Ghost Hunters

Season 3 Episode 18

Lyceum Restaurant; Hawthorne Hotel

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2007 on Syfy
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Lyceum Restaurant; Hawthorne Hotel

Jason and Grant finally travel to Salem, the place that sparked Donna's interest in the paranormal. There they investigate the Lyceum Bar and Grill, which is built on land once owned by the first victim of the infamous Salem witchcraft trials. Then, when Jason must race back home due to a family emergency, Grant is left to direct the team in their investigation of the Hawthorne Hotel.


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  • This episode was not overly exciting. It had the stories and history that made the viewer hope for much more than was delivered. We did learn more about team member Donna and how she entered the field which was interesting.moreless

    In this episode the team are off to Salem Massachusetts, home of the famous American Witch trials. The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings to prosecute people accused of witchcraft 1692 and 1693.

    The first location was the Lyceum Bar. It was built in the location of Briget Bishop’s home. Briget Bishop was the first person executed for witchcraft during the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692.

    The owner or proprietor of the location is convinced the spirit or entity haunting this location is Briget Bishop due to her having her home taken from her during the trials. The team set about debunking stories and although several theories are suggested, they seem hasty in accepting them as cause. The one piece of phenomena that occurs was very interesting and it would be great to follow it up.

    The second story is the Hawthorn Hotel, which opened in 1925. The location of the hotel is actually the original site of Briget Bishop’s Apple orchard. Some guests in the hotel claim to smell apples. This last fact is not included on the show but I found it an interesting coincidence. Again not much happens but Steve and Grant conclude that “just because a 7/11 doesn’t have a burglar in it, does not mean it has never been robbed”.moreless
  • It was boring. But if you think about it, if they found something every time they went somewhere people would quiestion their integrity.

    If they do not find anything, they don't try to make something up. More often than not they are able to decide against a place being haunted. I think that they always do their best to try to find answers for the home owner or whoever it was that called them. It is also always good when they debunk things. Sometimes it is not what the homeowner wants to hear but it is an answer none the less. All in all I think that they always do a good thorough job to try to satisfy the customer's needs and calm any fears.moreless
  • A return to form

    This particular episode is an oddity for several reasons, even by the standards of the third season. It was filmed at least a year ago during the second half of 2006, yet it is being shown after the most recently filmed material from the summer of 2007. (Fans on MySpace might be able to place the filming more specifically based on comments related to Salem.)

    If nothing else, it serves as an ironic statement on the changes to the show and TAPS over the course of this long third season. The comments about family and the bond between TAPS members will no doubt be questioned by critics, particularly those following the drama behind the scenes regarding Brian and Donna in early 2007.

    This episode also highlights the differences in editing for each new batch of episodes. Commentary on the contents aside, there was a tonal shift between the episodes filmed in early 2006 for the second season, mid-late 2006 for the bulk of the third season, and the most recent episodes in mid-2007 for the remainder. The mid-late 2006 episodes had some of the worst excesses in the post-production, particularly the poor transitions and choppy flow. The first act of this episode looks like it was cobbled together by an intern on their first day.

    I'm also struck by the relative lack of evidence in the episode, which could support the notion that Pilgrim Films and SFC have been cherry-picking the filmed investigations to ensure that the final product is as "eventful" as possible. I get the feeling that this episode was sitting on the shelf because they were hoping to get better material during the 2007 investigations. After all, they held onto a few "bonus" investigations during the second season and slapped them onto the DVDs when they didn't need them; that could have been the original intention for this material.

    Case #1: Lyceum Bar

    I thought it was interesting that this episode was more about the personal side of TAPS than the sites themselves. That was something I liked about the first season, so this felt like a complete throwback. The quality of the debunking was similar as well, in terms of the reflective surfaces and the potential for odd light/shadow effects.

    The computer situation is a bit more complicated. I'm glad that the TAPS members displayed skepticism towards any supernatural explanation, even after the reveal, because I get the feeling they had doubts about the client's reaction. Clearly the client wanted the bar to be haunted, and when nothing else panned out, they could have claimed that the computer behavior was unusual just to make sure something "paranormal" was uncovered. I can't say that for certain, but it was the first suspicion that came to mind.

    Case #2: Hawthorne Hotel

    With all the build-up over the course of the episode, especially with Donna's story about her childhood, I expected something to end up on film or audio. I was pleasantly surprised when everything was debunked. They went so far as to contradict the client's claim about the room that couldn't be accessed, and the video footage was neatly explained.

    The point of that investigation, however, seemed to be the conversation with Donna regarding her changed perspective. I believe her when she says that she's seeing things through more experienced eyes, and I imagine that working as a regular on "Ghost Hunters International" will only continue that process. Hopefully she'll be open to challenging some of the assumptions rampant within the field.

    So in the end, an episode that was filmed during my least favorite period for the show is probably one of my favorites of the season. As I've said before, I enjoy the shows that focus on debunking more than the shows with flashy evidence, and this episode fit the bill. It also felt more like a first season episode, which is still the formula I feel they should be following. With only the Waverly Hills live event and reveal left for the third season, this could be the last chance for something that substantial.moreless
  • Well....

    I truly love this show. I know they can't find something paranormal everytime out of the gate, and spirits don't perform on demand.... but it was pretty boring. And I'm pretty confused about the TAPs members. I thought Brian wasn't with TAPs anymore, and that he and Donna were doing something kind of not related...

    The receipt printing in the bar was really interesting, I would love a follow-up to see if this happens again, or on a regular basis that the bar owner just didn't know.

    Jason's son getting injured, and it being on the show added to the "family" feel of Ghost Hunters. They always say they are a family, but you don't always feel it. It's nice to see for ourselves.

    The Halloween episode looks fantastic. Keep up the good work Ghost Hunters!moreless
Jason Hawes

Jason Hawes

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Grant Wilson (II)

Grant Wilson (II)

Lead Investigator

Steve Gonsalves

Steve Gonsalves

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Dave Tango

Dave Tango


Lisa Dowaliby

Lisa Dowaliby


Brian Harnois

Brian Harnois


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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Also Appearing:
      Investigation 1: Lyceum Restaurant - Salem Massachusetts
      Robin Dobrusin - Lyceum Bartender
      Tim McAllister - Salem Historian
      Terri Colbert - Lyceum Employee

      Investigation 2: Hawthorne Hotel - Salem, Massachusetts
      Juli Lederhaus - General Manager
      Claire Kallelis - Hawthorne Employee

    • According to the dates embedded in the investigation's camera footage, the investigation of the Lyceum Restaurant occurred on September 10-11, 2006 and that of the Hawthorne Hotel on September 11-12, 2006.

    • Jason accompanies the team on their first investigation at the Lyceum Restaurant, but leaves after a short time when he gets a call from his wife saying his son Logan had broken his arm. He does not return for the second investigation at the Hawthorne Hotel.

      Brian Harnois is with TAPS for the first investigation but becomes sick before the second. So Dustin and Dave are called in to fill in for Jason and Brian. Lisa takes part in the first investigation, but not the second. No reason is given for why she isn't there.

    • Donna and Grant have known each other since junior high school.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Jason: I think the toughest aspect of being a ghost hunter is time away from the family. It can definitely take its toll. It can take its toll on your family and yourself emotionally.

    • Donna: Grant's like a mentor to me. When I first came into the group, you know, we spent hours on the phone talking 'bout my experiences and his knowledge from what he had learnt so far about the field and I feel totally at ease walking into, kind of, you know, the darkness with him.

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