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Interesting Show...Interesting Concepts

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    I think that the show is far more slick and concise than the other supernatural shows out there. That being said, I would love to see you guys tread a different path than the other shows. One thing is the amount of time spent at any given location. Just as you find when meeting an individual or a group up people for the first time, you may not get the type of response that you expected, if any response is given at all, and it takes quite some time fore a person to reveal themselves even a fraction of a bit. That being said, perhaps the team could spend more time just taking in the location rather than coming in like SWAT and wrecking the balance of the location. The group could also benefit from having a "trigger" person go in first, maybe a week before the rest of he group. A "trigger" would be a person that may not be necessarily "sensitive" to the spirit realm, but may possess enough energy and be a disturbing influence to generate a reaction. You have to remember that most people that have had paranormal events happen to them are not searching for them nor are they trying to coax the event to just happens in its own time. Also, I've done some work (writing and research...not necessarily ghost hunting) in the Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky area. If anyplace around the tri-state region (like Waverly Hills Sanitorium, the Shaker cemetery or Stivers School) interests you, drop me a line and I may already have a lot of the footwork done already.

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