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Ghost Hunters

Season 3 Episode 11

Toys of Terror

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2007 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Toys of Terror

TAPS travels to Chesapeake, Virginia to investigate the Keffer's House which suffers from apparitions, voices, and possibly a possessed doll. Then Steve is put in charge of his own investigation when he and TAPS head to Charlestown (Rhode Island) to investigate The General Stanton Inn where apparitions and voices have been seen and heard.


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  • a little disappointed with this one.

    ERRRRR I wanted the doll to move so bad!! that would of been like CRAZY cool. I was really looking forward to this episode because of the whole haunted toys thing but sadly nothing really happened. Kinda boring if you ask me. This show is still wonderful and really awesome but this is not my favorite episode to watch.
  • Part one, inside a private home, part two Steve leads the crew investigating an old Inn George Washington supposedly stayed in.

    I found one scene with the toys segment a little spooky, (warning spoiler ahead) when the van toy falls of the shelf with the lip, it was stuck under the dollhouse. At the same time their equipment spiked and they caught an EVP that sounds like "I'm calling you" very creepy, other than that, average. I thought Steve did a great job leading the crew in the second part, although I found his final analysis not has objective has Jason and Grant's tend to be.moreless
  • Basically a nothing happened episode. Steve is given full reign of the second segment, and does well as the boss.

    The first location is a home in Chesapeake, Virginia where the home owners claim to see figures in rooms and hallways, claim they get touched, and claim to have a doll that moves its face all by itself. Jason and Grant go on the tour with the home owner as she explains the events they have been experiencing and their locations. At lights out Jason and Grant start out by trying to debunk a sink turning on by itself and could come up with no explanation as to why this faucet may have turned on suddenly. Later, Jason and Grant are upstairs in the hallway and as Grant turns to leave a room a toy bus falls on the floor. Grant claims to know it was up on top of an entertainment center earlier and they examine this area. They find that the top edge has a 1 inch lip along the leading edge, and that there was a playhouse there that would have required the bus to be lifted and pulled out for it to fall. I wish they would have had a flashback clip of the room and flashed us back to show us the bus in its original location. This did not happen so we have to assume Grant was wrong in the orignal location of the bus. Later the local chapter investigator and the home owner are sitting in front of the doll which is on a chair. They are staring at it with a flash light played on it, and a camera in its face. Needless to say, nothing happened. I wonder why? No one else had any personal experiences and they pack it in for the night. During review they find nothing but one EVP of a thump in the attic over the garage, which could easily be explained as the storm door closing directly below, and two odd alleged voice sounds they claim were voices that really amount to nothing. One was supposed to be a little girl making some sound and the other sounds more like a bad spindle in the recorder making a grum sound three times just before the bus falls behind Grant. They presented this to the homeowner as the only evidence they found which is basically nothing much as I said before. Jason though did allude to activity happening in the house thats probably paranormal. If only they would have caught some to give weight to his baseless comment.

    The second location presents a little twist to the show. Grant and Jason send Steve out with the crew alone to investigate an allegedly haunted Inn right there in Warwick. Steve is all happy he is chosen to be investigation leader, and given the chance to prove himself. We were expecting the worse though. They head out to the General Stanton Inn which was founded about 1667. Steve meets with the owner and is gracious and suprisingly professional. The owner takes them from room to room telling them of the experiences that have happened in each room. Steve instructs the crew on set up, and then its lights out. Interestingly, the owner never said a thing about any activity outside by the graveyard where General Stanton is buried next to his wife, but the segment starts with Steve and Brian out in that area with the FLIR camera. They claim to hear twigs snapping each time they ask if the spirit of the general is there and if he would like to show them a sign of his presence. Nothing ever shows up on the FLIR including any animals that may have been in the brush nearby. So basically they have nothing. Dustin and Dave debunk a shadow claim in one of the dining rooms, and later Steve then sends Brian and another crew member up to do the attic. Once there they use the FLIR again and see a hot spot appear on the side of a stripped chair then dissapate. Instead of going right over to it while its 'hot' to investigate they stand around asking questions as to what it could be... dude. Only after the spot dissapates does the other investigator go over to look at the chair then claim that they could not explain what happened. During analysis, besides the hot spot in the attic they came up with two of the lamest EVP's to date for any investigation. They were so short and hard to pick out from the background noise most people would have missed them completely. No one could even guess at what, if anything, might be being said. Grant and Jason drive back with Steve to make the presentation and Steve tries a little too hard to be a professional investigator, and while he is trying to be helpful, and informative, he comes across as a little condescending as he talks to the older woman owner. The so called evidence is extremely poor, and in an unusual move Steve presents personal experiences as evidence, something TAPS never does. Of the multitude of experiences they were told about by the owner, nothing was found in those areas except the attic, and at least one was debunked. That debunking was not discussed during the reveal either, and it should have been. So basically they found nothing to prove the place was haunted, or that real unexplained activity was happening there. Steve makes an effort to blurt out at the end of the reveal that in his opinion the place was definately haunted. What?? No it was clearly not haunted. Were possible strange things happening, sure, but that does not make a haunting. And so ends another double location episode of Ghost Hunters.moreless
  • A rather odd episode for this season

    This is an unusual episode, even by the standards of the third season. This is probably not going to rank high on the list of most exciting episodes, but this does shed some light on some of the internal changes taking place in the organization during this period. As fans are well aware at this point, the team was rushing towards transition at the end of 2006, when these episodes were filmed.

    Case #1: Keffer’s House

    This was an interesting case, particularly in light of the previous episode, where another location had a faucet turn on by itself. A lot of the elements were similar to previous episodes. The moving toy, and the resulting attempt at debunking its movement, was a contrast to the Tedeschi House investigation, where movement of a toy was apparently never debunked. The editors in this case presented more information, making it easier to understand Jason and Grant’s conclusions.

    This was also evident in the debunking of the thermal reflection, and in a slightly more amusing way, the coverage of the supposedly haunted doll. That seemed like a situation constructed for Brian’s benefit, which after his reaction to the mannequins in the Hellfire Caves, would have been worth it!

    It does bring up an interesting point, however. Many of the complaints in previous episodes centered on the lack of camera coverage in active locations. One might recall the episode earlier in the season where a bedspread moved, exposing Grant’s foot. That was a location that would have benefited from multiple camera angles, and it wasn’t done. So seeing them use so many cameras to film a supposedly haunted doll opens the door to that criticism again. (On the other hand, most of the comments from the homeowner were related to the doll, so focusing on that makes sense in this case.)

    The EVPs are interesting. The male voice sounds like, “I am coming” repeated over and over, and the second voice sounds like a little girl singing. The thumps reminded me of the McLean House in the previous episode, but this time, a lot more of the space was visible. All in all, this felt like one of the classic investigations, especially the fact that Jason and Grant simply concluded that there was confirmation of activity.

    Case #2: General Stanton Inn

    The most significant aspect of this investigation was Jason and Grant’s decision to put Steve in charge. I found the differences interesting. Steve seems to get just a bit more excited by the anecdotal accounts, and at least as presented, he appears to conclude that activity is evidence of a haunting far more easily than Jason. I got the distinct impression that Jason and Grant were stunned when Steve told the client that the inn was haunted based on the evidence, but they did the right thing by keeping it to themselves.

    In some instances, Brian seemed to be displeased with Steve’s appointment as team lead for the investigation. This was most evident in the initial scene with Dave Tango in the van, where Brian pointed out that he was also experienced. I think the editors also chose to portray Brian as somewhat bumbling and hysterical during this investigation, as if to suggest that Steve was being influenced by Brian’s jumpy reactions.

    The thermal footage in the attic is interesting. They did a nice job of showing the area around the chair, and while it’s still possible that it was some kind of odd reflection, it would be interesting to hear theories on how that would happen if there wasn’t a reflective surface involved. The EVPs found in the same area support the idea of activity in that location.

    With Jason and Grant out of the picture for much of the second half of the episode, this may not be the most popular installment of the series. Those who dislike Steve will probably find much to complain about, and fans of Brian may dislike the way he’s depicted. For all that, this was still a solid entry for the series, and the focus on less “infamous” locations is still a nice change of pace.moreless
Jason Hawes

Jason Hawes

Lead Investigator - Founder of TAPS

Grant Wilson (II)

Grant Wilson (II)

Lead Investigator - Co-Founder of TAPS

Steve Gonsalves

Steve Gonsalves

Tech Manager

Donna LaCroix

Donna LaCroix


Brian Harnois

Brian Harnois


Dustin Pari

Dustin Pari

Tech Specialist

Bobbie Atristain

Bobbie Atristain

Guest Investigator

Guest Star

Mike Dion

Mike Dion


Recurring Role

Lisa Dowaliby

Lisa Dowaliby


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Lisa Dowaliby accompanies Steve's team to investigate the General Stanton Inn, but she is only seen standing in the background immediately after set-up, when Steve says that he and Brian will be making the first go through with the thermal imager. She is not shown investigating, or helping setting up or breaking the equipment down.

    • Also Appearing:
      Investigation 1: Keffer's House - Chesapeake, Virginia
      Kimberlie Keffer - Homeowner
      Nilla Harris - Friend
      Garry Keffer - Homeowner

      Investigation 2: General Stanton Inn - Charlestown, Rhode Island
      Karilee Dahl - General Manager
      Jenny Christensen - Head Server

    • Brian reveals that his fear of dolls comes from watching a movie when he was five years old about a vicious clown doll.

    • This is the first show in which Jason and Grant do not go on an investigation, choosing to let Steve lead the team for the episode's second investigation.

    • The General Stanton Inn was investigated on 10/18-19, 2006; as it was only a few weeks until Halloween, the Inn was covered in decorations.

    • The Keffer house was investigated September 29-30, 2006, according to the time stamp on the investigation video.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Brian: I think if the doll turned its head and winked at me or something, I think I'd probably crap myself and run like hell!

    • Jason: (about Brian voluntarily going to see the "haunted" doll) For a guy who's made it such a profession to run, he did pretty good.

    • Mike: This feel different to you, doing this without Jason and Grant here?
      Brian: Feels better.
      Mike: Feels better? No pressure is what you mean?
      Brian: Yeah, you could say that. It's hard to say, but it does.

    • Dustin: I think Steve proved that he's able to take the reins and kinda, you know, show the rest of us the way and Jay and Grant would be proud of that.

  • NOTES (0)