Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Cartoon Network (ended 2007)





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  • If you're interested in science fiction with depth, this is one of the best animated shows you can watch.


    GITS: Stand Alone Complex is about a police unit that solves cyber oriented crimes. The show has amazing music that fits the futuristic and technologic elements; its characters are so dynamic and each bring something very unique to the plot.

    Unlike other action shows I've watched, Ghost In The Shell's characters all work. They all complement each other and their interactions are highly believable. The Major, aka Motoko Kusanagi, is probably one of the best animated heroines of all time. The show, in S.A.C. and later 2nd G.I.G., gradually reveals her dark history and the incredible way she transformed from a regular human being to a cyborg that will gain both respect and infamy. GITS really makes you think. Some of the crimes and characters are so complex, and it can be fun to try to figure out the motives of the villains while you watch.

    But I think one of the greatest parts of this show is that it's possibly a look into our own future, and it makes the viewer think not only about technology but also about its consequences on society and the human mind. It makes you think about how different the world will be in the next 25-30 years; it makes you wonder about the possibility of humans getting the opportunity to exchange their organic bodies for a powerful cyborg one, where you can retain your 'ghost', or your own self, by keeping your brain within. Although, what will this do to ourselves and our world? That's what the core of GITS is about. Injustice, sacrifice, philosophy.