to the conditions of the environment. Running around a building like that in the dark, especially with little ambient noise to serve as distraction, will mess with your head. So it’s very possible that Steve thought he saw something, even if it wasn’t there, and it slipped past his defenses. I doubt anyone would be immune to such assumptions in a place like that!

  • Waverly is a big and spooky place and its a blast to investigate. Its history is steeped in death and dispare, no wonder people think its haunted.

    I liked this episode, but more for its entertainment value as opposed to the results or lack thereof of the investigation. Waverly is a big imposing spooky place. It makes you feel creeped out just being outside its walls. As far as TAPS and their investogation, this episode is the epitome of what is wrong with Ghost Hunters. Several things really bothered me about this episode. First is Steve G. I cannot stand this guy. He is a show off, and a play actor. instead of being a serious and honest investigator, he puts on this show and makes like he sees stuff. Its tireing and unprofessional. Stop with the I saw something crap, stop with the did you hear that crap, and stop with the something touched me crap. My next beef is how poorly two alleged professionals conducted their investigation. Grant and Jason had the opportunity of a lifetime. They caught what appeared to be a human figure on the FLIR camera darting across a hallway between rooms. This is exciting! But what did they do.... they dickered around with making Grant walk down the hall and stand with his arms out to try to determine how tall the thing was. Are they morons or were they having a real bad night?? When something like that happens you run towards it and follow it into the room and try to capture it again or prove to the viewing audience nothing is there then immediately prove to the audience that if it was a human there was no possible way out safely and nowhere to hide. This did not happen. In fact they NEVER went into that room where the entity went at all. They again lose a ton of credibility there. You can be a blind believer, but a reasonable person would say I'm sorry, but they didn't prove to me is was not some kid that got into the building. So they found nothing except that blur of an object seemingly coming out of a wall and shooting off away from the camera. Thats iinteresting and believeable as the camera was not manned so no one should have been there to do anything. TAPS needs to wake up and follow through when something happens. Show everything without breaking away and prove to us the viewer that this is real and not staged or a prank.moreless
  • TAPS goes to Waverly

    Anytime you go to a place where so many people died and so many people suffered you are bound to see and hear things that may/may not be there. I have to admit that I have had some run in's in older buildings with what could be called paranormal but in this case I just couldn't get a feel for what Steve thought he saw or the EVP's or thermal's. I think buildings can be emotionally charged and there is such a thing as memory imprints which is what kept coming to mind as I watched this show. I think memory imprints for the patients who died there are responsible for the occurences. I wouldn't deem it haunted. A good show though.moreless

    I actually grew up here where I currently live in Radcliff,Kentucky,Waverly is one of the hot spots to go for paranormal research.you could find anything and everything if you look for it there.Jason and Grant find a figure with legs and no Head or Torso!but it was sliding like in a wheelchair.Jason finally came out and said he believed Waverly Hills to be haunted,and I absolutely agree with him,I have seen things in there I would never ever want to see again.My uncle used to sneak in after dark before it was an attraction and 5 of my family members died there,but there are no records of their death,I love TAPS investigating this place.moreless
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Brian Harnois

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