Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Season 1 Episode 5

C: The Inviting Bird Will Chant; DECOY

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Dec 05, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

During a press conference in the previous episode, Superintedent-General Daidō had been publically threatened by the person known as the Laughing Man. Through an intermediary, the Laughing Man had demanded that Daidō reveal "the truth" or else he would be, "removed from the stage." For six years the Special Investigations Unit, which is part of the Metropolitan Police that Daidō oversees, has been working on this case. It now seems that they have found a possible suspect in Nanao=A, a man with dubious connections. Still acting from behind the scenes, Section 9 continues their own investigation into the Laughing Man incident.moreless

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Skip Stellrecht

Skip Stellrecht


Guest Star

Doug Stone

Doug Stone


Guest Star

Michael Sorich

Michael Sorich

Nanao's Classmate

Guest Star

Julie Ann Taylor

Julie Ann Taylor


Recurring Role

Amanda Winn Lee

Amanda Winn Lee


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Tom Wyner

Tom Wyner

Interior Minister

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In Pazu's interview with Nanao's colleague at the internet cafe, named in "ERASER" as パチンコ (Pachinko) Parlour Ishikawa, [AS] edited out the sex act that had been reflected from the man's video screen onto his shades, making the image completely white.

    • Kanji in the News Cast:
      On Rainbow Intro:
      おでかけ 天気予報 (Odekake Tenki Yohō) - Starting Now Weather Forecast

      Forecast Window on Right of Screen:
      今朝のお天気 (Kesa no Otenki) - Today's Weather
      雲報 ・ 注意報 (Unhō ・ Chūihō) - Cloud Report ・ Storm Warning
      マイクロマシン雲注意報 (Micro Machine Unchūihō) Micro Machine Cloud Storm Warning
      各地の天気 (Kakuchi no Tenki) - Area Weather
      6 時 発表 (6-ji Happyō) - 6 (am) o'clock Announcement (Like most countries, and unlike the United States, Japan uses the 24 hour clock)
      世界の天気 (Sekai no Tenki) - World Weather

      Kanji on Festival Sign:
      2024年 日本国際博覧会 (2024-nen Nihon Kokusai Hakurankai) - 2024 Japan International Fair
      淡路万博 - (Awaji Banbaku) - Awaji World's Fair
      開催まで あと 100日 (Kaisai made Ato 100-ka) - (Days) Until Opening: 100 Days Remaining

      City Names in Weather Report:
      熊本 - Kumamoto
      宮崎 - Miyazaki
      鹿児島 - Kagoshima
      大分 - Ooita (Prefecture)
      長崎 - Nagasaki
      佐賀 - Saga (Prefecture)
      愛媛 - Ehime
      高知 - Kōchi (Prefecture)
      福岡 - Fukuoka
      山口 - Yamaguchi
      香川 - Kagawa
      徳島 - Tokushima
      鳥取 - Tottori
      島根 - Shimane (Island Countries)
      広島 - Hiroshima
      兵庫 - Hyōgo (Prefecture)
      岡山 - Okayama
      和歌山 - Wakayama
      京都 - Kyōto
      奈良 - Nara
      大阪 - Ōsaka
      三重 - Sanjū
      福井 - Fukui
      滋賀 - Shiga

    • Kanji on "REPORT FILE":

      Kesatsuchō Shitei
      Kōiki Jūyō

      Police Agency Designation
      Case #81

    • Kanji in Programs on TV:
      犯罪評論家 (Hanzai Hyōron-ka) - Criminal Expert
      作家 (Sakka) - Author
      朝まで討論 (Asa made [pronounced 'mah-day'] Tōron) - Debate for Today
      笑い男はなぜ再び姿をあらわ現したのか (Warai Otoko wa naze Futatabi Sugata o Utsutsushita no ka) - How do we know that the real Laughing Man has returned?

    • Kanji on Nanao's Computer Screen:
      送信 (Sōshin) - Transmit

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Interior Minister: I believe you understand the situation. As you are well aware, hostility towards the police is on the rise due to suspicion that they're improperly using audio-visual surveillance devices. Now the Superintendent-General of the Metropolitan Police has received a death threat aired live by the media. This is damaging the authority and prestige of every law enforcement agency.
      Aramaki: Yes, your assessment seems accurate.
      Interior Minister: Police headquarters is delving into the matter with the utmost determination to resolve this situation quickly and discreetly. And they're going to investigate it hand-in-hand with Section 9. Use self-restraint and don't rush into anything recklessly.
      (Aramaki glances over at the Interior Minster) all things.
      Aramaki: Yes, I understand.

    • Batou: (speaking about Nanao) There ain't no way in hell that that doofus could be the Laughing Man! The guy's so battered and deep-fried in guilt, he defiines innocent!

    • Nanao: No, it wasn't me. I didn't issue that warning, but no matter. will all be over soon.

    • Nanao: (boisterously laughs) I was never there in the first place! This is rich. (chuckles) Oh yeah, I'm sure I'll be written down now in the history books as the Laughing Man.

    • Batou: That's...they're intercepters!!

  • NOTES (7)

    • Japanese Title: 「マネキドリは謡う」 - 「Manekidori wa Utau」

      The DVD translates the title as 「The Copycats Chant」

    • Original Japanese Airdate: October 29th, 2002.

    • Daran Norris, who voices Nanao, is married to Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, the voice artist for Major Motoko Kusanagi.

    • Kanji on the Home Affairs Ministry gate: 内務省 - Naimushō.

      The Naimushō did at one time exist in Japan, but it was dismantled after the end of World War II. The current Home Affairs Ministry is called the Sōmushō. Written in Japanese as 総務省, which literally means General Affairs Ministry, the agency covers all aspects of Japan related to its domestic policy.

    • Tom Wyner, who voices the Minister of Home Affairs, is the voice actor of the Puppet Master in the 1995 movie Ghost in the Shell. He is credited in the movie under his pseudonym Abe Lasser.

    • Timeline: According to the clock in Aramaki's office, the date is June 6th, 2030. Aramaki says that they have "two days to find that something." In the previous episode, the Laughing Man said that Daido would be holding a press conference in three days. The threat against the Superintendent-General took place on June 5th, and the press conference will be held on June 8th.

    • Timeline: The Laughing Man Incident took place on February 3rd, 2024. Serano had been kidnapped by the Lauging Man two days earlier, February, 1st.


    • MOHA Head: "PROLOGUE"

      The character design for the Minister of Home (Internal) Affairs is taken directly from the 1991 Ghost in the Shell manga by Shirō Masamune. The Minister first appears on the final page of the "PROLOGUE" chapter, and appears in later chapters of the manga.

    • Kurutan & Ran: "JUNK JUNGLE"

      Kurutan and Ran appear with Motoko in the 1991 Ghost in the Shell manga by Shirō Masamune in Chapter 2, "JUNK JUNGLE".