Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Season 2 Episode 15

DI: Afternoon of the Machines; PAT.

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Mar 12, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

During a scheduled maintenance, the Tachikomas begin to chat away about the Individual Eleven. During their talks in their new "forum", Batou and Togusa appear and take one of the Tachikomas, who just happens to be Batou's pet, with them to SPring-8 to look at the scientific evidence gathered on the Individual Eleven.moreless

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  • LOL another tachcoma episode.

    Well this epiosde really didn't make no sense whatsoever. I mean it had a plot to it about the tachcoma's father and about an outlook on life but other than that, this epiosde was kinda a waste of time. I like how the tachcoma's are making theroies on the eleven case. I how saturday's epiosde is better.
  • Too much talk, too less rock.

    The action in this episode was good. But they talked way too much in it. I don't want to see people or tanks siting around talking, I want to see them in combat. That is what makes this show fun, the battles they have at times. Not the talks they have.

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    • Freedom: Ghost in the Shell

      The Major's talk about the concept of freedom, being a luxury that members of Section 9 can not afford, is a reference to Mamoru Oshii's 1995 classic Ghost in the Shell. On the boat with Batou, Motoko remarks that if they ever left Section 9, they'd have to give back their cybernetic bodies. Considering the organic material remaining, "there wouldn't be much left," of Motoko and Batou. Of course, the members of Section 9 wouldn't be free to discuss their lives within the unit to anyone. Otherwise, they'd be brought up on the same charges that Dr. Asuma will be.

    • SPring-8
      SPring-8 is once again visited here. The facility that houses SPring-8, called Harima Science Garden City, is located near the city of Kōbe. Harima, which is also not far from Niihama-shi, was last seen in the Season One episode "TESTATION".

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