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    While this forum has had what I feel to be the most mature conversations on this site, I feel that a few threads are not appropriate for this forum. So, I'll just outline the forum rules:

    1. While up to four Game threads and RPG threads are allowed within each forum, it is up to the editor to decide whether they want these threads in their fourms. I have chosen not to allow any here. That's what the TV Show Fun & Games forum is for.

    2. There will be no "hypothetical question" threads posted in this forum. There are enough questions left unanswered in GitS:SAC, and asking hypothetical questions that have no bearing on the series itself will not be allowed.

    3. "What is your favourite...?" topic threads are tolerated, but users must post their reasons for the choice that they make. Also, the reason must be fully explained. "I like Motoko because she's hot" is not a reason for liking a character.

    4. Proper spelling and grammar will be used in this forum. No one is perfect so mistakes will be tolerated. However, coherent sentences, which end with actual periods, must be used. Also, there are spell checkers available for posting so use them.

    5. Spoiler tags can now be used in the forums: add brackets ( [ and ] respectively) to spoiler and /spoiler so it looks like
    (click on ***SPOILER*** to read).

    6. Fansubs are illegal!! There will be no threads/posts in this forum that deal with fansubs.

    Threads and posts that violate these rules will be deleted without warning.

    * As all guides on this site are dynamic, the rules of this forum will also change with the passage of time. This thread will be amended when necessary.

    Finally, User Submissions must follow the format guidelines in the Official FAQ.

    If you have any questions about these rules, please PM me.
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