Ghost Hunters

Season 2 Episode 21

Old Jail

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 10, 2006 on Syfy

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  • TAPS visits the Old Jail

    Vents that carry the smell of urine would be gagging me. Seeing the jail hadn't been in use for a long time crytalized urine or not the smell should have been faded by now. The "Sheriff" watching out over the tiers was spooky enough for me. I can imagine what goes on in that building when the lights are out every night. The lady - whose name escapes now - who did the tour said she clearly heard a voice call out from a lower tier cell asking the "Sheriff" how he was doing. What? Doesn't the "ghost" realize the "Sheriff" is just a dummy? The EVP's weren't all that convincing either. TAPS gives one night for ghosts to act as if they can command them to act. If they don't get action in that time they deem something unhaunted. Is the old jail haunted? I seriously doubt it. A disappointing show. I feel sorry for the eight that were hanged there but it seems to me they saw the light and moved on.
  • The old jail is very cool and is a must vist if you go to Florida, but its not haunted.

    The old jail is a very cool place to visit. Its like going back in time. You cannot just go in, you have to pay for a tour and wait for the tour to start. They leave about every 20 minutes and the "Sheriff" tour guide is very good. I have an issue with this episode. I recognize the stairs where a tour guide was pushed, I saw robotic sheriff Joe, and saw and sat in the cells where Brain and Dave did their investigations. But in the show the showed the guide explaining to TAPS members about a big steel door in a room that lead to the solitary confinement area. I didn't see this door or any open area where it was supposed to be. Solitary was accessed via a narrow hallway that lead off the back of the kitchen. Inside solitary looked familiar including the rations pass through slot from the kitchen to the main solitary area and the four cells. So I have no idea where they got that shot from. We didn't experience anything nor did we smell the urine people claim to smell. TAPS explained that away by saying that the inmates used a bucket and spillage from them would crystalize. Well... the cell block had toilets on the north end and a shower. Animated Shriff Joe stands up on a platform which is inaccessable to tour visitors, but you can see up there and there are only 4 larger cells up there. There are metal knobs and brackets everywhere in the cellblock. Its super easy for someone like a crew member to accidentally bump one and make the clanking noise Steve heard. So basically, nothing happened in this episode.
  • Great episode with some good EVP. Would like to have seen an apperition, but I can't eat my cake too.

    I really enjoyed the EVPs caught on this episode, even if I didn't understand what they said until it was suggested to me. I don't care... I love the show and will look forward to the next installments.

    I would like to see less of the bickering and more of the hunting. I get that it needs different elements but I think I have seen enough of Brian and his immaturity. One day I swear that kid needs to get a life. I think he might be bipolar or something.

    Great job TAPS and please keep the great episodes coming. I would hate to have to write a bad review. I think this science is one of the greatest and yet so under-funded.
  • EVPs and a place close to home...a perfect combo!

    After the previous episode, I wasn’t sure how the series could follow it up. I mean, shadowy figures, voices recorded that were plainly audible in real-time, that’s not something they catch on a regular basis. So I was a little concerned that it would be a huge letdown, with two investigations where literally nothing happened. Sure, that’s the reality of the field, but it’s hard to deny expectations.

    Thankfully, this was an episode with plenty of EVPs. I’m fascinated by EVP, because it’s not something that can be explained very easily. I also follow the “Haunted NJ Podcast”, where they play a number of EVPs from their own cases, so I’m very familiar with the various interpretations and pitfalls. What I like is that the phenomenon isn’t necessarily due to “haunting”; it might also play into aspects of physical reality that aren’t typically apparent. For instance, EVPs can be a recording of sounds “imprinted” within the physical material of a building or object, rather than a traditional haunting.

    It also doesn’t hurt that the first case was very close to home. Not only do I know where Domani’s is located (points in the direction of the building), but I’ve been there before! (Donna’s right…the penne is great! And Donna wasn’t bad, either!) I love it when they come to central NJ, because chances are, I’ve been there or driven past the building. I do kick myself a little bit, since I have to wonder if they drove by without me noticing!

    Anyway, first case:

    A couple personal experiences and some good debunking, topped off with two good EVPs. The second one was pretty clear, and it did sound like a child’s voice. One thing about EVP is that the context isn’t there. Is that a response to a question, or a recording of a past event? The first EVP, however, seems like a definite response. I know that they interpreted it as “What is that contraption?”, but I didn’t hear that. I heard something more like “What was it you(something)?” or something similar. Definitely four words before the longer word, though.

    Second case:

    This one was interesting because of the unusual EMF results and the EVP. The EMF could have been one of those opportunities for educating the audience, but it didn’t happen. Sure, Brian thought it meant something was there, but they were sitting in the middle of a building filling with metal. Toss in ambient electromagnetic properties for the region and from the weather, and it’s no surprise that there’s a regular, detectable flux. And frankly, that could go a long way towards explaining the movement of metal doors, if the effect was strong enough.

    The EVP, though, was unusual. Is it possible that the voice wasn’t speaking English? I couldn’t make out any discernable words, but it sounded like purposeful phrasing. The other possibility is that the sound of conversations elsewhere in the building resonated in the metal itself, causing enough vibration to sound like a conversation without distinct phrasing. I don’t recall them saying where the audio was recorded or when, so it’s a little hard to tell.