Ghost Mine

Wednesday 9:00 PM on Syfy Premiered Jan 16, 2013 Between Seasons


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  • When Reality TV isn't REAL - is it Reality TV?

    Wish the show was real, but it's not. The "Shadows in the Drift" episode sealed it for me. They didn't put a hole through the mountain. It's a set they made at the top of the mountain to look like a portal. If you frame-by-frame through the part where Patrick is about to rappel over the side, the camera pans FROM THE RIDGELINE over to Patrick. Now the location where Ghost Mine was filmed is 44.845678 -118.155152 (which is up near Bourne - nowhere near where they say it is in the show). If you open that up in Google Earth and follow the road to the top of the mountain, you'll see it ends in a flat area. This area exactly matches the location as seen in that shot. There is no "hole" in the back of the mountain. In addition, when Eddie pokes his head out of the "hole" and says he can see Baker City - well, if you take Google Earth to it's ground-level view and look East from that flat area at the top of the mountain, you'll see that this valley matches what Eddie sees EXACTLY. And that area at the end of the valley? Eddie says it's Baker City. But It's Haines - or rather, the farmland to the west of Haines. So the miners are following a script. Combine that with the fact that this mine is definitely not on a straight line between Sumpter and Baker City (so all the talk between Kristen and Patrick about those paranormal straight lines is BS) and the Baker City Herald article that says the claims about the mine being haunted are very exaggerated, and you come to the conclusion that the show is fictional. Knowing that Patrick was a debunker before he came to Ghost Mine (he has said that all SyFy Network paranormal shows are faked), it's probably a case of staging a paranormal show to demonstrate how people are fooled. Maybe that's going to be the final big "reveal" at the end of the show.

    So why watch it? Well, it is still entertaining. We watch movies like Paranormal Activity knowing they aren't real. Why not a story about a ghost mine?

    BTW, Google Earth shows that most of the Ghost Mine set is still in place. The miners' shacks, the cook shack, the investigator's shack, the main portal, and the collapsed portal are all visible.
  • On the train

    Did you or anyone else notice the shadow behind the door move just as the door watch your show

    all the time and find it interesting,but a lot of it could be fake,

    Take care

    From Cardston Alberta Canada
  • Ghost Mine Season 2

    I like it. Scripted or not, it's a good show. I hate it when people use their bias against the paranormal as "non believers" and and take it out on the shows. Seriously, unless you're willing to go on an actual investigation at an actual hotspot(which you won't, because you're right and the rest of us is wrong no matter the evidence), keep your opinions to yourself. I've been in places you'd crap yourself, and yet I'm perfectly comfortable in. While you're at it, believe everything you read on the internet rather than find out for yourself.
  • "Scripted" Reality

    While not a believer in the paranormal, I was interested to check out this show given it's new take on the subject matter. I'll admit that I was somewhat entertained, but what became quickly apparent is that this is a scripted show and in now way reality. Then as I looked into the show a bit more, I realized that the whole thing was nothing more than a concocted story. It's all out there if you Google it.
  • Ghost Mine

    I always looked forward to seeing this show - was so disappointed it was the season finale. Tv should

    have more of these shows about the paranormal. So interesting and compelling. The evidence that was captured was remarkable. I truly believe there are spirits roaming this earth.

    When will this show return again? Counting the days!!!
  • Great show

    I really enjoy it. Very creepy so far. I love how they include real people/the miners into the show. With a lot of these paranormal shows all you have are the investigators who are not skeptical. They obviously believe in the paranormal. This show is great because some of the miners are somewhere in between, they are just regular guys who aren't certain about the paranormal. It's fun too see how they react to the strange occurrences. Give he show a chance,just don't watch it too late. It will make you paranoid.
  • Haunted Gold

    Solid show. So far a good watch. After two episodes I find myself excited wondering if all the potential gold will prove to be worth mining if paranormal activity haunts their every laboring attempt to obtain it... More please!