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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Season 1 Episode 1

SA: Public Security Section 9; SECTION-9

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Nov 07, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

At a geisha house, the female androids have gone out of control. They have taken hostage two members of a foreign body, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister's secretary, and the head of the Minister's Support Association. The situation is complicated by a feud over authority between the police and the military. Section 9 Chief Aramaki lends a helping hand and brings in his unit to resolve the crisis.moreless

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  • Pilots are not always the best... (take X Files for example)

    After the amazing film, the pilot left me with mixed feelings. This episode had a "M.A.S.K for adults" feeling, which I didnt like for this show. The animations are great, amazing. The intro is also superb. The storyline... well there is no bigger plot until here, for this is STAND ALONE. It is worth checking out for the chars... to see with what we deal here.

    One big minus... the major isnt naked anymore when going into stealth mode... BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.

    But jokes aside... solid but not more, I really do hope it is going to be better in the forthcoming episodes!moreless
  • Good way to start the series

    This may have been a SA episode (and the first episode) but it was tight. This episode (like most others for me) is kind of hard to explain (I can explain others without any trouble). The start of this episode was tight because it started of with a good fight scene. The shooting scene in the Geisha building was cool.
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Simon Prescott

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • As the intro sequence begins, a single line of Japanese writing is displayed vertically on the screen (西暦二千三十年 新浜市ー). It says Seireki Nisensanjūnen Niihama-shi... or AD 2030 - New Port City...

    • In the show's intro, as the Osprey is taking off, the title is displayed. Written in Japanese kanji - 攻殼機動隊 - is the Japanese name for Ghost in the Shell, Kōkaku Kidōtai, which literally translates to Offensive Shell Mobile Unit and is rearranged as Mobile Armoured Riot Police.

    • At the very beginning of the episode, an introduction to the series is shown. As it is displayed on the screen, the English letters overwrite the Japanese characters.


      Arayuru Net ga Me Ne o Megurase
      Hikariya Denshi to natta Ishi o
      Aru Ippō Kyō ni Mukawaseta to shite mo
      "Konin" ga
      Fukugōtai to shite no "Ko" ni naru Hodo ni wa
      Jōhō Kasaretenai Jidai...

      The Japanese introduction can be found on the Japanese-edition DVD, sold through Japanese online retailers, and on the video game for the Sony Playstation 2 and the Sony PSP.

    • On the left side of the title, and also in every title screen in all subsequent episodes, the beginning of the screenplay for the episode scrolls up the screen.

    • After Aramaki is shown entering the meeting between Kubota and the police officers, the two subordinate police officers are shown saluting as the camera moves from right to left. However, in the very next scene, the two officers have put their hands down. No time had been given for this to occur.

    • .When the Major calls Saitou, behind his sniper post is a building with the Japanese 洋服の大和 on it. It says Yōfuku no Yamato on it or Western Clothing Japan. Yamato is the ancient name for Japan, which has been replaced by the modern-day Nihon or Nippon (Japan is an English bastardisation of an old Chinese word for the country.). Above the Japanese is the word Yamato.

  • QUOTES (3)

  • NOTES (5)

    • Japanese Title: 「公安9課」 - 「Kōan Kyūka」

    • Original Japanese Airdate: October 1st, 2002.

    • There are a few changes in the character's appearances from the 1995 movie. Motoko's hair has been changed from black to purple and her eye color from blue to burnt sienna, Batou has long hair, Togusa's hair has become a lighter brown, and Aramaki has been given a more chiseled face.

    • Timeline: According to the clock in Aramaki's office, the date is April 14th, 2030 at 05:46.

    • The Major shows Aramaki footage from the Yanagi (Willow) Room. A Yanagi Room is Japanese style room with an open-air thermal bath and a garden. The Yanagi Room in this episode has a garden and toilets with a ceiling overhead, but there are two doors opposite the entrance which could lead to open-air baths. To add, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn says the word wrong by pausing on the 'ya' when no pause is required.


    • SECTION-9: Ghost in the Shell (1995)

      There are a few references to the 1995 movie Ghost in the Shell in this episode:
      - a short introduction is shown at the very beginning of the movie and series.
      - The series starts with two helicopters flying overhead past the Major, which is exactly how the movie opens.
      - The Minster of Foreign Affairs in this episode appears to be the same MOFA head from the movie.
      - The Major says that the dead NAIPA man's spinal column unit should have been, "made by the North American Neutron Company," which is the same company that Doctor Willis worked for in the movie.

    • Section 9 Tiltorotor: V-22 Osprey

      The plane that the Major and Batou jump down from towards the end of the episode, dubbed a Tiltorotor, is a descendant of the very Tiltorotor that the unit uses in the 1991 manga Ghost in the Shell by Shirō Masamune. In the manga, there are two blades on each rotor. Section 9's Osprey in the television series also has two blades per rotor. The aircraft makes its first appearance in the manga in Chapter 7 - "PHANTOM FUND".