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  • Season 1 Episode 17: SA: The True Reason for t...

  • Though never mentioned by name, Aramaki's friend is mentioned in the credits and in the Official 1st Log as Seymour.

  • Aramaki's Latin quote, "En Vino Veritas", is only said by the English voice actor. The Japanese seiyū says, "The truth is in the wine."

  • Season 1 Episode 15: SA: Time of the Machines;...

  • The abandoned city that Section 9 runs their training exercise in is actually the Niihama Refugee Residential District. Chief Aramaki will visit the area in episode 22 "SCANDAL". The District, and the Asian refugees that reside there, will be seen more often in 2nd GIG.

  • The two books that have been alluded to so far in the series, Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes and The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, are classics in American literature. Also, both had at one time been banned at various schools within the United States. While the former was banned for its sexual depictions, the latter was banned for the large amount of swearing.

  • Season 1 Episode 14: SA: Automated Capitalism;...

  • In Mr. Wang's phone call to Aramaki, the Chinese characters 王正在通話中 scroll behind him from right to left. It says 'Wang Zhengzai Tōnghuazhōng' or 'Wang Speaking Live'.

  • Fem's high-powered rifle can blast through an android, but not through Yokose's ceiling. It may be that the ceiling, as well as the entire room, has been lined with metal. Since Yokose has a lot of it, odds are that the room is lined with gold.

  • The stock that Togusa's wife sold at the end of the episode is from Meditech, the company that the Major and Togusa investigated in episode 8 - "MISSING HEARTS".

  • At the end of the episode, Togusa's computer connects to a trading site and ¥80,000 worth of Serano Genomics is purchased. The question is: Who purchased the stock?

  • Season 1 Episode 10: SA: A Perfect Day for a J...

  • Japanese Names Mispronounced:
    The English voice artists who play Suzuki Sato and Tanaka Watanabe incorrectly pronounce their "given names" (see note above). Kirk Thornton says "Suzuki" in the English fashion, pronounciing the 'u' short, when it should be pronounced long. Joey Camen, also like Kirk Thornton's "Suzuki", gives a pause on the first syllable of "Tanaka". Unless the 'ta' in "Tanaka" is lenghtened, and looking by how his name is spelled on his business card (タナカ or Tanaka) it isn't, then each syllable in his name should be pronounced equally. There would only be a pause on the first syllable if Tanaka's name in Katakana script was spelled タアナカ. Doug Stone, the English voice artist for Matsuoka, will also pronounce "Tanaka" wrong.

  • When Tanaka Watanabe shows the police officers his business card, both officers look confused by the name on the card. The CIA agent's name is comprised of two Japanese family names. In addition, Suzuki Satō, the other CIA agent, also has a name made up of two family names.

  • Kanji on Signs at the Crane Habitat:
    売地 (Baichi) - Land for Sale
    売約済 (Baiyakusumi) - Sales Contract Closed
    鶴見台 (Tsuru Kendai [Also Midai]) - Crane Habitat

  • Kanji on Door Batou Enters:
    ポンプ室 関係者以外立入禁止 (Pump Shitsu - Kankeisha Igai Tachi'iri Kinshi) - Pump Room. Entry Prohibited unless Authorized Personnel.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: C: The Man Who Lurks in t...

  • "[T]hat designer named Paul"
    When taking a look at the old Laughing Man footage of Omba's, Guru Guru asks if anyone remembers that a designer named Paul turned himself into police because the Laughing Man logo was his creation. This is actually a reference to Paul Nicholson, the person who actually created the Laughing Man logo for the series. His name appears in the outro credits. He would also create the logo for 2nd GIG.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: SA: The Fortunate Ones; <...

  • This episode has a connection to episode 19. The overseas mafia that the medical interns are so worried about is covered in "CAPTIVATED".

  • Kanji on Cell Phone:
    通信不可 (Tsūshin Fuka) - Transmission Blocked
    圏外 (Kengaied) - Out of Area
    メモ - Memo

  • At the end of the episode, Togusa and the Tachikoma are playing the Asian board game Go.

  • Iwasaki, the CEO in the Jameson body, sports a sensu (traditonal Japanese folding fan) that says 日本一 or Nihon Ichi. It can be translated as "Japan's Best" or "#1 in Japan".

  • Spelling Error:
    The shipping invoice that Iwasaki looks at misspells the company name Meditech as Meditic.

  • Motoko's English voice actress says that Meditech CEO Iwasaki is, "[f]orcing that lame Texan accent." On the DVD's Japanese audio track, Motoko's seiyuu says that Iwasaki is using, "[t]hat lousy Kansai accent." Kansai, 関西 or "Gateway to the West", is a region located southwest of Tōkyō on Japan's main island of Honshū. The area is also known as the Kinki Region, 近畿 or "Former Capital". Kansai-ben, 関西弁 or Kansai dialect, is a distinct accent within Japan. The dialect gives the Japanese language a more drawn out sound than the other dialects within Japan. The irony of Motoko's statement is that New Port City itself is located within the Kansai region (see third note in "SCANDAL"). The Kansai regions three main cities are the former capital of Kyōto, Kōbe, and Ōsaka.

  • When the Major exits her car and allows Togusa to drive while she waits for the Tachikoma, Togusa drives off to catch up with the perps. As he takes the circular road, he watches in the rearview mirror as the Major watches him leave. Togusa's view is then obstructed by a pole, and when his view is clear again, the Major has disappeared.

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