Ghost Lab

Season 1 Episode 1

Disturbing the Peace

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2009 on Discovery Channel

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  • Looking forward to a new look at Ghost Hunting that hopefully tried to get the audience more involved in the subject and a part of the hunt.

    Oh dear, so maybe this show is going to be one of those loud shows that just has lots of talking and stupid sound effects rather than trying to be quiet and moody.

    The show has a "team" of people, although none of the "team" actually talk. They just nod alot whilst the two loud mouthed brothers do all the talking, probably because they want to make sure they get their faces on 90% of the TV output.

    Apologies to Brad for saying this, but Brad, you talk way too much. The show had you talking to the camera for about 70% of it telling us things that the narrator had already said. The show just repeats the same facts over and over in 4 different ways before you get any where.

    So anyway, we're suppose to be hunting for Ghosts.
    You don't follow any of the team in any type of length or silence to feel like you are part of the Ghost hunt. You get lots of technical garbarge and watch conversations they have with other people to find out facts but you never actually get to see the Ghost hunting part.

    There's a huge mad steroid rush at the end when they find out a door opened on its own. Did we hear it open? no... did we see it open? But, let's all be happy thay they had a rush and we just spent 40 minutes waiting for that.

    Let's hope it improves.
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