Ghost Whisperer

Season 2 Episode 7

A Vicious Cycle

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2006 on CBS
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Melinda and Jim's first camping trip is interrupted as Melinda helps the ghost of a woman who left her husband and young daughter. Before the woman can cross over Melinda must find the woman’s daughter and help her to learn the truth about her parent’s past in order for her to be safe now.moreless

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  • This would have to be one of my favorite episodes of Ghost Whisperer, if not my favorite, and was a wonderful representation of everything that is great about this series

    This was a very beautiful, heartwarming, poignant and yet sad episode of "Ghost Whisperer". The plot and storyline was very well done and the way it unfolded was wonderful. All the main cast and the actors and actresses who specially featured in this episode were magnificent and played their roles to perfection -in particular Bess Wohl, who gave such depth to the pain, sadness and emotion of her character as a ghost and Robert Curtis Brown who portrays his character as a husband and father haunted by the secrets of the past so wonderfully. The flashback sequences contained in this episode were especially haunting and powerful. I cannot adequately convey how much I loved this episode and I would highly recommend itmoreless
  • This was creepy as well as sad!

    Melinda and her husband go camping and of course she finds a ghost, I actually expected her to find more than one ghost there but I guess the ones that want to be seen will show themselves, I digress, this started off with really creepy intentions and turned out to be a topic of abuse, this was never my favorite topic and was a little sad to watch in a way but of course it did have a happy ending and the mother was actually very good looking at the end. I am kinda glad the mother knew what was happening before she actually had a clue it made alot of sense in many ways, This season is a little slower than the last but seems to have a little more meatier stories, I am curious to the end, that bee and what I guess was blood, they did something similar with the laughing man in S1 so I am expecting something big for Season 2 Finale!moreless
  • Different episode

    I enjoyed this episode. It was a little different then the other ones which kept me watching. Even though I figured out the story line when the mom started attacking the fiance. I also liked that the mom didn\\\'t forgive the dad, but was happy he changed. She mentioned she forgave him her whole life and it was very realistic to many battered women. It is sad how many parents turn their kids have let their children grow up with feelings toward parents that are unwarrented. I also can\\\'t wait for Melinda to tell Camryn\\\'s character about her special gift. That will be a GREAT EPISODE!!!!!moreless
  • Spousal abuse a very sad topic!

    A very sad show as well as one that was

    Well written about spousal abuse as Jim & Melinda are

    About to take their very first camping trip(Yuck! Camping is not one of my favorite things at all!)But Melinda's trip is interrupted by a young woman who hopes to save her daughter from her abusive husband who kept hitting his wife. And now she wants to save her daughter of the same fate that dead woman had been through! Very tearjerking as well!moreless
  • Can't stop the crying with this episode

    Wow! When the mother who died of hypothermia was trying to keep her little girl warm. I just couldn't stop the tears. Not to mention the flashback of her mother trying to run from her husband who just suddenly hit her. When I saw the daughter in the bathtub hiding, I couldn't stop crying. The thought of a 3 year old girl witnessing something so horrible, it just was far to painful to think about let alone watch. Then the horrible events lead the daughter to nearly marry the same kind of man her father was but I was happy in the end that she had left the jerk-off. I don't know what happens to the daughter but I hope she goes through something better than what she has been through.moreless

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    • Anna: I thought, if I just kept moving…I was scared. I was trying to get away. I just couldn't let him find me.
      Melinda: Who? Who were you running from?
      Anna: My husband!
      Melinda: Brad?
      Anna: Yeah.
      Melinda: Why?
      Anna: He hit me…again!

    • Andy: (talking about the search for Anna) There was no sign of her along the main road, so we split up. The foot prints were pretty well covered already, but I knew they had to be hers; so I followed them for quite a ways. I knew right away that she didn't make it. I went to check her pulse and that's when I realized…
      Melinda: What? What did you realize?
      Andy: The little girl…was alive. It was a miracle. A true miracle. Her mother used the warmth of her own body to keep her kid alive.

    • (Explaining to Melinda about why she left)
      Anna: I always thought it was my fault, if I could just be a better wife…Until that night…We had another one of our fights. I thought she was asleep, but our fighting woke her up. I saw how scared she was and I knew that we had to get out.

    • Melinda: I'm sorry. I would normally do this slowly, explain gently that I have a gift; I can see spirits, I can cross them over, yadda, yadda, frankly I don't have the patience or the time. Lane needs you!
      Brad: What do you mean?
      Melinda: I think that she's being abused…Just like you abused her mother.

    • Melinda: Your mom died trying to keep you safe; she wanted to protect you, and now she needs to know that you're ok so that she can move on. Would it kill you to just, at least talk to her?
      Lane: That ship's already sailed!

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    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: December 14, 2006 on Kanal 4
      Turkey: October 22, 2007 on CNBC-e
      Finland: September 27, 2008 on Nelonen