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  • "Attack Of The Irish Elemental" - The Smell Of Blarney

    Paranormal tourist traps in Ireland differ from their American cousins primarily by the highly imaginative tales told to bamboozle the gullible, ranging from a ghost who watches TV news at Glin Castle, County Limerick, to a headless (and topless!) woman, seducing guests at Wicklow Head Lighthouse, to a dancing linen chest in Renvyle House, County Galway. Centuries-old dwellings provide the ideal backdrop for such malarkey, enlivened by the traditional practice of overlaying historical fact with colorful fiction.

    It could be the reason why \"Haunted Ireland\" has proven such a lucrative trademark to attract tourists and recently evolved into a sizable commercial venture. On one of many \"Ghostly Ireland\" websites, you may find a \"Buy a Ghost\" link to, where you can acquire a \"Ghost dress\" and a \"Ghost Voice Message Recorder\". In a country where whole generations of families have been without work, the Irish are way ahead of the USA when it comes to aggressively profitizing their \"haunted\" property.

    Leap Castle in County Offaly is widely regarded as a model for commercial success among Ireland\'s paranormal industry. Spunky Irish traditional musician Sean Ryan bought the property in 1991. Faced with massive restoration costs, he began offering paying tourists the equivalent of a haunted house tour, complete with ghoulish atmosphere and tall tales designed to awe the credulous. Today, Mr. Ryan is the CEO of the Offaly County Enterprise Board whose primary objective is to develop local entrepreneurship and enterprise, and Leap Castle is marketed far and wide as \"the most haunted castle in Europe\". Some say Ryan was the creative force behind Offaly\'s \"Mystic Triangle\" tourist promotion, a textbook consumer packaging effort that ties together local spooky sites with a unified, otherworldly theme and online booking services.

    The episode begins as Donna cheerfully acts out a nonsensical scene in which she informs Jason and Grant that TAPS \"family\" (i.e. business) partners in Eire have secured \"rarely-granted\" permission to visit the tourist attraction that Mr. Ryan has spent the last dozen years promoting the hell out of.

    Of course, the TAPS team\'s reaction to the Emerald Isle is that of typical Rhode Island townies (\"Dude! I can\'t believe we\'re in another country!\"). To nip any dispassionate objectivity in the bud, local para-nutter Barry Fitzgerald is on station at Castle Leap to greet them and fill their heads with superstitious bull. He testifies that the castle is home to an \"elemental\", which he describes as a 3 foot tall invisible being with the face of a decayed corpse known to emit a smell of sulfur. The team accepts the information with gleeful anticipation and assent. Grant waxes eloquent on the subject of demonic personalities, and Jason warns the TV audience that \"elementals have the power to kill\".

    Fans are given a brand-new pseudoscientific fact to ingest: there is a relationship between barometric pressure and spirit activity. During the investigation, Barry notes a drop in the pressure via his scientific-looking Casio watch and immediately begins spouting dire warnings, such as \"Careful! Careful! It\'s about to make a hit!\". When the elemental fails to materialize, Barry promptly takes credit for heading off a tragic confrontation with the demon.

    The usual insipid \"did you see that?\" and \"did you hear that?\" play-acting set within dark environments ensues. Rather than the smell of sulfur, it\'s the smell of blarney that permeates the proceedings. A ridiculous climax occurs at the colorfully-named \"bloody chapel\" where TAPS boy-band clone Dustin is supposedly knocked on his butt by the mysterious, belligerent entity. I kept watching Dustin to see the \"natural reactions\" and \"genuine emotion\" that the brainwashed faithful were raving about on the TAPS online forums. What I saw looked more like someone trying like hell to act upset, but not really \"getting there\". I have coached a lot of actors, and to my eye, the poor kid was giving it his best shot and utterly failing for lack of technique. Unable to manufacture real tears, he attempted to compensate by breathing hard and hiding his face, something I have seen fledgling actors do time and again in such situations.

    The gang introduces a few new twists, such as \"the darkness that light won\'t penetrate\" when Brian claims his flashlight beam won\'t illuminate the demon\'s lair. TAPS seems to be evolving their production of EVP as well. In the last few episodes we\'ve seen a trend toward the layering of ghostly sounds upon investigator conversation. Since the TV audience isn\'t familiar with how simple, PC-based multitrack recording programs work, the effect sells like hot cakes.

    When Jason and Grant meet with Sean Ryan for the \"reveal\" (actually nothing but sampler assortment of manufactured EVP: one multitrack, one noise-based, one \"in the clear\"), Jason can\'t wait to blurt out his decision that the castle is haunted. But all the talk of belligerent entities clearly has rubbed owner Ryan the wrong way. Ryan decided years ago that the castle contained only friendly, helpful ghosts, and has widely advertised it that way. TAPS has gone off the agreed upon script, possibly jeopardizing tourism dollars. Some jerky, sudden edits, and we see Jason and Grant in their rented van revising their conclusions: the haunting is not by a negative, demonic entity capable of killing humans, it\'s merely grumpy.
  • Better than some of their competitors.

    Ghost Hunters is a great alternative to many of the other ghost hunting and haunting shows on air. Jason and Grant are the lead techs and all cases they do, they take a scientific approch to it. Instead of going to look for a haunting, they enter a case with the purpose to debunk the "paranormal" activity. They never use their gut feelings as evidence and never take a psychic out with them on cases. It maybe dissappointing when no evidence turns up but the evidence they do find always seems hard to dispute. After three seasons, this show has proven it's worth and we all hope to see it's return for many seasons to come.
  • Who doen't love a good scare?

    I started watching this show about 6 months ago, and I have to say I find it very entertaining. I love it that Jason and Grant try to disprove a haunting, instead of going into a place with the expectation that it will be haunted. Alot of shows of this genre tend to ere on the side of sensatioalism. They can be entertaining, but I'm always left wondering what was real, and what was made up. I know that both Jason and Grant have had personal paranormal expierences, but they don't just rush towards the conclusion that every place they investigate is haunted.The team are also fun to watch, and seem to all have a good working relationshop.
  • This show rocks.

    This show is very good. Its got everything that a interesting show should have. Jay and Grant are interesting individuals along with the whole team. I good to see them argue over evidence. Brian Harnois and Brian Bell arguing over the whose job to set up the dvd recorder equipment was funny. Brian Bell shouldn\\\'t even be on the team because of his lack of being dependable. Brian H. should not pick fight with Andy Andrews. The Johnson brothers are interesting. One being the nicer than the other. I was hooked by the first episode I ever watched. I give ghost hunters a 10.
  • Ordinary people, dealing with the unordinary.

    Wether you believe in the super natural or not this is the show to watch if you are interested. These normal people that tackle a less then ordinary world are good to watch. For a reality television show it defenitely doesn't have that vibe that very often causes me extreme dsipleasure.
  • Finally A Series With A Mind For Serious Ghost Hunting

    I'm a late fan to "Ghost Hunters," and I've got to enjoy the show very much; it's not like that exploitive "Most Hauted" on the Travel Channel. After all, there are two ways to to do a series devoted to real ghost hunting. One is by doing recreations like "Unsolved Mysteries" or "Haunted Lives," but then you run the risk of becoming too campy. The other is by following real examinations like on "Sightings," but that show could never decide what it was about. "Scariest Places on Earth" actually went the worst way, by wasting time on faked "reality" sequences. "Ghost Hunters" finally brings to the subject the serious research it deserves to a field that has been spoiled by so many hoaxes and disreputable investigators. I'm still getting used to the characters and their names, but I really like Jason, Steve, Brian and Grant. Jason is the Michael Chiklis lookalike, although when he scowls, he reminds of Locke from "Lost." If you are interested in paranormal behavior and have not seen this series yet, I highly recommend it.
  • Problem with the show

    Don't get me wrong I still really like the show and I I like the fact that they are going to more well known places and investigating. I just kind of miss the way it was in the first season where we actually saw the guys doing the day job as plumbers and when going to Pennislvania was a big deal now they are traveling to Califoria and Florida like it is no big deal. I know they had to up the excitment and more money was available but I woudl liek to see a little of that small time feel in the show every once in a while. Still it is a great show and much better than all the other so called ghost shows on.
  • A great documentary show.

    This show falls along the lines of documentary similar to unsolved mysteries or mythbusters. They tackle real paranormal phenomenon science is yet to document. This is a very good show that's a trendsetter. Why haven't anyone come up with this kind of show during the 80s? It's a really good show with a good entertainment value, it's not a dramatic presentation, so people could relax while they watch it. They might get a little creeped out by some of the things that is shown in this series, but hey it's an entertaining show, that scary stuff is part of it. I really love this show.
  • My personal favorite, is the episode where the team went to Heber Springs, Arkansas. They experienced, what I believe to be their first ever full body apparition, scanned with a Thermal Camera. This occured in the basement of the Crescent Hotel.

    This particular show was action packed, starting with the computer case being pushed up to the door of the hotel room from the inside, thus blocking the entrance to the room. Then to see the apparition in the basement of the old hotel, which was used at one time as a morgue. The apparition , not only apppeared, but actually moved !! And the number on the locker where the apparition appeared glowed red hot, the number ONLY, not the locker ! Amazing ! It looked to be a man, a workman of some sort, with a cap resembling a brick-layer/mason or a painters cap. Then the trip to the Medium's beautiful home and the light show that ensued when the Medium began to interview Jason, was absolutely incredible ! Great show ! You all need to come back to Arkansas and check out more of the many haunted places, for sure, check out the Gurdon lights in Gurdon , AR while you are here. They are near the railroad tracks. Gurdon is situated at a point where 4 different railways all intersect. This is a fairly well documented phenomenon. It almost never fails to appear. A light gently swaying and bobbing along the railroad tracks. No, it isn't a train coming along to run you down ! The light is beside the tracks. Ask the locals and they can tell you when and where. Of course , there are legends, but legends aside , there is the strange light ?!
  • I

    Ghost Hunters is aweeessssoooommmmeeee i love it i think its funny - and it isnt i just think its fun how they go into houses and look around and actually get stuff.. i really really dont think its fake because they do so many awesome things that just happen that actually happen. My mom and me love this show its awesome in so many ways- the people who run the show Jason and Grant are amazing they take their job so seriously which makes it awesome because they can also have fun in the midst of it. i never miss an episode and each on gives me the chills and a good laugh =D
  • Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson along with their crew, travel around searching for paranormal activity.

    During the day the are plungers, but at night they are Ghost Hunters. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are the co-founder of TAPS, a foundation that searches for paranormal activity. In each episode, TAPS travels in usually 2 differant places. They set up camera's around the place they are investigating. Then, as night comes, some of the memebers search the place and try to uncover paranormal activity. Ocassionally, someone will have a paranormal experiance. The next few days, they go over the evidance and see what they can find. Then, they show what they found to the owner(s) of the building. This is a really cool show, but I'm not sure if it belongs on SciFi...
  • It's a show about a group of people (the people who go on the investigations varies) that go into supposedly haunted places and try to find hard (video, audio, photographs) evidence that there's something non-human in the house.

    I really like this show. The cast is funny to watch and most of them seem to have really good personalities. The boys can be really funny, and every one is pretty brave to go into supposedly haunted places. Although they are startled/scared bring now famous phrases such as, “Dude, run!” and “What the ****!”

    The team is also really good at explaining terms of the trade in each show, either by personal explaining it or by showing text in the bottom of the screen. It's great for the new comers in both the show and the field to understand what they're talking about when they say EVP or why they're using a thermo camera.

    I personally love the show and I try never to miss an episode. If you have any interest at all of ghost and hauntings you should definitely check this show out!
  • Love it!

    Me and my family all sit togather ever wendsday and watch this show we love it and we never miss a new episode and when there are marothons we sit down togather and watch it it is so real it is not like the other show the other ones are so fake saying they feel something but Taps actually has cameras set up and audio and other stuff and they take pictures and stuff I love this show it is the best I Love it who wouldn't its the best I love it love it love it love it bye!
  • The fact that it\'s real makes it the bomb. Kind of dumb how it\'s on the SciFi Channel when it\'s not science \'fiction\' lol.

    Watch the show whether not you believe in the whole paranormal shnaz. You\'ll thank yourself. It\'s kind of like a less experienced version of \"Most Haunted\" on the travel channel, but it\'s more suspenceful. Some epesodes have absolutely no evidence while some have lots, and some sweet evp recordings. Either way, it\'s interesting to figure out what they do and don\'t find.
  • TAPS travels all across America investigating paranormal activity.

    Ghost Hunters follow Jason and Grant and the members of thier organization TAPS(The Atlantic Paranormal Society) as they travel around America to investigate paranormal activity.

    At a young age Jason and grant each had a paranormal episode, that left them asking questions. These questions stayed with them until adulthood when they decided to found TAPS and look for answers not only to thier experiences but others as well.

    Using high-tech equipment they attempt to catch ghosts, or spirits, on camera, and tape.

    What differs TAPS from other investigating teams is that they go into a situation looking to debunk it. They always try to see wether the expierence could be someone's overactive imagination or something that could be paranormal. The team always tells it straight, all the while still trying to understand the paranormal.
  • My friend and I both love ghosts so we started watching this about a year or two ago. Mt mom and dad are skeptics but I am a true believer. I strongly believe there are forces out there even we don't understand. And I think something is in my house too.
    I was in my school library with my friend, looking up pictures of ghosts on the internet. A guy sitting next to us told us about this show so my friend and I went homw and started watching it. Needless to say I haven\'t missed a single episode since. My poppy passed away 2 years ago. Ever since then, things have mysteriously vanished, only to reappear in the same exact spot you looked a few minutes later. I told my friend about it and he said that my Poppy wants to make sure I\'m alright before he moves on. But whenever I\'m upset I can feel my Poppy\'s I can right now. This show is my guilty pleasure. Please write to me if you\'ve had experiences with the supernatural too. Please write me! I\'ll write back! Peace!

  • I can't help but to...

    I can't help but to turn off my lights in my room close the door and curl up to watch! I admit i do this on occasion! I also admit that sometimes the show scares the crap out of me and i won't walk down the hallway of my house without a light on, which is unusual becuase i usually walk around my house in the dark!

    This is a show that i try my best to watch every time it is on. I at times tapes that show becuase i was busy or couldnt watch it for some reason, but i always make an effort to watch it. I also watch teh marathons to catch up on episodes i have missed or see my favorites again!

    You can tell this is just not some TV show, it is real, real interesting!
  • Great Show! One of the best paranormal shows out there!

    I have always had a soft spot for paranormal shows and this one hit right on the spot. What i like the most about this show is the fact that they what to disprove a haunting, not find one. All most all of the reality paranormal what to prove ghosts exsist and after a while it gets kind of boring, and sometimes, listening to some guy/girl say they have a link to the sprit world then go into a drunken stupor everytime a they turn a corner gets boring to. This show uses Science and things to prove that there is life beyond death, but not really beliving in fact of ghosts. That's why I like this show. Science and Paranormal, my two favorite things in one show. Grat job and hope to see more!
  • To sum it all up, for me anyway...this is one of the best shows out there on paranormal activity. A must see!

    The Atlantic Paranormal Society does things a little different than some "ghost hunters". They go in trying to disprove and debunk strange things that may be occuring. They have some of the best equipment available today and they know how to use it. They do tests and experiments until they are left with nothing but the truth. The team consists of such profession people, they way they conduct themselves is remarkable. However there is the occasional bit of drama as there is with almost any reality show but that is one of the things that will keep you coming back to this show. If you believe in the afterlife, you simply must watch this show.
  • A real show, with real people, with real scientific analysis.

    I love the scientific aspect of the show. Most of all, I love the cast. They are the ones that make the show what it is. Sci-Fi could have picked any dumb paranormal \"experts\", or \"psychics\" to do it. But these people are REAL. It\'s a show that I CANNOT go without.
  • This is one of the ONLY shows that I try to make sure that I watch. I will admit that for some, this show may not be as exciting but not every show is the same for everyone.

    I recently found this show. I love it because when they go to a location, they do not jump in and say "this place is haunted" and leave. I like that they go in and try to prove that it's not haunted or active. They may not find a whole lot in some of the places, but when they do it's very exciting to me. I look forward to Wednesday nights when this show is on. I also like that they do not leave the owners or managers hanging when it comes to them leaving. They always tell them to call on TAPS if ever there is another problem. Great show.....Keep it up!!!
  • I was introduced to this by my Aunt a now I watch it almost every Wed.

    This show is probably more for people who think ghosts exsist, if you don't I guess maybe you could watch and see if after you do.

    This show begins small, but has become quite large they even have a base in their town. These guys may not be professionals and are plumbers, but how did they get all the fancy stuff to use.

    Anyway quite a few of the episodes they've caught some pretty freaky stuff and it's provable. Such as the haunted light house, and the prison to even some of the people getting scratched out of thin air.

    This show is awesome!
  • It's one of the best reality shows out there!

    Ghost Hunters deserves a 10, actually 11 but it only goes to 10. It's one of the best reality shows out there right now and it only keeps getting better. My wife and I enjoy this show cause the paranormal excites and intrests us both. Sometimes they don't really catch anything but when they do, it's well worth the wait. My wife was the first to watch this show and then she kept talking about it and I got intrested right away. We Watch it every Wednesday night and anytime they have their marathons. It's a great show and worth watching!
  • The vast majority of episodes have nothing that is caught but the times they do makes it worth watching. I would like to see more information on how to remedy a haunting.

    The show has its ups and downs but the majority of it is up. There are some episodes I yawn through and then some that I am sitting on the edge of my seat. I can imagine though that this must be how it feels to go on the investigations... some highs and some lows.

    I can appreciate the research that is put into the paranormal but I would like to see them show some of the more common ways of getting rid of the spirits haunting the homes.

    I think it would be cool to see them take a place that they feel is haunted and really work with it and see if they can develop ways of getting rid of the haunting. That would be a great element to the show.
  • Only watch this show, if you have an open mind or truely believe in the Paranormal.

    In was kind of iffy about Ghost Hunters when I first saw it, but once I started...It was like being hooked on a Peanut Butter and Crack Sandwhich!!! Now grant it, they do not catch something on every show...and this should be expected in this field. But when they do...Oh Man...its something that will make your skin crawl at times!! This show is mainly sheer entertainment for me, but I also have a personal interest in the paranormal as well. I have witnessed somethig in my life I cannot explain. So I guess I am looking for answers. This show is very informative..especially on the type of equipment they use. I hate Reality shows, but this is one that is very well done. And I hope it stays around for a good while.
  • I Love this show wish they had updated episodes more often and wish they would get more evidence.

    I Love this show wish they had updated episodes more often and wish they would get more evidence. I Love this show wish they had updated episodes more often and wish they would get more evidence. I Love this show wish they had updated episodes more often and wish they would get more evidence. I Love this show wish they had updated episodes more often and wish they would get more evidence. I Love this show wish they had updated episodes more often and wish they would get more evidence.
  • Plumbers by day, Ghost Hunters by night...sounds like a comic book.

    "Plumbers by day, Ghost Hunters by night...sounds like a comic book." Yes I said it. (You know it also could be a new Joss Whedon show)
    No really, its a documentary style show on real life ghost investigaters. Sure we've show all those other shows that were so obsurd that you can't beleive it but this show is not that. This group goes in the investigation with the mind set to disprove the haunting. This makes them think through the experiance and expain it in a practical way. If they can't explain it they then say "Maybe, it's paranormal." What is great is that even if they don't find something crediable, you still learn something.
  • Sometimes scary, sometimes too much side-plot.

    Wether you believe in ghosts or not, this is a welcome reality television show about unreality. I like that they try to incorporate characters in the mix, it doesn't fit with the show. They should just stick to what they do best: finding some really freaky sh*t that I didn't know existed.

    i didnt believe in ghosts until i watched this show. its great how they try to dubunk them and not hurry up and say its haunted. unlike other shows where they just walk into the house and be like \\\"i can feel the spirits\\\" and junk like that. shows shows shouldn be on TV.
  • Ummm yea... What a waste of my first 20mins hearing bickering.

    The show is entertaining, but also just plain stupid. It's like putting "real world" together with ghost hunting... 85% of each episode is just talking, bitching, whining, argueing, and asking too many questions. "Oh I wonder what that was, rewind that..." -Heard that in almost every episode. They aren't really even using the best video editing equipment out there... The only really really good episode I loved, was the prison episode where a figure gets up and runs down the hall. That kinda creepy stuff was entertaining, but that was like 10% of the show. The rest is of course almost nothing except a soup opera with cocky guys argueing and ordering.
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