Ghost Stories

(ended 1998)


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  • A Hauntingly good show!

    This is a very decent program. I half expected this show to be full of bad acting, corny dialogue and cheesy scripts when I purchased this on DVD. I mean, when you happen upon a show on DVD that you've never heard of before (or even anyone talk about for that matter), you become a little wary.

    However, since I am a HUGE fan of anthology horror shows, I still picked this one up. I am very pleased that I did because this show pleasantly surprised me.

    This show should have received more recognition than the 00's version of "The Twilight Zone". Too bad that it didn't. It really is a show that people who love anthology horror (or ghost) series, as much as myself, should take the time to view.

    I wish that they still made decent anthology horror shows like this today. Maybe the poor remake of "The Twilight Zone" was a wake-up call though, because I have not really seen anything of this genre released since then - except maybe for R.L. Stine's kid's show "The Haunting Hour".

    It's times like these when you wish that people like Rod Serling were still around to entertain today's viewers.