Ghost Whisperer

Season 5 Episode 1

Birthday Presence

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2009 on CBS

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  • Have a baby - get five years of relief from ghosts.

    If nothing else, Ghost Whisperer is consistent in its inconsistency.

    For me, Ghost Whisperer totally jumped the shark last season when they killed Jim and then immediately brought him back in another man's body. This, of course, after Melinda had been advising other dead people that they needed to move on and enter the light, and that entering another person's body was a bad thing.

    Actually, this might have been a reasonable move if they were going to replace the actor who plays Jim, but since they didn't, it has got to be one of the lamest moves ever on a television show --

    Until this episode. I can understand the reasons for wanting to jump ahead five years. A baby would not be very interesting in this show, whereas there are a lot of stories that can be told about a five-year old just learning about his "gift". Futhermore, we skip the years that new Jim was in medical school and can pickup where he is a full-fledged doctor.

    However, for the past four years, Melinda has had one crisis after another, with evil spirits trying to hurt her or her loved ones, and she has picked up little pieces of information about what it all "means". Now, we are supposed to accept that five years have passed, and Melinda has learned nothing new, Eli's life is exactly the same as it was, and the evil spirits who were attacking Melinda apparently went on vacation for five years. Not only that, we learn in subsequent episodes that there are new evil characters (the shadows) that are replacing the evil spirits and ghosts who refused to cross over (like Jim). Whatever happened to Hat Man? Why hasn't the Book revealed anything for five years? Why do I keep watching this show? Two reasons.
  • Great show!

    This wasn't my favorite...but I did enjoy it very much!!! Although, I was a tad bit confused by why if they traveled five years in to the future, why did Jim and Melinda not look any older!!! Why was Ned still in College, and how come Eli isn't "playing the field"?! Is he still mourning over the girl that died in the season finale??? Also, why did Dehlia quit the job at "Same As It Never Was"??? Also I was very happy to see that they got rid of that Kenneth Mitchell Character. He did ever so annoy me, though I can't begin to tell you why...Maybe cause he wasn't Jim, or that the story line the made for season for was very, aggravating!!! I do, contrary to not-so-popular belief, like Connor Gibbs as little Aidian Lucas. I am ever so happy they died his red hair. Because I'm sure people would have been very confused has Melinda's baby come out with a fiery mass of red hair on his head. Anyways, I am very thrilled to see where this season is headed!!!
  • Season 1,2and 3 of Ghost Whisperer were absolutley amazing! Half way through season 4 the writers really screwed up.

    This isn't what Ghost Whisperer is like, they barely showed Melinda helping the ghost, and that's how it normally goes, there is usually a problem and they refuse to cross over and they don't listen to Melinda and than it shows Melinda learning more about what happened, not in that episode though! This whole Dr. Sam Lucas is crap! Ghost Whisperer is a show about extra ordinary, supernatural things, I am pretty sure the writers can think of some reason to make the real Jim come back! Make it a dream or something, I don't care but this whole Jim only being Jim to Melinda, Delia, Ned and Eli is really pathetic and annoying. I used to adore Ghost Whisperer, and than they killed Jim and ever since than it has been pretty lame. When Jim came back, I thought that maybe this show was going to turn back around and everything would be fine, Jim would be Jim to everyone. Pretty sure that they could have made the book of changes do something like reverse everything bad that had happened cause Melinda would still be pregnant and it would actually be Jim and the book of changes really doesn't do much.

    So obviously not the best episode ever, probably the worst!
  • Happy 5th birthday,newborn.Your gift?Super-powers!

    "G.W." has never really been one my favorite shows,but I used to enjoy it.Since I didn't previosly heard'bout the time jump,I thought it was all like a dream.For some reason,it didn't shock me like in DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES(I knew'bout their jump before the episode aired!).This episode was a lil'borin'cuz it was way too slow,and it only add up to fin'out that AIDEN is an empath.It seems like a cool storyline,but it didn't make right the speed of the episode.The problem has always been that creator John Gray usually only writes season premieres and finales,and those are the only ones where we see the "big secrets"(the underground city;GABRIEL;the man with no face who "killed" ANDREA).In ev'ry other episode,they just write about MELINDA's ev'ryday life helpin'strangers,completely forgettin'bout what I just said.And now,Gray left,and he's just a consultant that occasionally writes.John,come back!When they killed JIM(to create more suspense,a good move in paper,but the show can't not have him),you did what you could to brin'him back,and even though I kind'a like the SAM storyline,now it doesn't look like it'll be good.I'll still watch the show,but I know(and sort'a always have known)that I can miss an episode or two.
  • Season 5 Premiere

    The fifth season of Ghost Whisperer opens with Melinda nervous that something is going to go wrong when she gives birth to her son because her due date was in some book. So they go to the hospital on that date to make sure because she is scared. Melinda has complications and has to have a C-section. So she gives birth then they jump five years in the future when her son is turning five. On his birthday Melinda is seeing a ghost of someone who gave birth to her son the same day, but she died during childbirth and believes her son's spirit went into Melinda's son. Melinda goes out to prove that her son was adopted and that he is okay. I am a first time watcher of Ghost Whisperer and I was home friday night and decided to watch it. So I have no basis on rating this based on previous episodes. But I'm really surprised they made her have a baby because to me it sounds like it will ruin the show, and not mention jumping five years in the future was probably an even worse idea, but who knows. I'll probably watch another episode if I am ever home on another friday or online.
  • Oh Dear

    Emily said it already. I stayed with the last season even though the storyline concering the husbands death and comeback was pathetic. And now they introduce a kid AND jump forward 5 years??? And everyone looks the same (apart from the kid of course). Personally I'm surprised they renewed, but after this, even if they do renew, I dont think I'll bother. Shame, loved the series up to the husbands 'Death', Maybe he thought he didnt have much of a part. He must have cringed when he saw what the scriptwriters had come up with. I give it 1 out of 10, and that's pushing it.
  • Cute episode

    I don't see why everyone is calling the premiere disappointing. It was a good episode with an interesting turn of events - skipping 5 years of Melinda's life. I knew about this before watching this episode and thought that this would be a mistake, but now I don't. Aiden would be just a baby and we wouldn't be able to see anything interesting about him. It would be just like Teyla's child on Stargate Atlantis: he lost his significance after he was born, so the writers of GW obvioulsy didn't want that. Also I really liked Carl's role in this episode. After last season's finale I thought that he was punished after telling Melinda about her son, but I'm happy to see he wasn't. Let's hope we'll see more of him.

    All in all this was a good premiere and let's keep our fingers crossed for more Underground storyline and maybe even some final moments, because, well, at least I think that Ghost Whisperer should not go more than 5-6 seasons.
  • Melinda has her son and deals with a ghost who died in childbirth.

    Short Recap:
    Melinda has a C-Section at the beginning of the episode. The story then jumps 5 years into the future, to Aiden's fifth birthday party where a female ghost visits him and tells him that she wants to take him with her.
    Later in bed Aiden almost suffocates and Melinda rushes him to the hospital (where btw. Sam/Jim works now after graduating from Med school).
    When Jim goes to celebrate his son's birthday with him (he missed the party because another doctor called in sick) Aiden disappears along with a young boy named Tyler. Tyler turns out to be the son of the woman Aiden has been seeing. After she died in childbirth her son was adopted by his biological father and his wife.
    The episode finishes with one of the watchers visiting Melinda. They talk about Aiden and the fact that he is apparently an empath.

    This episode jumped 5 years to the future. And I usually hate that, but I can understand that there was no other way to show that Aiden has a special gift. In addition to being able to see ghosts he is an empath and has some sort of telepathic connection to his mother. Of course it could have been better but I love the show (and the fact that they brought Jim back - at least kind of), hence the 8.5 rating ;)
  • Disappointing

    The ideas were good but they weren't portrayed properly in this episode. Ghost Whisperer use to be a great show with intense story lines. What has happened to the show? The acting by actors including hewitt was abysmal. They could of told us about the connection between melinda and Aiden a bit better. The climax took place in a bowling alley, which was disappointing. The character of Eli is useless. Bring back jay mohr! They better start coming up with better episodes. The script to this episode could of been better written. The dialogue didn't even suit the characters. There was no need to see the five year jump. This series could of been Melinda trying to protect her newborn baby from evil spirits trying to turn him to the dark side or something. The storyline so far hasn't impressed me at all! There is no need for him. The show has finally jumped shark!
  • Disappointing.

    The season premiere of Ghost Whisperer offered little in the form of getting people excited about the show after it was butchered during Season 4 with the nonsensical Jim/Sam storyline. The first 20 minutes of this episode was essentially Jim and Melinda celebrating over the birth of their child, a fun moment I suppose, but something that could have been condensed into two minutes. We also had some confusing stuff going on with various past ghosts coming in and out (just like the viewers durin this episode).

    I used to be a fan of GW, but after this I might have to rethink that stance.