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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Season 2 Episode 3

DI: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning; CASH EYE

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Dec 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

A cat thief named Cash Eye has infiltrated a building owned by Federation of Economic Organizations Chairman Tsutomu Tadokoro. The cat burglar made quick work of the top-notch security system and left a calling card on the Chairman's desk saying that Cash Eye will be infiltrating his vault during an upcoming party. Albeit reluctant to get Section 9 involved, Aramaki has no choice but to assist Tadokoro. Prime Minister Kayabuki has requested that his unit go undercover in order to prevent the burglary.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Continuity Error

        Cash Eye unzips her jump suit to take out her calling card. Although there is no sound of the suit being zipped up again, her suit is zipped up in the next shot of her.

    • QUOTES (2)

      • Tachikoma 1: Are these people the ones they refer to as "perverts"?
        Tachikoma 2: Yeah, but maybe you oughta call them "eccentric" instead.

      • (Motoko and Batou relax in a tropical setting)
        Motoko: You know it was kind of fun...playing a cat burglar.
        Batou: (chuckles) Nevertheless, you had me sweating there for a minute. I was worried that we were going to find a vacuum-packed Major in that vault. Teamwork means telling your teammates what you're up to beforehand. Get it?
        Motoko: Hey...when it comes to the thief trade, secrecy is the first rule.
        (Batou laughs and then the tropical view is turned off, revealing the setting to be a room inside the Section 9 building)
        Aramaki: Will you two stop with this cat burglar nonsense already. The work is piling up here, people.
        Motoko: Maybe I really should consider a new line of work.
        (Outside the Section 9 building, rain falls from the darkened skies)

    • NOTES (3)

      • Japanese Title: 「土曜の夜と日曜の朝」 - 「Doyō no Yoru to Nichiyō no Asa」

        The DVD translates the title as 「Saturday Night, Sunday Morning」

      • Original Japanese Airdate: February 7th, 2004.

      • Kanji Inside the Second Cash Eye Card: 査察にうかがいました - 国税局査察部 (Sasatsu ni ukaga imashita - Kokuzei Kyoku Sasatsubu) - The DVD translates the writing in the card correctly - "We've come to investigate you - National Tax Bureau, Criminal Investigations Department."

    • ALLUSIONS (5)

      • Motoko's Visor: "CIRCUIT WEAPON"
        The large visor that Motoko wears comes from chapter 3, "CIRCUIT WEAPON", of Shirou Masamune's 2001 Ghost in the Shell: Man-Machine Interface.

      • Female Android: "JUNK JUNGLE"

        One of the female androids enclosed in one of Tadokoro's "displays" resembles Motoko Kusanagi from Chapter 3, "JUNK JUNGLE", from the 1991 Ghost in the Shell manga by Shirō Masamune. Her hair and clothes, albeit the top is a different color, all look similar to how Motoko was dressed at the beginning of the chapter.

      • "And what is it's skin sensitivity? 16²?"

        Tsutomu Tadokoro's question to Motoko about her skin sensitivity is taken directly from the 1991 Ghost in the Shell manga by Shirō Masamune. In chapter 3, "JUNK JUNGLE", one of Motoko's friends mentions that the Major's skin sensitivity is "16²/CM Squared".

      • "Didn't he learn his lesson?": "SECTION-9"

        Saitō remarks on the arrival of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who had been held hostage by geisha androids in the first episode of the series, "SECTION-9".


        At the end of the episode, Section 9 is able to locate the ill-gotten assets of Former Secretary-General Kaoru Yakushima, which was brought up by a reporter as the media interviewed the District Attorney in "STAND ALONE COMPLEX", the final episode of 1st GIG.