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Ghost Hunters

Season 3 Episode 12

U.S.S. Lexington

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2007 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

U.S.S. Lexington

TAPS heads down to Corpus Christi, Texas to investigate the U.S.S. Lexington, an aircraft carrier where over 400 of its crew died on board during 21 of its 24 battles in WWII. Then it's on to a local case in Warwick at City Hall, where the sound of a woman crying has been heard and ghostly picture of a man was captured on a web-cam.


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  • Another so so set of episodes for Ghost Hunters. The Lexington investigation was almost uneventful, and the Warwick City Hall episode proved more interesting, but the investigations were again poorly performed.moreless

    The USS Lexington was an old Navy warship said to be haunted. TAPS drove half way across country to Texas to do this investigation, probably because sissy Steve is afraid to fly. The ship was huge, but not as big as some I've been on. Although Grant and Jason tried to seem excited, their body language said either I'm tired as heck, or I think this is going to be boreing. During the obligitory tour and explanation of the experiences by the museum guide, TAPS lost no time in setting up the equipment. Jason and Grant went about trying to debunk an alleged sighting of a blue ball of light about the size of a beach ball that was seen from up high on an observation platform. In the end they could not debunk the story with any certainty, but instead of stating that, they just dismissed the sighting as unreliable. The only real activity for us viewers was what sounded like a set of keys being set into an old coffee can sound that had Brian chasing it up several levels before finding that they were out on the 'flight deck' as he put it, which wasn't the flight deck, but the hangar deck. Anyway, instead of going back down and investigating further something solid they had just occur, they just switched off to Jason and Grant who were in the same area and heard the same thing a short while later. Again, Jason and Grant did little ghost chasing. Isn't that their job? Steve thought he heard water in the area where a torpedo had blown away part of the rudder and hull and killed several sailors. They soon discovered that what they were hearing was the water outside lapping up against the hull. Strangely that was pretty much it for the investigation. The analysis revealed nothing of the obvious noises both Brian and Jason & Grant heard, but did reveal two noises, one deemed to sound like a cough and the other a woman shreak. They also found a strange light near a camera, but wisely put it off as a possible security guards light. Why they never kept investigating the keys like noise baffles the mind, but they do this all the time. After presenting their poor evidence, they were off to the Warwick City Hall where reports of aparitions, voices, and strange noises have been reported. The team was greeted by a happy go lucky sort of guy who was a little too excited about telling the TAPS team about the events that went on in the building. One interesting piece of evidence he produced was a frame from a camera he claimed to have set up showing a figure appearing in it next to a table in the main meeting hall, but not being there in the preceeding or subsequent frames which are 3 seconds apart. Jason and Grant were shown first down in the lower level where there used to be a jail, and they've had reports of a woman sobbing. They didn't find or hear anything, and the investigation switched to Steve and Brian investigating the same area. They eventually switch back to Jason and Grant who are going to attempt to debunk the alleged aparition caught in the video frame. To the novice viewer they seem convincing enough, but if your paying attention, the test was inconclusive. Grant stayed up by the equipment and Jason went to the spot where the aparition was seen. Grant timed Jason who was going to attempt to get out of the cameras view before the next frame was snapped 3 seconds later. Needless to say, he failed. They tried with Jason walking and with Jason running, and both times he failed to get out of the cameras view by the next frame. Then they promptly claim that they cannot do it so the aparition must be credible as far as they could not disprove it. There are several flaws in all of this. First of all, they didn't try to have Jason running from out of frame on the right side of the view, and running across the entire meeting area to the other side and out of camera view, and then seeing if Jason only got caught in one of the frames. Also, although they claim there was no place for a person to go in under 3 seconds, in looking at the photo still, you can see a bench (judges style) directly behind where the aparition was. It would be very easy for a person to duck down and get behind that bench before the next frame was snapped and crawl to the left as your viewing the still, and escape without being detected. Nice try boys, but we're not all dumb and gullable. Again, you've got to start covering ALL of your bases or you lose credibility. Moving on, Steve and Brian catch nothing at the time down in the previous jail area, and Jason and Grant try to get EVP's from the metting hall. They heard some loud bangs that were caught on tape, but although Jason turned and looked, he never really went to the area the sounds seemed to come from to investigate. So we'll never know what really happened because they didn't do anything, like investigating. During the anaysis they did find what sounded like a woman sobbing that was caught on tape down in the old cell area of the jail during the time Steve and Brian were investigating there. They presented the evidence to the all too excitable host who was just spellbound by what he heard, and expressed his thanks and gratitude just as good as any polititian could or would. In short, two more episodes short of evidence, and short on investigation follow through. Entertaining enough in itself, but nothing for the real analytical ghost sleuth.

  • Yeah... Oh, yeah!

    This was hands down the most entertaining episode of this show I have ever seen. The part about the ship - eh. It was ok, but I really don't think they found much evidence to say "This place is haunted." And nothing funny happened. And I gotta say, if you aren't watching this show for funny moments, you need to take a look at what your purpose in watching actually is. Because I found that the second half of this show has provided me with a quality comedy quote that I just cannot get rid of...

    The guy at the city hall had just about the funniest reaction ever to hearing a woman cry on one of their crappy audio recordings. "Did you hear it?" "YEAH!" "Do you want to hear it again?" "OH YEAH!" Settle down brother, you aren't the Kool-Aid man, you just run a city hall. I watched this clip back at least five times on Tivo. I almost cried I was laughing so hard.moreless
  • part one, navy ship. part two, their hometown city hall.

    Entil2001 did such a good review it's hard to beat! so i'll just put forward a few thoughts I have on the show and would appreciate some feedback (message me) from whoever might read this review.

    Does anyone else think that there might be a little too much soap and not enough ghost hunting? Surely Jason and Grant have enough money now to quit their day jobs. Why do they only spend a night, if that, at places they investigate? I think it makes a lot more sense to get better locations, and spend at least a few nights there, or if they catch something on night one, continue for a few more days. In the first season Jason was gung-ho to the extreme about making sure the investigations were thorough and scientific, does anyone else think he's lost his enthusiasm? I just think that it's obviously less about the ghost hunting and more about the entertainment. but hey , I'll guess I'll take what I can get.moreless
  • A quiet but substantial episode

    This is one of those interesting episodes with two investigations separated by several months, something that has happened in the past but not to such an extreme. All things being equal, I prefer that they cover the investigations in chronological order, because it helps the audience see how things change over time. The first investigation was filmed in early July 2006, and the second investigation was much later in the year during November/December 2006.

    In this case, it appears Dustin was unavailable for two filmed investigations, with Mike Dion of NEP stepping in his place. So tying them together was probably a matter of simplifying matters for the production studio. By the rules of the SAG game, if you’re in the credits, you get paid, regardless of the amount of time on-screen, even if it’s a minimal amount by contract. Note that the opening credits changed in this episode to reflect Mike’s involvement.

    In general, I thought that this episode was another example of the “old school” TAPS, hedging their bets in terms of weighing the evidence and making the final call. They were coming up with simple debunking solutions more often than not, even when the explanations weren’t necessarily the best fit to the evidence in hand. Since my own approach is conservatively cautious when it comes to evidence, and I’ve always preferred those moments to the wide-eyed reactions of the “European Trilogy”, this made it a more substantial episode for me overall.

    USS Lexington

    While I like Jason and Grant’s explanation for the hovering light story, I also seem to recall several accounts of similar “ghost lights” on ships, particularly large ships with metal hulls like an aircraft carrier. If I’m remembering it correctly (and a quick Google search didn’t jog my memory of the term), it’s related to excess electrical charge. Also, despite what Grant said, there is anecdotal evidence of ball lightning moving at just about every speed conceivable, so it could have been that as well.

    Considering the fact that there was at least one other person on board during the investigation (meaning, there could have been more, since TAPS couldn’t really do much to stop it), it was good to see them question their own evidence and simply offer possible explanations rather than definitive solutions. They were really on the fence with this evidence: the odd light in the hallway, the apparent cough (which actually sounded like someone trying to say “get out” to me), and the woman’s voice/shriek. Since they actually heard the woman’s voice, and that’s rare, it leads me to believe it was someone on the ship messing with them. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

    I did find it unusual for Grant and Brian to say that this was the first time they’d investigated together, if only because I would have expected them to have worked together at some point in the several years previously. If they’ve worked together on-screen, I’m sure others will happily point out the inconsistency. If not, taking into account the investigations that took place long before the show came along, it suggests an odd working arrangement within TAPS.

    Warwick City Hall

    I’ll cover the TAPS evidence first, because it was covered in an interesting manner. Instead of treating the “sobbing” sound as direct evidence of paranormal activity, they simply noted that they captured the same sound that was reported and now the next step is identifying possible sources. That’s exactly what I was hoping they would say, and it’s nice to see that kind of restraint. It’s precisely the kind of restraint that seemed to be missing in the “Nightmare Noises” episode.

    That said, I wonder how much of their analysis of the security footage was taken out of the final edit. I know I hit the rewind button several times, just to look at it again, because something doesn’t seem quite right. The frame before and during the “apparition” is darker than the frame that comes after, in my opinion. Also, Jason almost made it out of frame in less than three seconds in an unfamiliar building with the lights off; how easy would it be for someone to get out of the room in less time if they were familiar with their surroundings and could see the exit?

    Some might be disappointed by the lack of impressive activity, but I was pleased with the treatment of the apparent evidence.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Mike Dion and Donna appear in the first investigation of the USS Lexington, but are not present for the one at the Warwick City Hall.

    • There was almost a five month interval between the two investigations shown in this episode. The investigation of the USS Lexington happened on July 6-7, 2006, and the investigation of the Warwick City Hall took place on December 3-4, 2006, according to the dates embedded in the thermal camera's footage.

    • Also Appearing:
      Investigation 1: USS Lexington - Corpus Christi, Texas
      Judith Whipple - Lexington Museum Historian
      Ernest Poore - Lexington Electrician
      Andy Cardiel - Damage Control Officer

      Investigation 2: Warwick City Hall - Warwick, Rhode Island
      Bob Martin - City Hall Employee

    • Brian reveals that he used to be in the Air Force and was stationed in North Dakota where he guarded nuclear missiles.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Jason: This is gonna be a big ship.
      Steve: No place has stopped us yet, no place is gonna stop us now.
      Donna: Love that attitude, good attitude, Steve!

    • Judith: I'm really grateful that TAPS has come to visit us. Almost 400 men have died aboard this ship. I don't like to think that they're not resting, but I guess that's happening because they're still here.

    • Grant: This is the best part of investigating; breaking this stuff down, debunking, finding the truth.

    • Dave: (on the carrier) Would you be game if I started provoking?
      Steve: Tango, these people have been through more than I could ever possibly imagine. If they don't wanna come out and say 'Hi', they don't have to.

    • Grant: (about investigating Warwick City Hall) TAPS is based out of Warwick. This is pretty much the town recognizing our efforts over all these years and saying, 'You know what? You guys are doing right enough that we trust what you're gonna find.'

  • NOTES (1)