Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Season 2 Episode 16

IN: The Fact of Being There; ANOTHER CHANCE

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Mar 19, 2006 on Cartoon Network



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    • Error in Geography
      At the beginning of the episode, Ishikawa contacts Section 9 after he sees Dejima. However, the only reason he would be flying over Nagasaki is if he were landing at an airport on Japan's southern island of Kyūshū, where Nagasaki and Kagoshima are located. Niihama, the capital of Japan and where Section 9 is located, is much further to the north on Japan's main island of Honshū. The southernmost part of mainland Korea is north of Nagasaki so the plane is travelling far too south to reach Niihama.

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    • The Nemuro Peninsula: "ANNIHILATION"

      In his virtual briefing to Section 9, Ishikawa mentions that the Self-Defence Army was put into action overseas in an agreement with Imperial America in 2024. He also mentions that this was their first real test since Nemuro, which had occurred within the last few years. Nemuro is a city and a peninsula located on the northeastern tip of the northern island of Hokkaidō. It was last mentioned in "ANNIHILATION" when Batou tells Ishikawa that the Umibōzu, "participated in the op to take back Nemuro." Adding to the fact that the four islands just north of Nemuro are now back in the hands of Japan, it can be argued that the Battle of Nemuro was fought between the Japanese and Russians at the end of Non-Nuclear World War IV. Having succeeded in the battle, the Japanese island hopped and took back their formerly held land that is once again called the Northern Territories.