Ghost Hunters

Season 3 Episode 15

The Spirits of San Francisco

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2007 on Syfy
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The Spirits of San Francisco

TAPS heads to San Francisco to investigate claims of activity at the Presidio. Then they talk to a family who believe that an old employee and family friend is still coming to work 20 years after her death.

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  • TAPS goes to San Fransisco and to the Lullaby Store

    TAPS goes to the San Fransisco to the Presido to investigate whether the old place is still being haunted. In the Viewing Room where dead officers were viewed there was a report of scent of flowers. Grant finds a closet full of janiotrial cleansers which he said some were flowery. I worked in janitorial work and none of our supplies could be classified as flowery. So I debunk Grant's assertion. Kris, who is new to the show feels painfully cold when Tango walks away but as soon as she calls his name the feeling disappears. The ice machine clanks like dishes so that could be the explanation for that. The video catches 2 shadows in the ball room both in a dress. Clearly there is something there but TAPS is unsure if it's a true haunting.

    At the Lullaby store an old employee who retired in 1980 seems to still be visiting. TAPS sets up in the the upper store room and on the main sales floor. On the upper floor a crack in the wall allows outside noice to penetrate the store room. Heavy foot steps, noises, etc. On the main sales floor Jason tries really hard to get the old employee to answer. In the EVP's, Jason is told that Jean (the old employee) is not there, there is another "grunting" EVP and one that just implores TAPS to leave them alone. The voices are male. A very good show. Almost worth a visit to either place. Maybe.moreless
  • San Fransisco, The Presidio, and a baby store.

    They caught a shadow at the Presidio, something in the old episodes they would have debunked or gotten super excited over, which leads me to believe Sci-Fi is forcing them to come up with evidence. When they found something they used to get really excited, or immediately set about trying to debunk it, or both. They did neither of these things and after they left the reveal, said the place was not haunted. What's going on here? they kinda just let it slip, oh we found a shadow form, but we don't really care. What other kind of producer-influenced bs will we be forced to watch this season?moreless
  • Now this is more like it!

    After a rocky introduction for new cast member Kris Williams, this episode is a chance for her to silence some of the critics. While it will always be sad to think of how many familiar faces have moved on or taken leave, that's the nature of the field. People come and go all the time, and it cannot be forgotten that the episodes are filmed over a long period of time. The difficult relationship between TAPS and "Ghost Hunters" has only made the turnover more obvious.

    Kris seemed to be a lot less naïve in this particular episode, and that puts less emphasis on getting comfortable with her and more emphasis on the actual cases as presented. The first case was used to deliver a point about how evidence can be subtle and hard to catch if one is not paying close attention. While that's quite true, the message was laid on a little thick for my tastes.

    Case #1: The Presidio

    Debunking the "flower smell" was a nice touch. That is an accurate example of something investigators will often miss. It was also good to see them acknowledge that the ice machine was the source of the banging in the kitchen and the possibility of smoke saturating the wood of the building. For that matter, wondering over perceived "cold spots" and apparent phantom noise is also par for the course among many ghost hunting groups.

    The "black mass" footage is hard to judge. On the one hand, it looks very much like the movement of the "shadow" coincides with the movement of whoever is standing right in front of the camera light in the slow-motion shot (shown just before Kris arrives with the research). Without knowing the distances involved, though, it's hard to say. To me, it looked like someone's shadow, even someone outside the building, perhaps cast from a light source much further away. As presented, it's simply not possible to draw a solid conclusion.

    At least they resisted the urge to declare the Presidio "haunted" based on a questionable set of shadows. They were far less measured in their conclusions earlier in the season.

    Case #2: Lullaby Lane

    I liked the discussion on the effects of a high EMF in a given location; it was essentially accurate and something that a good investigator will look for in the field. Steve's advice is less technical, but covers some of the basic mistakes made. In fact, much like the majority of the first case, the simple debunking tactics were well explained and an accurate representation of what smart investigators would attempt when something unusual is experienced.

    The "growling" is inconclusive, especially with all the possible outside noise. The other two examples are certainly creepy and similar to genuine EVP I've heard, but the interpretations could be colored by expectation. That's one of the things about EVP that makes it so hard to substantiate.

    This is probably one of the better episodes in a quite a while. In fact, if the rest of the season was like this episode, I would be a very happy fan. This is the kind of balance that made the first two seasons so much fun to watch.moreless
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