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  • Honestly, this show is terrible

    They literally just walk around and yell "hello?" for half an hour, pretend they see things when there's nothing there, give nothing to the owners of the places except "there's nothing malignant here" and then leave and congratulate eachother when they got absolutely NOTHING of substance! Paranormal Witness is probably fake for the most part but its a lot more interesting to watch! Ghost Hunters blows!
  • Be honest, you guys work for the travel industry.

    Every show practically some hotel or museum or only attraction in some little town is the place you go and that attracts people.
  • Why does my wife watch this bogus crap

    How I detest these pathetic lying shows. Anyone with 1/4 of a brain can see that all your stories are made up. You come up with these pathetic new "tools" that do nothing. And that you no have no shame what-so-ever. But then again. You are laughing all the way to the bank. Ghost Hunters, oooooo, tell you what you sniffling little rat faced dogs. come out on a night with ME and then you'll find some terror.
  • welcom back

    i am glad to see grant we have missed you are here to stay

    Starting to not like Ghost Hunters very much now, same question "what do you hope to find", always the same answer, "to find out who or what is haunting my business or house", same reveal, "spirits want to be recognized, no malignant spirits found". Almost no video's, only from the unnamed cameraman following them, if one of the investigators says, "what's that", the cameraman has to turn around and misses whatever the investigator is looking at because the investigator never has a camera, footsteps, which gets boring, no orbs, and if an investigator is actually holding a camera, they wave it around so much, if anything is caught, the video would be totaly worthless, no review of anything anymore. If Jason Hawes says they are going to start using a new product, like the glasses that look like Google glasses but with a camera, it is only used one time and never seen again. Seems to me, the crew has no excitement anymore. When the show starts, I know exactly what the question is going to be and the reveal is going to be, it's a script, it never changes.
  • Updates?

    Was wondering why the show hasn't been updated since new shows have been airing for Season 10.
  • Going downhill fast

    I enjoyed Ghost Hunters for years. I liked the emphasis on using science and logic, not only to find the paranormal but to disprove it at times. Yes, I know the science is questionable, but it was the best of its genre. But this season has been so boring so far. I still miss Grant; I miss Tango and Steve working together (they were just a mess); and now Ami and Adam, who were so good and entertaining together, are gone too. The staff that are left are so dull, and they don't seem to be picking up much of anything. Which I guess shows that they're not just making stuff up, but even the ghost hunting itself isn't much fun anymore. If the show doesn't improve, I don't think I'm going to watch the whole season. What a shame.
  • Unbelievable

    I cannot fathom how this show has survived for as many years as it has. Are there that many cretins watching this show?!. Your cast are a bunch of bufoons at best! Ooh, did you hear that? Ooh, I thought I saw something! Ooh, did you se that? Did we get that on tape? Holy crap - give me a break! Does anybody on this cast or crew have an IQ over 40??
  • Sound Hunters? Never Ghost Hunters

    I was once an avid fan, for 4-5 years is watch without questioning anything. During that time I think they caught perhaps 2-4 shadow figures if that, however they caught a TON of noises.

    Ever since Grant left the credability of the show took a dive, now it's nothing more than a buch of people listening for and recording noises. They will NEVER catch anything while the camera operator for the show has his camera focused on the guys, nobody cares what they look like or what their reaction is to the noise they hear. The camera setups they have are also very poor quality, "here's a step someone heard creek Steve let's set up 10 cameras watching that amateur.

    Take a page out of the Ghost Adventures book and get rid of the crew, they give the impression it's all may well be the case.
  • Was it ever real?

    Money talks I guess...

    When do you guys air again, and are you guys going to come out with anymore new shows?

  • glad you guys are back phony shows

    I am glad you guys are back on TV those other ghost hunting shows are fake as hell and I don't even watch them anymore your show is the best would love to see grant back but your team is fantastic I am a retired ghost hunter and it's a natural high I know how you guys feel love all of you
  • Why can't they check out St. Johns Landing in Green Cove Springs,FL?

    This 1930's apartment building has a lot of paranormal activities. There's an old Civil War gravesite here. I would have never moved here if I saw it in the first place. Furniture is always moving, random voices, yelling voices, gunshot noises coming from a bedroom, doors opening and closing on it's don't know what's going on. I hope these guys would come and help us out. I know many neighbors have experienced the same thing.
  • Ghost Hunters Please Just Ask the Obvious

    Don't ya think the Obvious question for all ghosts is Why Have They Not Just Gone To Heaven or Hell. I think that's the only question I would have for a ghost. Who cares if the ghost from the 1800's knows what a spirit box is or not. I want to know why they have not gone to heaven or hell like we are told we will do when we die.
  • Some Info

    I like the show. The only problem is that they don't know that spirits take on the image of what they looked like when they were happiest in their life. They might not look like they did in a picture taken shortly before they died. A spirit that looks like a child may be an adult.
  • Amy Bruni at RI ComicCon

    I love Ghost Hunters, I've been watching it since season 1. Since they are right in my own back yard, it made it even better. I was lucky enough to meet Steve and Amy at recent conventions. I was able to interview Amy at the RI ComicCon just last weekend. You can see that here: 3MQVbrv5qQ&lc=z12axlnyiurtfvcv223hjl5buveyyj2q304
  • Such a Terribly, Boring Show now

    When Ghost Hunters came on I was one of their most loyal fans. It was a great show, such fun, laughter, seriousness too. The original staff was what made it, and their original selves. Now, it just stinks. Sorry, but it's the most boring thing to watch I've seen in 30 years. Sorry, but they are 6 years too long on TV. Got rid of the wrong people unfortunately, which made the show a success.
  • Ghost Hunters?

    i am curious on why in 2007 you felt the need to steal my location, use my pictures and now title your book with my name? I should be flattered I guess but find it more disturbing than funny. I am writing a book as well and will be using my name as the Ill add you to it? Have fun pretending to be me!

  • Not what it use to be

    In the beginning when they went on the air in 2004 to 2008/2009. I loved this show, they were real, you could tell hardly anything was faked I watched it every Wednesday. I have had some scary experiences of my own, and I was introduced to a technique of proving paranormal existence. That was until the Travel channel network came out with their version with nothing but three very skilled and lively men in pursuit of the truth with basically no faking no matter what, just some oopsies here and there. I then realized how far from TAPS original mission Ghost Hunters have strayed. Now I still give them a chance and turn on the show. It never fails, I always seeing faking of paranormal evidence. This show should be for entertainment purposes only, not that walking around through out the whole show always having a boring sedated response to fabricated paranormal stimuli is entertaining.
  • loyal fan

    Ive always loved ghost hunters they introduced me to paranormal and i will always be a loyal fan. I do miss them very much i wish they were around more but i will take what i can get. Ann costa. Springfield mass
  • boring

    the international version was better... plus i noticed some changes that was probably inspired from another
  • Did you see the Ghost in the Undying Love episode?

    Did anyone else see the mist in the attic in the Undying Love episode last night? Britt and Michelle are in the attic. In one shot, in the bottom left hand corner of the screen it says 10:56 and right below that, a mist comes into frame and then goes back out.
  • Reviews need to be takin seriously

    There is very little focus on activity. The camera man's focus is poor and slow to act. There is Way to much talking and music in the show, which causes the viewer to have very little confidence in the show and crew also causing distractions. It's very hard to hear ANYThING. The music should be cut completely, and crew should talk as little as possible. The reveal should tell of all there experiences to the client. The first season got me hooked but I'm not seeing anything becoming better in the future if they don't fix these problems the dedicated fans are having. Or the show will start to tank. And get better video quality. Use thermal and ultra light more in fixed areas.
  • Watcher everytime

    I love your show and everybody actually seems they really care about the person or people they deal with.
  • Ghostly!

    Ghost Hunters is always good, always exciting, but most of all it's real...
  • ruined?

    this was the best show ever! WE WANT MORE! Now the show seems kinda made up, they find ghosts everywhere and everything is about the actors not the home and the ghosts. and ScyFy or however you spell it has started never showing it. WHERE is GHI? WE MISS THEM and the cool ghosts! Come on- we LOVE GHOST HUNTERS AND WANT THEM BACK!
  • soon to be the next ghost

    I was very disappointed on the June 10, 2013 episode on the Boulder City Hospital, In fact I have been very let down at the last two season I have been watching since the first episode. This used to be a great lately it seems all there is, is the cast looking at each other saying "did you hear/see What happened to the ghost hunting? all the cast does is ask questions into the air, what are they expecting to happen with that? they used to use flashlights and other devices to communicate and it seemed to work very well. I am really let down at what's happened to this program. it's not the same at all and very boring to watch. I really miss it. bummer. I'm not interesting in watching anymore. Somebody do something before it's too late. :(

    I have watched Ghost Hunters for years, the early seasons were pretty sincere, and interesting. But now the producers have destroyed this show by always focusing the cameras on the investigators. This season is the worst of all, last week there was this giant crash and one investigator turns suddenly... the camera didn't even move to look in the direction of the crash! They have no cameras focused where the investigators are looking, and 2 or 3 cameras are focused on the investigators. What the heck??? This is a pure sham now. The first episode of this season only wanted to capitalize on the name of Elvis! More care goes into the movie-like music score, than the search for real paranormal activity. Sorry guys, you have blown it... and it is obvious to the viewers... You are more concerned with making some kind of stars out of your players, than you are about finding any information or helping the poor people who call you or the departed Spirits! That is just plain wrong. Jason... (Grant - who left because?)... Sci Fi Network... somebody wake up! It's not supposed to be about you!
  • Ghost Hunters

    I'm so disappointed in Ghost Hunters the past several seasons! It's more about the ghost hunters than the ghost hunting. I've been a faithful viewer since 2006 and I can't even watch it anymore. They never find anything but some grunt or a light the viewers can't ever see. The season premier was on tonight. It was terrible.
  • At first I figured it'd just he a silly ghost reenactment show...

    Turns out I was wrong, they take themselves pretty seriously. First 3 seasons at least are worth it if you're into this kinda stuff. They let the fame get to them in the later episodes though, only doing big famous places and don't find much all that special as result of it.