Ghost Hunters

Season 6 Episode 25

Taps Meets The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 01, 2010 on Syfy
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Taps Meets The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

TAPS travels to Georgia to investigate Rhodes Hall with the help of three of the ladies from Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta. Will they see any apparitions? Will they be contacted by spirits from beyond? Will any of the Housewives make it all the way through the night without screaming?


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  • The third shark has been jumped

    A number of people I know have expressed their frustrations with "Ghost Hunters" this season. All of the comments have echoed a similar refrain: it feels like everything in the show is driven by the demands of Pilgrim Films now. Considering their intervention in the recasting of "Ghost Hunters International" and the serious issues and hypocrisy seen in "Ghost Hunters Academy", it's logical to assume that Pilgrim would also want to do everything possible to bolster the flagship series, which has been slipping in the ratings.

    Fans would give plenty of advice on that front. Take the show back to its roots. Embrace the more stringent interpretation of "evidence" from the first couple seasons. Start exploring more promising technology and methodology, instead of relying more and more on "electronic Ouija boards" like the K-II or the "flashlight test". Stop playing up easily explained personal experiences. Eliminate the cookie-cutter editing style that has made new episodes practically indistinguishable from the dozens of existing material.

    So it seems deeply ironic, in light of these comments, that "Ghost Hunters" delivers an episode that may complete the trifecta of integrity-killing moments. First, there was "Manson Murders". Then, there was the 2009 Halloween special. And now…the Real Housewives of Atlanta as guest investigators. Just the title alone sounds like a cheesy 1970s made-for-TV comedy movie. Like "The Harlem Globetrotters Go to Gilligan's Island".

    I would almost understand it more if it was another Pilgrim Films show, and this was more of the usual cross-promotional business. But this is more akin to the Syfy-dominated 2010 Halloween special. The "Real Housewives" franchise airs on Bravo. Both Bravo and Syfy are part of the larger NBC-Universal media conglomerate. Which, of course, speaks to the degree to which the network consortium is working with the production company to shape the series in its desired image.

    This may smack of pre-judging, and one could wonder if it's possible to be even mildly objective under the circumstances. Frankly, the circumstances practically beg for pre-judging, and everyone involved had to see it coming miles away. With even devoted fans wondering what they were thinking, I suppose the investigation will just speak for itself. (Though I have to wonder what the client thought about it. Or were they part of it from the start, since this was an obvious setup?)

    My first impression was not favorable. There was way too much time playing up the "housewives", and exposing just how inappropriate it is to have three utter novices contaminating the location. It seemed pretty obvious to me that Jason, in particular, was choosing his words carefully, grinning and bearing it. His expressions were priceless, and probably mirrored those of many fans as well.

    Jason and Grant start with the "housewives", and it's all about managing them, not conducting the investigation. Jason and Grant both sound like they just want the paycheck already. Of course, they hear footsteps and movements from above (because that's always the first thing captured these days).

    Kris and Amy start in the basement, and they are thankfully not inflicted with "housewives" in the process. They hear noises and movement. I also notice that they have taken to holding their audio recorders (in similar style to "Ghost Adventures") instead of putting them down. That automatically adds more noise to the audio, and lessens the credibility of any potential EVPs. At least they put it down during the formal EVP session. I will say, though, that I get that same "spider web" feeling around high-EMF sources. They have Steve and Tango follow-up on the experiences. Nothing comes of it.

    Jason and Grant finally get a chance to do things themselves, without the baggage, and they start in the second floor office. They hear music and noises, but it's all very much in the background, even by their own admission.

    Steve and Tango focus next on the first floor. I actually liked Steve's explanation regarding the mirror and why people might mistake flaws and marks as something paranormal. They also check the door that seems to open and close by itself, and while I think they pushed the explanation a little, it's more debunking than we've seen in a long time from TAPS.

    Sadly, Amy and Kris end up with the "housewives" next, and they look about as thrilled as Jason and Grant were. But Amy thinks she sees something moving in the laser grid, which makes it a little more interesting. There are also a couple odd noises for good measure.

    When it comes to the review, I was a bit impressed by Steve and Tango's analysis of the video. It's the little moments like this that help them maintain some measure of credibility. They easily could have played that off as paranormal, but they came to the right conclusion. So kudos for them on that call!

    The reveal focuses a lot on the personal experiences. The "voice" sounds a lot more like something mechnical or something hitting a pipe than a voice to me. The second audio clip is buried in the noise and therefore hard to reconcile as anything definitive. There just wasn't a lot to show for all the hoopla, and even less "evidence" of actual paranormal activity.moreless
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