Ghost Hunters

Season 2 Episode 1

Myrtles Plantation

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 27, 2005 on Syfy
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Myrtles Plantation

We are re-introduced to Jason and Grant, and TAPS gets a new headquarters, a new van, and lots of new equipment. Jason and Grant must make a hard decision about Brian.

The team gets a call from the owners of Myrtle's Plantation in Louisiana (one of the most haunted places in the country). Though it is far afield, they are all excited about the opportunity to debunk this infamous location, and after a little fun in New Orleans, the investigation begins.


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  • A good reintroduction, but not enough focus on the case

    I divurge somewhat from my usual reviewing slate here, because this is one of those few reality series that I actually think has a compelling subject matter. I could really care less about people redecorating at this point, makeovers that emphasize conformity, dating shows that emphasize conformity, etc. And since I don’t really care much about cars, all those shows can take a hike, too. (Yes, I watch “Survivor” and “American Idol”, but I don’t pretend that they have any lasting effect on my consciousness.)

    “Ghost Hunters”, on the other hand, offers a potent double punch: compelling individuals with a rather unique perspective on the world, and possibly the most scientific approach to paranormal investigation I’ve seen. And there’s part of why I love this: I’ve actually participated in this kind of thing before, and Jason and Grant are correct when they say that most groups try to prove the existence of the paranormal. These guys try to debunk hauntings. The difference is that what some might say is evidence is, to them, not enough to meet their expectation.

    Of course, the best part is delving into the crazy little world that they’ve created for themselves. There’s a whole subculture out there that considers TAPS to be highly reputable. I look at how they describe and rationalize their own experiences, past and present, and consider it an interesting take on how people respond to questions that they cannot answer. Every so often, they stray from evidence into sincere discussion about demonology. One could easily decide that these people are crazy…and yet, who doesn’t try to reconcile something that science and religion cannot fully explain?

    The best part of the series, of course, is the investigation aspect. I love seeing the process that they go through, both the “science” and the subjective comments, and I love the fact that they show anything that they “find” and then break it down for the audience. A lot of what they find, they dismiss and explain away, even when it’s fairly compelling evidence to the audience. This episode was no exception.

    I’ve actually been to the Myrtle’s Plantation, back in my Anne Rice fandom days in the mid 1990s. A lot of those “hot spots”? I’ve actually been there! I remember hearing a lot of the same stories, so I was very interested in seeing what they would find. I’ll admit, though, that I was slightly disappointed in how little they documented, especially when people started flipping out. And way too much time was spent on Brian and his possible firing. (This just goes to show how hard it is to get rid of a bad employee.)

    OK, so on to the “evidence”!

    I find it very interesting that neither Jason nor Grant remembered that little story about the 17th step, because that’s exactly the spot at which that heat signature showed up on the thermal camera. It was too much of a coincidence, in my book, and given their eventual conclusions, it would have been a great combination of anecdotal evidence and a recorded anomaly.

    The other thermal image wasn’t linked to anything, but it was a lot more bizarre. Because they had to spend so much time at the beginning of the episode rehashing the mission statement and concept behind the series, they didn’t get into the operation of the camera. That kind of anomaly is hard to reconcile, especially since the recorded image was of something very close to the camera. If something “normal” had been there, Jason and Grant would have seen it.

    I found it odd that the most compelling evidence was considered to be the lamp. Sure, they tested how the lamp would have to be moved to reproduce the effect, and it wasn’t easy to pull off, but it wasn’t like the chair that moved by itself in the first season! It was just odd how they missed the obvious connection earlier, and then focused on something far more questionable.

    Also odd is the dismissal of that shadow that appears out of nowhere at the front door, when everyone on the team is otherwise accounted for. Could it have been someone outside? Sure…but looking at that footage, I’m not at all convinced that the figure wasn’t inside that door. And that would have been a lot harder to explain.

    So what do they conclude? As one would expect, they believe Myrtle’s Plantation is haunted. My problem with that? The evidence wasn’t as strong as it could have been, and it might give new viewers a false impression of how high Jason and Grant set the bar. Thankfully, it looks like the next episode will feature both a debunked case and a more active site.

  • An excellent episode.

    This episode is a great example of what I love to see when I sit down to watch Ghost Hunters. There are amusing parts, creepy parts, interesting parts... it's really interesting when they find evidence, debunk some things, and have a generally well rounded episode.

    This was an excellent episode, and you shouldn't hesitate to watch it.
  • well I\'ve been lookin up the Myrtles plantation for awhile now everything about it excites me to learn more about the history of the place and all the ghost that have made it their constant place of living.moreless

    well I\'ve been lookin up the Myrtles plantation for awhile now everything about it excites me to learn more about the history of the place and all the ghost that have made it their constant place of living. was just introduced to and just the thought of it helping my search into the Myrtles Plantation get\'s me sooo excited and I\'m ready to look at whatever you have on the nformation I need.moreless
  • From the beginning, this episode promised to be unusual in every aspect. Starting from the original interview with the woman who shows the house to the playbacks and evps afterwards, this episode proved to be one of the best.moreless

    When the Ghost Hunters arrived at the Myrtles Plantation, they proceeded with their investigations as they would normally do, starting with the interview with the lady who shows the house. Then they proceeded to interview people who had stayed at the plantation, taping the entire time. The stories that were told were hard to believe at first, but while the interviews were taking place, Grant and Steve were taking a tour with the tour guide, checking out the different places where all of the strange things had happened in the past. The woman also showed them pictures of the slave woman who had originally caused the deaths of the mother and two daughters.

    All in all, some of the things that happened to on this episode, some of the things that the Ghost Hunters had come to debunk, ended up giving them some very real footage that there are ghosts and the plantation is truly haunted.moreless
  • TAPS goes to Louisana to the Myrtle's Plantation.

    The Myrtle's Plantation is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the United States. I have watched several other shows on the Myrtle's so it's no doubt that TAPS would go to such a place. I was almost betting myself that there would be no way they could debunk the reported hauntings. I was disappointed that they didn't get anything on Chloe, the slave who accidently killed the wife and children of her master. I wasn't disappointed when the thermal camera's picked up shapes walking right by them or peeking at them from behind the tree. The lamp deal in the slave house was creepy. It was very interesting that neither Jason nor Grant saw the lamp moving while they were sitting right beside it! I was disappointed that they didn't show the empty rocker rocking nor did they share the EVP's with Hester. Overall, a good show. I wouldn't stay at the Myrtle's. I've heard way too many stories. I would like to visit though.moreless
Brian Harnois

Brian Harnois

Tech Manager

Donna LaCroix

Donna LaCroix

Case Manager

Grant Wilson (II)

Grant Wilson (II)

Co-Founder of TAPS and Lead Investigator

Jason Hawes

Jason Hawes

Founder of TAPS and Lead Investigator

Kristyn Gartland

Kristyn Gartland

Field Researcher

Paula Donovan

Paula Donovan

Research & Development

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This investigation took place on February 28 through March 1 of 2005, according to the date embedded in their camera footage.

    • Also Appearing:
      Investigation: The Myrtles Plantation - St Francisville, Louisiana
      Teeta Moss - Owner, The Myrtles Plantation
      Hester Eby - Manager, The Myrtles Plantation

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Brian: (setting up) I'm gonna break something in this house, I know I am.

    • Jason: Ever wonder of we're doing the right thing?
      Grant: What do you mean?
      Jason: You know, our investigations, and so forth. You never really know if you're doing it the right way, because it's not a scientifically proven field.
      Grant: Yeah.
      Jason: But maybe in the same, I know that they exist, you know they exist- you know, wee both had the little things happen that got us into this field. And then the same... you know, how much time and energy do we invest before we burn bridges that we can't ever repair?

    • Steve: If we don't catch something here, then there's no haunts in Louisiana.

    • Jason: (in the new TAPS headquarters) This beats the heck out of being in a trailer.

    • Brian: (in New Orleans with Steve who is looking to pick up girls) I got a girl back home, what the hell am I doing down here?
      Steve: You know the zip code rule.
      Brian: No, there is no zip code rule, there's a relationship rule!

    • Hester: (to Jason and Grant) Now we've had a lot of guests who have left us before their evening was over. But you're strong young men, you're gonna stay with us all night. I can tell, I can tell.

    • (Steve, Jen, and Brian all talking to each other on walkie-talkies while driving to Myrtles. Jen is wearing a black and white cowskin-patterned hat)
      Steve: I'm not so sure about that hat, Jen.
      Brian: I like the hat.
      Steve: Little 1998.
      Brian: You're Rob Zombies' wife.
      Jen: Hey, no Dixie Chicks! What's wrong with my hat?
      Brian: Did I say Dixie Chicks?!

    • Jason: Plumbing is a problem solving field. You're being called in to try and understand what they are saying is the problem, then diagnose the problem, then fix the problem. And a lot of the times that is what you are doing in the paranormal field as well.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This location has also been investigated on the Discovery Channel's series Ghost Lab in the episode "Disturbing the Peace". It's also been investigated on GH's sister show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files in the second season episode "Area 51/Cajun Apparition".

    • Crew credits errata:
      Clearance Coordinator - Crystal Harrell
      Associate Editor - Alpesh Patel
      Accounting Clerk - Victoria Kelso
      Post Production Assistants:
      Katrina Gana
      Sally Hernandez
      William Safian

    • Three pieces of possible paranormal phenomena were recorded on this episode. First, Grant and Jason with the thermal camera caught very quickly what looked like a humanoid torso moving in front of them. Two, a camera caught what looked like a shadow of a person standing up and down outside of the window of a door. Third, and the most compelling is the movement of a lamp across a desk. While it moved only a few inches over the period of four minutes and was unnoticeable at the time, it's movement could not be explained.