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  • Seriously?

    I just happened to catch an episode and a half. The half was because I couldn't stand it. lol Really, it's all talk and it shows hardly anything that points to being a "Ghost" show. Walking into an investigation and yelling for ghosts to come out? Yelling? They trying to antagonize the ghosts so they get attacked? lol The two brothers are so into themselves. They think they are the greatest on earth. lol They are God's gift to TV viewers? LOL Let me borrow Castle's Seriously again. Seriously, why don't they get a damn job and quit wasting people's time. LOL I'm through for now. Just no investigating. No long hours no nothing. Oh and in the middle of the investigation they go to the truck, what you don't see is the bro's knocking down bacon cheeseburgers cause they hungry from all the work. They can't wait to get all of the investigating done THEN look at the results? Listen, you communicate with ghosts, spirits and other things in normal voice. If you get a rude response then you know they aren't happy. Am I done yet? Ok I think you get the picture, just not from these self-absorbed brothers. Get a real job. lol
  • I think you have forgotten......

    I was laying here watching a couple of your episodes, The Nottoway Plantation in particular then The Metro. I did not really see you do any investigating at the Nottoway, you were worried about proving that the water had a direct magnetic effect to the 3rd floor. You did one EVP, you got a response but did not try anymore. You got a picture of a face in the curtains,and we're all excited and basically left. You did not try to make contact the woman who has for centuries been standing there waiting for her husband to come home. That would of been the kind thing to do and let her know she was dead and if she crossed over all her family members are there waiting for there. But it's obvious your not there to do that you all science, I think you have forgotten that these spirits are still human beings with feelings, they may be in another realm but they still travel to this world and some stay here because they don't know there dead, and no one takes the time to tell them and help them cross over. It's not ALL about science.... In the Metro when you and your brother sat down on the top floor and said "We are Paranormal Investigators and you are DEAD (and I can't quote what you said after that I think you said so let's get a move how do you know that those spirits KNOW what a "Paranormal Investigator" is?? HOW old is that building? How would you feel if you had a traumatic accident and died but you did not know you died and some idiot shouts out "you are DEAD"! .??? Have you two gotten so cold that all you care about is science,provoking which I thought only people like Zak Baggens did? Don't you have ANY feelings for those spirits that linger here waiting for a loved one to come home from war? Or children spirits looking for their mothers, it's a beautiful thing to reunite them. Or people that have died tragically like a gun shot blast to the back of the head, and he does not know he's dead. You could help him by telling him he has passed away and if he crosses over he will be reunited with his family. I wasn't impressed with your investigation techniques, it's like you go in spend 10-15 minutes come back out. If I was an intelligent spirit and you came in where I was I would not talk to you, I would probably tell you to learn some manners and stop that irritating yelling Brad!!!! Brad your the worse but your brother yells too, I was just list listening to Brad cussing out a female spirit, way to go Brad, you think she is going to talk to you now? HELL NO! Didn't your mother bring you up with better manners? Oh she got you back good, she scratched you good! You said you were provoking her, but you did not need to curse at her you don't know how old she is if she is old a man cursing a women is a big deal, she came across EVP "she don't like them" Zak Baggens looks like an idiot when he provokes, and He has QUIT, it came back to BITE HIM. You need to stop provoking, you look like an idiot when you do it, your going to end up pissing off the wrong type of spirit and you will end up with attachment. Brad you scream and yell so much at everyone I'm surprised you don't fart out loud. Electronic does it do? We never see any evidence? I can remember Years ago when you guys were in it big........ YOU BOTH ACT LIKE YOU JUST DONT GIVE A CRAP ANYMORE!!! ABout GHOST LAB! EVERYONE IN THAT TRUCK LOOKS LIKE THEY HATE BEING THERE!!!!! NO ONE SMILES!!!! I THINK ITS TIME TO GIVE UP!!!!!! TIME TO PULL THE PLUG
  • if you were a spirit? PUL LEEZ you all crack me up its hilarious if i was a spirit if i was a ghost wow hilarious COME ON PEOPLE OPEN YO EYES

    as I said you all crack me up. there is no such thing as ghosts this crap may be real or fake I cant tell ya that. but I can tell you ghosts don't exist. its demons who take forms DUH. after you die you go to hell or heaven and fallen angels are what you claim as "ghosts" or "spirits" seriously science cant tell you they are demons but ghosts don't exist spirits cannot linger they don't have a choice to stay they go UP or DOWN not stay. they may just make this stuff up or they actually see demons or the TV SHOW is living up to its name as just a SHOW.
  • seeing ghosts allright

    Ghost lab uses science( calling names and hearing some things ''for sure'' ) like a number of devices with a few buttons and switches on it, to find anything that can be immedeatlly adressed as being of paranormal nature. Its an all out slugfest of stupidity and dumbness. Simple minded fools hanging around in a few abandoned places holloring ''hey!'' and ''are you a ghost?'' emphasizes the ridiculessness of their pittyful exsistence.

    Its about the dumbest tv-show ive ever come across in the already vast realm of low-iq tv-amusement from ''the land of the free'' headed by the Discovery Channel company.

    It makes me wonder why these dumb fatso's can host a tv-show to begin with and i culd only wish i could earn my living with doing absolutely nothing of value other than to feed the very few operating braincells in the heads of the fans craving for this show every night. Why do i not get paid for taking a crap everyday and neatly flushing down yesterday's foodfrenzy one starts to ask herself. People who produce Ghost lab get paid too right?

    Your worthlessness is digusting me. Your show ghost lab is the dumbest thing ive ever seen. Now go to ur mommy and ask her for a cookie u waste of space, time and earthly resources.
  • ghost lab {danish}

    ghost lab is a top is the best of mean best than ghost hunting show. ghost hunting is a poor show i hate that hunter must be called ghost crap. hu like ghost lab please like it ok bye
  • So weak.

    Compared to other Ghost hunting shows, this one really falls short. they try to pretty it up with lots of cgi'd visual effects for "scanning locations" and equipment. but from the intro, listening to these hicks claim the answer is in science... using the most unscientific methods possible... the hosts are belligerent rookies whose answer to every situation is screaming at the "spirits. Deceased harmless elderly couple suspected of still inhabiting a house? scream at them and demand they appear. indian burial grounds disturbed? disturb them some more to "provoke" the spirits and scream at them. a man who had cancer and killed himself when he couldn't take it anymore? yep. you got it, scream at him and in their own words, "Provoke him"

    their EVP's are suspect, they all sound like scrambled digital garbage and while they claim they say one thing, they send them to experts who say they can't make anything out but "there might be something there" meanwhile they are LITERALLY dancing in the streets claiming they got the holy grail of ghost hunting.

    All of their investigations happen in places already covered in other shows, and done better. they're just showing their incompetence when you can compare it to the other shows that already did it better.

    Following several paranormal investigation shows, this one is literally the bottom of the barrel.
  • when is it coming back on

    does any one no if they will have any new seasons? an if they dont why not ?lol
  • Boneheads....

    Lol.... Yeah. The show can be entertaining 'cept for the big goon Brad who runs around aggressively barking commands at 'spirits'.

    Let's say for sake of example there really are spirits and ghosts at some of the locations GL goes on. What makes them think that yelling and threatening them is going to make them respond? Is he gonna kick their ASS if they don't?

    What's sad is he uses this 'technique' even on the most tragic deaths of innocent people, murder victims, etc. If I was one of these 'spirits' I'd follow that fat ass home and haunt him til the end of his days.
  • I HATE THIS SHOW! Ghost Hunters Rules!!

    This Show is the worst Ghost Hunting Show ever made! The two brothers are fat, selfish Idiots who can't even catch a ghost if they see it. Ghost Lab should be called Ghost Crap, as the show has stupid investigators that think that seeing a mouse running across an old building at night is a ghost. I'm glad this pathetic show was cancelled, before it spread it's horrible ghost hunting with new investigators.
  • Press on Ghost Lab! One of the Best Ghost hunting Shows!

    We believe that Ghost Lab is one of the best ghost hunting shows on, next to Ghost Adventures. They are the most scientific in their research and get great evidence with an innovative approach to their investigations, including a complete historical background to base conclusions on. Even though we enjoy Ghost Hunters, they seem to get much better results than Ghost Hunters, going on several days worth of investigating rather than a mere one evening venture. We hope they will continue their great work in the paranormal field increasing our knowledge of this interesting phenomena. We hope they will continue and wish they were on earlier in our EST zone, and more advertising of new shows so we won't miss any new ones. Press on Ghost Lab, Good Show!!
  • Why Ghost Lab is awful...

    Ghost Lab is one of the worst shows I've ever seen. Not even Mike Rowe's narration could save this sinking ship. First of all, the investigators show no skepticism. They treat highly questionable findings and experiments as though they were absolute proof of ghostly activity. For example, one of the EVPs that the investigators record on the episode "Murky Water" features a voice that sounds exactly like that of the female investigator. Anyone can find a "ghost" in photos of highly pixelated smudges. In addition to these factors, the investigators are loud, rude, and irritating. This show really has no place on a science network. It's ridiculous and completely unwatchable.
  • I really love this show. Berry and Brad are very professional in the way they conduct themselves during investigations. I watch it online for free at discovery channels website as well as

    This show is just the perfect mix of professionalism, top notch equipment, and team members that understand the subject matter. Hunting ghosts is a new and still forming show topic on tv and I really thing ghost lab has hit the nail with this show. Berry and Brad Kinge make for great commentators and offer honest disclosure when they find something to not be paranormal. Mike Rowe of discovery channels dirty jobs narrates the show, brings years of talent and his personal views as you watch. My favorite episode was episode 3 where the Ghost Labs team goes to the Chicago Liars Club, where there had been multiple murders in the same corner of the building at different times. I would highly suggest watching that episode as its a pre-teller for whats to come from Berry and Brad. I enjoy watching it on discovery channel and at . If you find yourself bored take the time to check this show out. It far outclasses paranormal state and ghost hunters.
  • Not sure the investigations are totally believable.

    I watch the show quite often and am unhappy with the fact that when you are doing an investigation you feel the need to sensationalize to much. The music in the background, the rapid camera shot changes, focusing on your own faces when you say something is happening and all the totally unnecessary sound effects serve more to give shock value and confuse viewers than to actually show any action during the investigation. Then you show a video of what you say happened but you never allow the viewer to see the action. Why do you feel it is necessary to mask or hide what is going on in the investigation with tricks? Do you think we the viewers are too dumb know what is happening or do you need time to "fix" the video to show what you said you saw? Just curious.
  • I agree with most of the comments or reviews written here. However if you haven't already read the forums it appears they are following up on some of the viewers suggestions.

    I agree to tough! Also alot of setting up and taking down equipment. I don't think any of the ghost hunters take near enough time to actually create a repore with the other side....Also with a media of this nature the last thing needed is to create friction between all the ghost hunters. In order to get real evidence & science worth documenting that is believeable, they need to respect not only each other but the spirts they are trying to contact NOT hunting. I wouldn't believe anything with dog the bounty hunter in it.
    "Children of the Grave" is tragic & convincing...
  • I keep watching this show hoping it will get better. well it hasn't. they have great equipment but i have pictures, video and audio that are way better than anything they have gotten.

    This show is just like the rest. we never see what they say they see. they never capture anthing on film and the audio is so bogus. to much footage of them putting up and taking down equipment, of their faces and the back of their heads. they constantley go over the same history to many times. just take it off and be done with it. My group of ghost hunters are way better than they are with alot less equipement and attudes. We want to see some real footage of some real stuff. and you can not get all the good stuff just in one 6 hour setting. it takes many sitting to ever get something. The spirits need to get to know and trust you. these guys are to mean.
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter meets Ghost Hunters ... not worth the time.

    This is Dog the Bounty Hunter meets Ghost Hunters. This tough guy approach puts me off. One of the brothers is talking to whoever is haunting The Metro in Chicago ... "We are what you call paranormal investigators and you are what we call dead." Come on ... if I was a ghost and was talked to like that I wouldn't give these guys one piece of evidence. What happened to speaking respectfully? Oh, wait a minute ... that's what Jason & Grant do - the 'plumbers' as you call them. I'll stick with them - this show is a wannabe and not worth the time.
  • Just another show with people walking around in the dark carrying recorders. And like the other shows, you have to stretch your imagination to the limit to accept their "evidence". Or maybe you have to be drunk.

    This program is a waste of time and energy. I cannot believe that Mike Rowe is involved in this, the money must be good. Like other shows that look for ghosts, they spend very little time at any one location. It seems that, if they were serious, they would spend several days working one location after they "found" something. I suppose that this is another "it is about the journey" type shows because they are not out to prove anything. I don't think that it is a coincidence that these ghost hunting shows spend lots of time in hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. The owners of these places are looking to drum up business.
  • It is a good consept for a show the guys are to loud when much attitude

    It is a good consept for a show the guys are to loud when talking.They are trying to act tuff when doing a EVP session. Nice to see them with more tools than ghost hunters but they need to be a little smoother and not over react to the situations.I think of they teemed up with TAPS they could learn more and do a much better job.Maybe after a season of doing this it may get better.just needs to reel it in more go the exrta step to check things out like the speaker that made noise I think it was there equipment.

    i personally loved watching this show. its goes over and beyond what ghost hunters do, and i have been waiting for an exciting ghost show, and now i have found it:) great job guys and i cant wait for the next episode:) keep us on our toes :) SO EXCITED! loved the idea of the electric field net thing. very smart and no body else does that to my knowledge. very awesome. and i love that you guys dont do the show the same as the rest. its exciting throughout the whole episode:) keep it up:) would you ever come to canada and do the most haunted places up here? we got some pretty messed places:)
  • Nowhere near as good as Ghost Adventures, but better than Ghost Hunters.

    Lazy investigations, just like Ghost Hunters. The two chicks are nothing but cardboard cutouts...they have no personality whatsoever. Bringing a band to flush out ghosts was not just a dumb idea, it was overkill. I'll give them credit, they got one good EVP. The rest of them seemed a bit far fetched and a tad prefabricated. It's their first episode, they've gotta prove themselves somehow.

    Too much reality TV "shock" music, unlikeable people, a couple of fat guys who sit down in a room with flashlights and call it an investigation, and two clueless women so desperate they with ghosts would actually touch them. This show can die in a fire.