Ghost Hunters

Season 8 Episode 12

Please Sign the Ghostbook

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 16, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Spalding Inn

    Stayed with my 10 year old. The ghosts liked him. Definitely haunted in our room, the bar and the summer cottage. Maid didn't fall out of back left window. She got pushed out the back right window. Used to smoke there all the time and then quickly flush the buts down toilet to not get caught. One day she did get caught by a superior who was interested in her - probably a member of the Spalding family. There was an altercation (again) other maids calmer in a different Swedish or Hungarian type language, then there is an argument and a scream as the altercation with the "supervisor" becomes rough and maid falls or is pushed out the back right rooms back window. To this day her spirit hides from her oppresser and will run away and not communicate when he comes forward (his name might be David or something to the like). Once he falls back, the maid will return to communicate through the spirit box or the emf meter. The ghosts of the family on the now common (I like it - very homey) bar in the basement are also tired of being asked questions and bothered and do not like that this is now a place for commoners, since their goal was always to run an elite establishment. The little girl likes to do mischief on the first floor rooms, opening and closing doors and then run off to the upstairs near the bathrooms as she giggles girlishly at her prank running up to the second floor. The maintenance man will be forever trying to fix a guest room door on the middle right side of the second floor and then he will be "right with you" to help out with whatever you need next. Also, everyone - I guess the family - does not like when you come up to the empty inn to photograph the front outside. They begin to make very loud bangs slamming the shutters, etc... To ward you off, which works quite effectively - Run Dood Run!
  • Great send off

    This episode was one of the best. What a way to send out Grant for his final investigation. They investigated The Spalding Inn, which Jason and Grant bought several years ago. There was no lack of noises, shadows being seen, doors closing, and at one time names being called. Jason was in one part of the inn and Amy was in another part. At almost the same time, they each heard their name being called. I enjoy the show, and am sorry to see Grant go, but he's not the first in GH history that has needed a break. Hopefully, he'll come back for a few guest appearances.
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