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On DVD at least!

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    I was at (...) when I happened upon this box set in the temporary
    Holloween horror DVD display. I liked the price, so I purchased it. On
    the (...) I decided to open the set to find out just what I had. I
    thought this set would contain bad acted trash that I could laugh at.

    In fact, this is actually an amazing series. The actors are
    completely competent, the locations are perfect for ghost story affect,
    the music is Mark Snow eerie, and the violence or horror or intensity
    is haunting. The show has a "Dead Man's Gun" air to it. Rip Torn is the
    narrator. He has a Kris Kristofferson affect that sets the mood.

    These are ghost stories. Someone is murdered and he, or she,
    comes back from the dead for revenge. Or, someone longs for peace from
    a miserable life, only to find it in the arms of ghostly irony. Or,
    much more.

    I did some research on this series. There are 44 episodes of this
    show. 40 of them are in this 5 disc set. At 30 minutes each you are
    talking 20 some hours of content. For (...), this is the best DVD value
    purchase I have ever made! I like this show that much. Even the
    packaging is good. The outside is cool and each disc has it's own
    holder. Snapshots from the series adorns the inside of the jacket. You
    can even choose individual episodes with ease off the discs.

    This show was origionally aired on FOX family network. I can not
    imagine how or why that happened. This stuff is intense, very violent,
    very scary, sometimes extremely freaky, and will give young children
    nightmares. I am 45 years old and I have a 12 year old boy and I will
    not allow him to view this set. There is tons of cigarette smoking,
    much alcohol abuse, adult language and themes, and shocking scenes -
    example, the very first episode has a woman being run-over by a truck.
    She is then placed in a container and pushed into a lake. She is still
    alive and screaming for her life as the container sinks sending her to
    "Ghost Story" revenge land. I can hear those screams right now.

    I LOVE IT! But, this is not for the kids.

    I say buy this box set. "Ghost Stories" is ten times better than
    the last "Twilight Zone" incarnation. And it cost me less than half as

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