Ghost Hunters

Season 2 Episode 11

Winchester House/ Queen Mary

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2005 on Syfy
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Winchester House/ Queen Mary

The TAPS crew investigate the R.M.S. Queen Mary, a ship with more reported hauntings than virtually any place on earth.

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  • The team visits some of the most 'haunted" locations on the West Coast and come up empty handed. My confidence in their debunken skill was both confirmed and a little shaken. Confusing, I know.moreless

    First of all, I loved touring both the Winchester House and the Queen Mary in person. I would highly encourage anyone to do so—well worth the admission prices for the overall creep factors and I say kudos to TAPS for getting to do the locations.

    I think this was a great episode, but it may have shaken my faith in the debunking skills of the group and a little bit of the managerial abilities of the main men. In a trip across country, to two very LARGE locations, I would definitely bring more than 5 people. With all of the comments about how difficult it is to canvass a large area in the past, I find it hard to understand why more people didn’t come along. And why they had no one with tech experience other than Steve. Donna’s nice and good to have around to talk to people, and the newer guy is okay, but really, Andy, Paula, or Dustin would have made things run much smoother. Even the bosses admit at one point that “We should’ve brought the whole TAPS family.” Yep, you sure should of.

    Winchester came first and the fast version is that set-up took forever and nothing really happened. Which is never a problem for me. I enjoy watching how they go about their business and the fact that they don’t try to make things happen or really count their personal experiences is a definitely plus. So yay, Winchester.

    The Queen Mary was the more involved location for this episode, and rightly so. They started off with a tour guide who seemed to be quite a believer and reported that she’d seen a little girl and believed that the boiler room was haunted by a former worker. The team was also shown a bedroom where the sheets are often reported as being pulled off by an unseen force. Grant or Jason, I can never remember which one is which, made sure to make the bed so they could record if the sheets did get pulled off.

    Grant and Jason quickly debunked the boiler room activity with the thermal camera as it was obviously still functioning machinery, which would make the noises that scared the tour guide. Everyone was doing their normal routine and then Brian and Tango discovered that the sheets had been pulled off in the bedroom. Tango gets major props for catching that the tape was doctored, but I was rather disappointed that the rest of the crew didn’t pick up on it. It looked slightly choppy to me on the playback, and I’m not at all tech savvy. I would think that people in the habit of disproving things would have been quicker to realize that something was off. But then, they probably would have figured it out when analyzing the data anyhow. So maybe I’m being harsh.

    The bottom line: No ghostly activity, no official haunting. Although Grant/Jason did go out of their way to assure their hosts that no activity found doesn’t rule out that the places were haunted—if only to avoid disappointing them completely.

  • About the Queenmary and the dubious people working on that ship.

    It is so sad that one of the employees ruined this ghost haunt, if it was to make it seem haunted they wasted their time.

    The Queen Mary is haunted and had the ghost hunters been left alone they would have discovered this too. I know it is haunted because I went on it with three other people and saw proof ourselves. We know what we saw and nothing will ever change our minds. Not even the crew that works on her.

  • i was pisted

    i was very pisted about the bed being unmade by itself. when i found out that it was tampored with i was very mad. now i want everybody to see this episode again. when the quilt is first being pulled. lokk for a black grayish thing holding the top of it. it looks like a hand. i really did think that it was toyed with. but my friend said what if the ghost knew what it was doing and hid for the camera. lol. but i was very mad and think whoever did this should turn themselfs in.moreless
  • TAPS goes to California and someone plays with their camera.

    The team decides to take a little trip across the country, all the way to California.

    Tonight's episode featured the team going all the way out to California. This was a much longer venture for the guys, and because of that, they went to two places during the trip, the Winchester House and the Queen Mary. Jason and Grant mentioned that the two were both on their top 10 lists, so they were enthusiastic to go and investigate the claims of paranormal activity.

    The Winchester House is a legendary house. It was financed and built by Sarah L. Winchester, the heiress of the man who invented and manufactured the Winchester rifle. She was told by a psychic to continue construction on the home, or the spirits of those who were killed by the Winchester rifle would kill her. Heading her advice, Sarah spend millions of dollars, keeping construction on the house going 24 hours a day, until she died 38 years later.

    When the team got to the Winchester House, they were given a tour of the place, where the tour guide showed them several areas of the house where a lot of activity was said to have taken place. After a slow setup of the equipment, the team was unable to find sufficient evidence to call the place haunted.

    With the Winchester House investigated, the team turned their attention to the Queen Mary. RMS Queen Mary was a Cunard White Star Line ocean liner that sailed the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967. It's been permanently docked at Long Beach, California, and that's where the team starts the investigation.

    Much like U.S.S. North Carolina, the RMS Queen Mary is a large ship, which requires a lot of cameras. During the tour, the team is told of a room which is now closed and is not used for occupancy any longer, after several guests have awaken after their blankets were removed. Jumping on this, Jason decides to pull the covers up and make the bed, and then place a camera to watch and see if the blankets and sheets move.

    After a few hours of investigation, Jason sends Steve and Dave Tango to change the tape in the camera. When they get there, they realize the covers have been pulled down. Surprised by this, they immediately go to the camera to review the footage. After Jason checks in on Steve over the radio, Steve tells him what happened, and Jason, Grant, and Donna rush to the room to see it with their own eyes. After Steve and Dave show them the footage, they tell them that the footage was faked. If you watch the footage, you'll see that the covers behave improperly, and fall slightly. This was noticed by Dave when he saw it, and he determined that someone hit the pause button on the camera. The team tries to test out his theory and prove him to be right. There is an extra door to the room where a small person would be able to get into the room, without adding excess light into the room, like using the main door would. Also, when pressing the pause button, a sound is emitted. After reviewing the audio from the camera, they are able to hear the noise, which further proved the "fakery" of the footage. This drops the morale of the entire team, but they decide to continue with the investigation. Grant, while back in his room, said he experienced something weird with his light, which switched off on its own. This wasn't shown on the show, he only mentioned it to the team.moreless
  • Another episode with little or no activity...what a disappointing streak...

    Another episode, another whirlwind investigation, another round of disappointment. It’s not that I expect much to happen at the more “infamous” sites, because I had my serious doubts, but I’m surprised at how little has been found during the investigations this season. And considering how many more sites are being covered, the overall effect is worse. Sure, most of the time, nothing happens during an investigation. But how can the series stay afloat when the implication is that something will happen?

    In this case, however, the TAPS team gets to once again underscore the depth of their integrity. If this were “Most Haunted”, a lot of things from this episode would have been tossed out as perfect evidence of a haunting. The TAPS team was a lot more thorough (which makes it hard to understand why they goof off while reviewing evidence, if they know subtle clues are important).

    In fact, I was a little annoyed when Steve took Donna to task for not reviewing the evidence with enough dedication. Who else remembers all those episodes earlier this season, where Brian and Steve were obviously fooling around and not playing attention? I find it more than a little ironic. That said, it was good to see the contrast with Dave Tango, from fooling around to finding evidence of tampering.

    First case:

    What a waste of time. Here’s where the editing makes it look like a lot more fooling around was being done, because if you pay attention, you can tell that the whole issue was only being discussed for something like 20 minutes. They were really reaching when they tried to play up tension, and it wasn’t working. I think that place is considered haunted more for the atmosphere than the frequency of activity.

    Second case:

    Well, now, isn’t this interesting? There are a lot of people who claim that Jason and Grant fake everything they catch, and yet here’s something that they would love to see, handed to them on a silver platter. So why didn’t they just accept it? Because that’s not what they’re about, that’s why!

    I suspect that the hot little “ghost guide” was the one behind the incident, because whenever she discussed the footage, she would start blinking furiously (tell-tale sign). Also, nearly everything she said was all performance; she was blatantly lying about things and playing at being sensitive. Granted, that may simply be how she was portrayed, but let’s face it: it’s her job to make the ship look super-active. I suspect they brought TAPS in for no other reason than to use them for publicity (and some comments/observations since that investigation apparently bear that out).

    I also think it’s odd when people get mad that TAPS won’t call a place “haunted” if they don’t have solid evidence. I’ve always recognized that Jason and Grant are saying that they themselves don’t have the evidence to support that a haunting is taking place. It would be impossible for them to claim, with any credibility, that no haunting is definitively happening. Semantics, of course, are always a source of easy criticism.


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