Ghost Lab

Season 2 Episode 2

The Betrayal

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 21, 2010 on Discovery Channel

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  • More questionable "evidence"

    The episode starts in Hill View Manor in Pennsylvania. I have to agree with them on this much: abandoned asylums, where personal items were left behind as if everyone just up and walked out, are some of the creepiest places to investigate. I enjoy it on so many levels, even if there's not one shred of evidence to be found. This particular building seems to be a bit better maintained than, say, Overbrook Hospital was when I investigated there. This place is in clear disrepair, but looks like it was only recently abandoned.

    This is the first substantial screen time for Katie this season. For reasons I don't particularly comprehend, I like Katie. I think she's cute in a Texas Gothic sort of way. But based on how it was edited, I'm really not impressed by the door closing right in front of her. It didn't come across as natural or real at all. Katie sums up the issues fairly well, despite all the excessive celebration from the Klinge brothers. It's just not airtight evidence of anything.

    I was also a bit annoyed by the over-reaction to the equipment malfunction. If you're going to run around like a bit of a maniac, then things are going to happen. Using a lot of technical equipment means a greater chance of something going wrong. Why go ballistic?

    The EVP is buried in the background noise, as shown in the graphic. It's easy to pull things out of the background noise that aren't really there, and the quality of the sound strongly suggests they made certain adjustments to the audio during analysis. They also pushed hard for the clients to agree that it was the voice of the former resident, which is a sure sign of confirmation bias.

    The next investigation takes place at Fort Niagara. It doesn't take long before someone is seeing shadows on a wall, though it is, of course, not on film. This is followed by a lot of suggestive talk of violent attacks by entities, as if to prime the audience for something to come as the team fans out throughout the location. But despite a lot of yelling and such, nothing seems to come of it.

    Audio analysis seems to suggest a response, but note the graphic display: the apparent voice is buried deep in the background noise, and there's absolutely no reason to think that is actually a voice. It strikes me as nothing more than pattern recognition.

    They bring in a French translator to help them provoke, and the result is an apparent attack, when a flashlight is knocked out of Barry's hand. It's not on camera, so it's impossible to say if it was genuine or staged. Brad supposedly hears something at the same time this happens. The supposed voice sounds like more background noise again, but the team takes the "evidence" and runs with it. As always, I am less than convinced.
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