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Episode 11 Season 1 - Laughing man? *spoilers*

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    Okay, so the voice actor for Baby Ruth from Chat! Chat! Chat! (episode 9) is the same as the voice actor for Aoi (episode 11 onward).. and the voice actor for Omba in episode 9 plays Omba in episode 11, too (same voice actor is used for both roles in the Japanese version, too). So is Baby Ruth supposed to be Aoi? He truly doesn't seem to know who the Laughing Man is, while we're lead to believe that Omba is the Laughing Man, or just at least knows who the Laughing Man is from the original incident. After Chroma is force-transferred to the library, we see Omba being dragged away from being online, then we see Aoi in his Laughing Man incident getup. Is Aoi dragging Omba offline?

    I guess what I'm really asking is this: is it just a coincidence that the guy who does the voice for Baby Ruth also does the voice for Aoi?

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    Although your theory sounds intriguing, it is more then likely a coincidence that Steven Jay Blum played Baby Ruth in Chat! Chat! Chat! then Aoi in PORTRAITZ.

    Many dubbing companies save money by having actors play more then one character.

    This happens often in Anime. It's just a presumption on my part. There may have been another logical reason behind the scenes, but this scenario seems the most likely.

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