Ghost Hunters

Season 3 Episode 13

Manson Murders

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 18, 2007 on Syfy
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Manson Murders

The team investigate claims of paranormal activity at a house in Hollywood, CA near the site of the 1969 "Manson Murders." Then TAPS heads to the Jim Henson Studio (the film studio originally built by Charlie Chaplain) to check out claims of activity including full apparitions.

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  • One of their better episodes!

    Considering the other two reviews of this episode, I must first comment that it is hard to believe everything you see on TV. Keeping that in mind, I have always had a great deal of respect for the TAPS people. Namely, because unlike the Most Haunted team, TAPS sets out to discount any paranormal activity.

    I thought the experience with the K-2 meter was very interesting. And, the "spirit" did respond with one "no" answer, contrary to one of the reviewer's claims. Also, this same reviewer never made mention of the EDPs or the temperature drop that was documented very well. Seems to me if you're going to use the show's evidence to back up your conspiracy theory about why they're really there in the first place (so that the home owner/producer can promote an upcoming film), completely omitting the team's other findings is a bit self-serving. All in all, I thought TAPS did a good job with this episode. Keep up the great work guys!moreless
  • I thought this episode did a great job of uncovering evidence at both the site of the Tate murders, and at the Henson studios. The evidence gathered was all quite credible, and well presented.moreless

    Excellent episode! I thought the evidence process was very professional. The EVP's were chilling. The team thought the the one was saying "take", personally, I thought it was saying "tate". I thought the responses to the questions on the blinking meter were fascinating. T.A.P.S. once again proved their credibility by taking the time to replace the batteries to insure that was not what was causing the meter to blink. I was especially impressed by the temperature drop in the room at request. I thought the evidence at the Henson studios was also excellent, especially the thermal hit of the woman three feet in the air. All in all, I thought this episode had a great deal of compelling evidence!moreless
  • I liked this episode.

    This episode was really cool. I don't know why people didn't like it. The evps that Taps caught were awesome, yet sad. There was totally someone or something crying. My mom almost cryed when they listened to the second evp. I liked that Chris dude's gadget. It was cool how it answered both yes and no qeustions, not just yes or not just no. I loved the homeowners reaction to the evps. Taps (Ghost Hunters) rox!! I've seen every episode, and want to see more. Grant, Dave, Steve, and Donna are awesome! The rest of the group is awesome too!moreless
  • Faked or not, it still makes interesting television, although it falls short of the rank of "classic"

    I found this episode rather exciting to watch. However, the credibility of this one is definitely questionable. Using the K2 device as a way of communicating with spirits seems a little hard to believe. Also, for some reason they don't seem that stunned by this communication, which leads me to think that this part is faked.

    The EVP's are the most interesting part of the episode. These are definitely their creepiest and most chilling EVP's. They aren't easy to distinguish at first, especially the second of the two, but they are clearly distressed. However even these still could have been easily faked, seeing as the owner of the house had not heard those voices before. They both still send chills down my spine, regardless of whether they are faked or not.

    Although these two bits of paranormal findings/fakings are interesting, there was surpisingly little found in this episode. There were some other tiny bits of activity, such as the shades swaying slightly, or that rather boring bang from the kitchen, but these are hardly breath-taking. If they did not fake this episode, they should have done a lot more with this investigation.

    I'd say it's an episode worth watching.moreless
  • One of the more interesting episodes I've seen so far.

    Even though I haven't seen every episode since the first season, because face it, not ever episode is worth watching. I specifically wanted to see this one than if for no reason other than all of the allegations of fakery. First was the new house that's reportedly haunted by the victims that were murdered by the Manson clan in a nearby house that no longer exist. The scenes with the K-2 meter were spooky, but then when you realize that Grant and Jason weren't familiar with the device, they only took it on faith that it was doing what the guy said it does without checking it out first. The thing could have easily been faked by a wireless control. One the other hand, the look on the homeowner's face when he heard the EVP was priceless. The guy goes from cocky to ice cold. To me the first one sounds like she's saying "take me home!" That would make sense as she's trapped in a new house and wants to go back home.

    The second case at the Henson studio didn't have a lot going on except the thermal. All of the fraud claims flying around here are spotty at best. HogggWild999 claims that they didn't check for a source of a thermal refection. First, you can tell from looking at it that it isn't either for them. Also, you can tell when they looked back there that all that was behind there was a wood wall. Even though they didn't point that out, it obviously could not have produced any reflection. Then kbuickel claims to have a smoking gun, but he then makes the mistake of making vague references rather than just plainly stating the EXACT evidence. Sorry, but just saying "Its as plain as day, and right in your face" comes out as hearsay and proves nothing.

    I've looked over both shots and one inconsistency that I could spot was the time stamps between the "ghost" image and Jason's image. At the beginning of the scene, the time was marked 7:40 pm and the time stamp on the thermal was "11/10/06 12:47:49". At the beginning of the scene when they try to debunk the image, the time was marked 1:20 am and the time stamp was about "11/10/06 10:15:52 p" (the "p" denoting pm). The reported time lapse would have been 5 hours and 40 minutes. The problem is that the time stamp on Jason's image would have been over 21 hours later that day. The date also doesn't quite check out either, as the investigation was to have started on a Wednesday evening and would have continued till Thursday morning. Since I don't know when the show was actually shot and if the camera uses the US or European date standard, so the date on the time stamp would have been either Friday November 10th or Wednesday October 11th. Either way, the times on the camera are inconsistent with the times reported during the show, but it's hard to say if the clock was tampered with and/or those shots just weren't taken when the show reported.

    Is this proof of fakery? Not quite. They obviously lied about the evidence, and that alone makes it questionable.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The investigation of Dave Oman's home took occurred on November 11-12, 2006. The investigation of the Henson Studios took place the day before, on November 10-11, 2006.

    • Also Appearing:
      Investigation 1: Manson Murders - Hollywood, California
      David Oman - Home Owner
      Jeff Mandel - Witness
      Lisa Rigsbee - Witness

      Investigation 2: Henson Studios - Hollywood, California
      Johan Filla - Studio Employee
      John Criswell - Animatronics Supervisor

    • Goof: When Jason and Grant are showing the side-by-side FLIR footage in the Reveal of the "female apparition" and the "debunking footage" using Jason as a stand-in, the FLIR footage on both also includes a timestamp to tell exactly when the footage was filmed. According to the timestamp data, the "debunking footage" was filmed at 10:15:54, on 11/10/06, and the "female apparition" was supposedly filmed, at 12:47:49 on the same date. Depending on when the FLIR camera's date change is programed to occur, this means that either the "debunking footage" was filmed before the "female apparition" was sighted, or that Jason and Grant waited ten hours to debunk this occurrence, rather than try to debunk it immediately as they claim that they did.

    • This episode marks the team's first use of the "K-II" meter. The meter is meant to measures electro-magnetic fields, and according to its creator Chris Fleming, has been specially calibrated for paranormal investigators. The K-II meter will go on to become a major part of the TAPS investigatory arsenal, but also one of its most controversial, since there are many detractors who say the meter is faulty and/or easy to tamper with, giving false positives.

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  • NOTES (2)

    • Though he didn't appear to use the psychic powers he claims to possess, Chris Fleming is a well known "Sensitive" who can psychically sense spirits. He has several shows of his own in which he uses his psychic abilities to ghost hunt, specifically Dead Famous and Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal.

    • Brian does not join the team for this episode's investigations because his fiance is about to give birth. The baby, Mackenzie Lee, is born during the course of the investigations and is shown at the end of the episode.