Ghost Hunters

Season 4 Episode 3

Words From Beyond

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 19, 2008 on Syfy
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Words From Beyond

The team checks out the Clapp Library in Belchertown, Massachusetts and a family's claim that their house has been haunted for four generations.

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  • the episode was alright.

    I did not find this episode to be particually interesting. I don't normally watch this show to compare it to others, though. In this episode the ghost hunters investigate the Clapp Library in Belchertown, Mass. Since I live near there, I decided to check it out. It was pretty cool knowing everything that went on was near me, but I felt like this episode was just boring. Nothing significant happened. Kris claimed to have something touch her hand, but I kind of doubt the credibility of that. Also, everything that happened could be perfectly scientifically explained without the need to throw in some garbage about ghosts. Overall, it was just average.moreless
  • An episode with lessons, but very little in terms of entertainment

    After seeing the title for this particular episode, I was hopeful that the investigation would yield some interesting "evidence" to discuss. The previous episode was interesting enough, from a personal point of view, but it seemed to have little mass appeal. Oddly, this episode was equally calm; the theme seemed to be the value of research, particularly in terms of the client's reaction.

    I can appreciate the theme, at least, because it highlights the importance of client psychology. It's abundantly clear that the preconceptions and assumptions of the investigators will affect their conclusions, but it's easy to forget that the information is ultimately filtered through the perspective of the client. I know from experience that "evidence" can be offered in the most qualified manner, only to be taken by the client as proof positive.

    In both cases, Jason and Grant had to manage that delicate balance. Both clients latched on to historical research as solid proof of activity in their locations. In the first case, I think the response was well out of proportion to the "evidence" presented (considering there was none). In the second case, Jason and Grant were a bit more intrigued by the bell, so they were less cagey, but the result was the same. The clients seemed quite intrigued by the civil war journal.

    Case #1: Clapp Memorial Library

    This case actually annoyed me, because in at least one respect, it represented a step backward. Many critics (and even fans) noted, in the earlier seasons, that the IR digital thermometers were bring misinterpreted and misused. Simply put, the thermometer sends an IR signal to a surface and then measures temperature based on the received reflection. Without an ambient temperature probe installed on the "gun" itself, the unit absolutely cannot measure air temperature.

    Dave and Kris were both noting cold spots, but because they were using and/or interpreting the data incorrectly, their conclusions were deeply flawed. Knowing that, most of their comments sound like mutual hysteria; they were feeding off of each others' reactions. Within that context, Kris' personal experience must be questioned, because objectivity was no longer possible.

    Beyond that, as any parent knows, it takes very little pressure to set off one of those "talking books", and there was a box sitting right on top of that part of the book when they walked up to it. I did, however, like the general debunking that took place.

    Case #2: Attleboro House

    The only real "evidence" in this case was the ringing of the bell. It would have been more exciting if the bell was in view when it rang (or Grant was in frame to exclude the inevitable accusations). I like that they adjusted by placing a camera on that location for a while, and some of the ideas for debunking shadows were appreciated. I did, however, notice that the explanation for the sound in the kitchen was slightly flawed; while the loose floorboard/jar connection was a great call, they overlooked that no one was in the kitchen to step on the board at the time the noise was heard! I can only assume that they later discovered that someone was there, and it didn't make the final cut.

    All in all, this was a low-key episode, and the second one in a row. Some fans will no doubt be disappointed, but I prefer it this way. It's closer to the truth; the vast majority of investigations uncover nothing but overactive imaginations. Ironically, while fans will complain about the lack of solid "evidence", the fourth season is already proving to be less contrived than the third.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The investigation of the Clapp Memorial Library occurred on November 26-27, 2007. The second investigation of the Attleboro House actually took place almost two months earlier, on October 1-2, 2007.

    • Also Appearing:
      Investigation 1: Clapp Memorial Library - Belchertown, Massachusetts
      Jacques Benoit - Night Custodian
      Nancy McConnell - Librarian
      Wendy Campbell - President, Friends of Clapp Library
      Doris Dickinson - Head Archivist

      Investigation 2: Attleboro House - Bristol County, Massachusetts
      Scott Boulet - Homeowner
      Maria Boulet - Homeowner
      Jamie Bouvier - Guest House Resident
      Anna Bouvier - Guest House Resident

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    • Due to losing his voice, Jason does not take part in the whole of the first investigation, only visiting the team for a short while during the night.