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Ghost Trackers

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Ghost Trackers follows 12 kids on a quest to become the ultimate ghost tracker. But the quest is not easy. Equipped with the latest in ghost hunting equipment, they will have to visit reputedly haunted houses to find evidence of the paranormal. They have no previous knowledge of the place, they will only know when they step inside... into the mysterious world of spirits. Join them in their quest to bridge the gap between the natural and the supernatural, as one of them becomes the ultimate ghost tracker.

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AIRED ON 12/29/2006

Season 3 : Episode 15

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  • Even more Canadian Trash that just needs to get "thrown out".

    It's just sad to see stuff like this. Shows made here in my country (Canada) were we got the share of the good stuff, and the share of the bad stuff. Here is the share of the bad stuff.

    First of all, The show is scripted Nothing is real. Just lame acting done by the contestants in an oversized halloween haunted house. Yes. That means all the so called "scares" and "ghost imagery" are fake. It's really sad. Another is how boring it gets. Noting really that interesting but just kids walking around the "house" searching for clues. The point scoring is also lame even though it is scripted. Sigh.

    Such shows like these need to be cancelled and actually find creative producers to make shows that actually interest us viewers.

    Video and Arcade top 10 was cool. Uh-oh was fantastic. Spy Academy is ok but can be quite watchable at times. But ghost trackers? Sorry, that's were the downfall came in.moreless
  • Makes People Believe in ghosts.

    I have never believed in ghosts At all untill ghost trackers, When i heard about this show i wanted to see what would happen and if ghosts could be real, When i saw orbs and shadows in the houses on ghost trackers i started to get intrested in it, And after seeing or hearning 2-3 things i started believing in ghosts. I love this show i watch it whenever i get a chance. Although it only comes on on weekends i try to never miss it. Half the episodes i watched have at least one ghost or orb sighting, Which makes me get intrested in the show. I would love to be on ghost trackers and i would love to just find out more about ghosts and find out how real they really are.moreless
  • Why didn't they think of this sooner?

    This is a great show for teenagers because it provides a safe, but not too freaky look into the world of the paranormal. Joe Macleod does a good job keeping the trackers in focus in their investigation, and sometimes they even hear and see strange things. This is my daily Saturday fix, it just keeps me on edge and I love watching this show. Keep up the good work Ghost Trackers!!moreless

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