Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Season 1 Episode 22

C: Corporate Graft; SCANDAL

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Apr 10, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Events begin to shift into overdrive after the events of "ERASER". While things seem to be going Section 9's way, people in the shadows are starting to appear. As Motoko, accompanied by her friend Kurutan, arrives at the hospital to switch to a new prosthetic body, Togusa begins to the recovery process after being wounded by the DEA's NARC Squad. However, the people still active within the NARC Squad have a few more surprises in store.moreless

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    Chris Smith (III)

    Chris Smith (III)

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Kurutan's statement about Motoko's new body at the hospital reveals that Motoko uses an commonly sold exterior, while using enhanced parts that are technically illegal for sale with cybernetic bodies.

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    • NOTES (4)

      • Japanese Title: 「疑獄」 - 「Gigoku」

        The DVD translates the title as 「Scandal」

      • Original Japanese Airdate: February 25th, 2003.

      • The map that Ishikawa uses to locate the Chief puts New Port City (Niihama on the map) in the Kinki (also called Kansai) region on Japan's main island of Honshū by the cities of Kōbe, Kyōto, and Ōsaka. The island (Shima) that has a vertical shape and is displayed on the left side of the map is Awaji Shima, which is an island located in Ōsaka Bay.

        Also, using the land image displayed when the satellites beam down the information from the American Empire's Global Satellite Intercept Net in "ERASER", New Port City is actually an artificial island located just off of Kōbe. The city is the new artificial island built near the old Port Island, which is an actual artificial island built next to Kōbe and first opened in 1981. Port Island is the now deserted city (destroyed by an earthquake) first displayed at the beginning of "MACHINES DÉSIRANTES" and houses the Refugee Residential Dictrict of New Port City. The Asian refugees in Japan, and the districts in which they reside, will be covered in 2nd GIG. More on Port Island can be found here.

      • As Ishikawa's computer reveals the real faces of the remaining NARC Squad members, two of the faces are that of a young man with black hair and Sanou. The man, in the driver's seat, and Sanou had gunned down Imakurusu from their car in "ERASER". If you look closely at the woman who shoots Imakurusu in "ERASER", she is wearing light blue lipstick, the same kind worn by Sanou.

        To add, all of the final three NARC members can be seen in "RE-VIEW" when Togusa dives into the unconscious NARC Squad man's cyberbrain.

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • "Must be nice to have a desk job."

        The scene where Pazu retrieves the records on the remaining NARC Squad members from the Narcotic Regulation Bureau's Section Chief is similar to the scene in chapter 8 "DUMB BARTER" from the 1991 Ghost in the Shell manga by Shirō Masamune. In the manga, it is Ishikawa who pays a visit to the Personnel Department Chief of Section 1 as Pazu was not in the manga. Instead, he was first seen in Mamoru Oshii's 1995 movie Ghost in the Shell giving orders for the raid on the house where the former Gavel Republic warloard will soon arrive at.

      • Brain Dive: "JUNK JUNGLE"

        Batou's dive into Aramaki's brain and, as a result, feeling the effects of the same narcotics used on the Chief, is similar to what happens to Batou in Chapter 3, "JUNK JUNGLE", from the 1991 manga Ghost in the Shell by Shirō Masamune.

      • "Then all the phonies in the world will be legitimized": The Catcher in the Rye

        Aoi's use of the word "phonies" is a direct reference to The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. The protagonist of the novel, Holden Caufield, uses the word phony to define anyone who he does not like.

      • "The mark of an immature man...": The Catcher in the Rye

        Motoko's response to Aoi's request for help by quoting the psychoanalyst Wilhem Stekel comes directly from a scene in The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. Towards the end of the novel, Holden has a talk with his old English teacher, Mr. Antolini. His old teacher tells him that he is heading for a huge fall, but that he is afraid that Holden will not be able to see it happen because the fall will happen over time. He can see Holden someday becoming so hateful of the world that Mr. Antolini, "can very clearly see you dying nobly, one way or another, for some higly unworthy cause." It is then that Holden's old English teacher writes down the quote by Wilhelm Stekel for Holden in order to help him see that, no matter what he feels now, eventually he must grow up.