Ghost Story

NBC (ended 1973)





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  • Almost a successor to The Twilight Zone

    Following the premiere of "The Twilight Zone," several series were created that tried to continue the same format, but they were either too horrific, or failed to show the level of imagination of Rod serling's original vision. I barely if at all remember "Ghost Story," but I do recall the opening of the shadowy Essex Manor and Sebastion Cabot as the host, but there are only two episodes I will ever vaguely recall. One was about a boy who accidentally created a doppleganger that was always getting him into trouble with his teacher, only to be surprised when a doppleganger appeared of his teacher. There was then the story of a little girl who could control everyone in her home through the dolls of her dollhouse and then she became left to rescue everyone when the dollhouse as well as her real house starts to burn down. This series was the Twilight Zone up one on the horror scale as the series tried to legitimately scare you rather than teach us about human behavior. Sebastian Cabot sure made us forget his sappy "Family Affair" role as he lead us into the dark corners of the human mind. This is one show that needs to come remade, updated and recreated for today.