Ghost Story

Season 1 Episode 4

At the Cradle Foot

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 1972 on NBC

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  • Truly preposterous

    A truly preposterous script. Seriously, this show is only of value for the unintentional humor it creates. Nobody behaves in remotely believable fashion. Let's see, Franciscus' wife was all set to leave him because of his strange psychic disturbances...but now she shares one once and so she's prepared to follow him to the ends of the earth? And Meg Foster did her little gambit at the end just to make her husband jealous? lol The "twist" at the end you could see coming for days and days, and the muddle that Franciscus and Ashley are left in thereby is hardly satisfying (or even sensible). Oh yeah, and then there's the silly slo-mo talking during the dream sequences...