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Thoughts on ending of: A: Automated Capitalism; YES

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    At the end of the episode:

    Title: A: Automated Capitalism; ?€$
    Season: 01
    Episode: 14

    Togusa and his wife discussed her making ?100,000 from buying Meditech stock. Sometime after they turned off the computer and left the room, it turned back on and someone or something (an AI) remotely logged into the computer, logged into their estock account and did something for ?80,000.

    As I don't read Japanese, I'm not sure what occurs. It is my understanding a purchase of ?80,000 worth of Serano Genomics stock occurs. Many people ask the question who purchases the stock.

    One thought is the A.I. used by the dead math and now billionaire is the one logging in and buying the stock. Obviously, the A.I. might not care about the ethics of stock manipulation, by having people drive up the price by buying a stock. If the A.I. was to have enough people buying a specific stock, it could increase the price and then sell its shares. It could then reverse the transactions done to the various computers by selling the stock for the same price or simply undo the transactions.

    Of course, you'd think Togusa and/or his wife would notice the purchase and, as he works for section 9, start an investigation. UNLESS the A.I. (or person) say was part of the estock company and delete the transaction records for their account.

    OBVIOUSLY, there are LOT OF HOLES in this idea, especially given there are very few facts we can base an opinion upon.

    I guess I'm thinking it might be the A.I., as no one (yet) knows how it works or how much money it is making for the dead guy daily. IMHO, I suspect even the automated stock programs of today are in someways manipulating the prices together in that they share common programming concepts. Thus they might work together without actually be in communications with each other or they could use indirect communications, such as the price of stock versus time.

    Anyway, if it isn't the A.I. who might it be given the entire story and/or season?

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    It was probably the AI that bought the stock for Togusa. The entire compound of the billionaire was automated. The AI did all and saw all, including Togusa's gesture of kindness by placing the coin on the billionaire to cross into the afterlife. It probably returned that kindness in stock in Serano Genomics, which was sure to get very volatile in just a few episodes once the CEO was kidnapped again by the "Laughing Man."
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