Ghost Lab

Season 1 Episode 5

Murky Water

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 2009 on Discovery Channel

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  • Garbage

    Five episodes in, and I can barely watch this train wreck. What I find most offensive is the appeal to "science" as what they're using to prove paranormal activity. Case in point: running water = energy source for activity. Their "appeal to authority" by calling the prof only states the obvious that water with impurities is conductive. They then jump to the conclusion that this is strong evidence for their theory that the proximity of the Mississippi to the house (won't even discuss the line-of-sight nonsense) feeds the activity. Further ridiculousness occurs in Chicago with the EMF "spike" in the basement by the sewer. Sorry folks, but here's an idea: if your EMF theory has any merit, then why would ghosties feed off a miniscule EMF fluctuation from a basement, but not the massive and constant EMF given off by the powerlines going into and surrounding the building (even shown in exterior shot of the theater)? Sorry, not science. Stating a personal belief as a "theory" and then finding "evidence" however spurious is not science. Ghost Hunters had the good sense to tone down the constant "this is real science" whine. Just show us what you record, lose the overdramatics when some window smudge reflects in the right light/angle to show a "face", and maybe the show would be less offensive to me. Please, could someone just have an ounce of healthy sketicism on the show?

    I'm thinking Mythbusters would have a field day with this crapfest...
  • Ghost Lab won't last...

    I can help you keep your show. You need to read and respond to fans... Many people have photos like me that can be of interest to the public. I have and can capture ghosts in photos, I have a technique. The reviews don't look very good, you need help... What do you have to loose? If you really want to prove ghosts are real, talk with people who have information you can use on your show. The people already have a show where people are walking around with instruments, getting no real hard evidence. We don't need another one...