Ghost Whisperer

Season 4 Episode 13

Body of Water

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

Melinda is surprised by a visit from Nicole. Now, Sam and Nicole are spending a lot of time with each other. As Delia and Melinda prepare for dinner, Sam and Nicole come back to her house. Melinda eavesdrops and nearly gets caught. Nicole tells Melinda how she has been spending a lot of time with Sam and that she received a week off from work and that she wants more time with him. Nicole basically asks Melinda if it's ok to stay at her house with Sam. Melinda says it's ok only because she felt forced to. Meanwhile, a group of teenagers are out camping in the woods and one girl decides to go swimming in the lake. Little did she know that they are several dead bodies in it. She gets spooked out by a spirit. Melinda and Eli go to the lake because they think there are spirits there. Melinda sees several ghosts and the troubled ghost Edwin Hathaway responds, "Leave Us Alone." Eli has been counselling Sam and he has been remembering more about his old memories. He tells Eli that he thought he wanted to have kids or even maybe trying to have kids. This is a memory from Jim and Melinda. Eli tells him that maybe there was someone else he dated besides Nicole.

Eli and Melinda go back up to the lake and so far 8 bodies and counting have been recovered. Melinda and Delia have lunch together. The spirits were dumped into the lake and they don't understand why. The spirits that told Melinda that there would be a price to pay for what she can do. Sam goes to the antique shop to talk with Melinda. He thanks her for letting Nicole stay at her house. They talk outside on the bench for a while about things. Sam notices things about Melinda that seem familiar. Eli goes Edwin Hathaway's' daughters house and talks to her. He tells her that her dad's body is in the lake. She says he can't be because he was cremated. This brings confusion and a twist to the episode. Several bodies are recovered from the lake and they seem angry. Melinda goes to the funeral home during night to figure out more information. Edwin Hathaway is there. He is upset because he thinks his family has to deal with his loss all over. Edwin says he was betrayed. Melinda says she can help him and he needs to cross over into the light. He refuses. Edwin says he's not going anywhere and that there is business to take care of. Melinda says, "What business do you need to do?" Edwin responds, "You mean who." Putting another twist, Melinda and Delia hang out at Melinda's house. Delia encourages that Melinda needs to fight for Sam. Melinda says she just has faith and that nothing she can do will get him to remember her or choose her. Melinda then goes to Carl's house, the owner of the funeral home. He has cancer and that's why he closed the funeral home. Melinda goes upstairs to talk to him. He won't take his medicine and says that he feels evil around him. Melinda tells him that the spirits are mad at him because he dumped their bodies in the lake instead of cremating them. He ran out of money to support the place. He was undercut and the money ran out, the furnace broke down and he said he was desperate. Nicole comes to Melinda's work to talk to her and says that she knows Sam is different and she likes that. It makes Melinda nervous that she will lose him for forever. Melinda goes home and Mrs. Seccic is there. She says Carl died a few hours ago. Carl's spirit is at the lake and is being taunted by the bodies he threw in the lake. Eli talks to Paula and her mom. Paula is the daughter of dead Edwin. Later, Sam surprises Melinda at home and they talk. Sam took Nikki (Nicole) to a hotel. Sam says he will go back to the hotel. Melinda asks him what is going on. He says that Nikki reminds him of his past. Melinda tells him he can do better for himself and to hold out for more.. He responds, "What am I holding out for?" Melinda says, "Hold out for everything." Melinda then finds out all the ghosts that have not crossed over will not because of the shame they had. Melinda has to find a way to help them. Later that night, all the families of the lost ones that were in the lake came together and told their lost ones that there was no shame. They all then cross over. The next day, Sam tells Melinda that Nikki needs to talk to her. Nicole hopes that there are no hard feelings. They both go outside and Melinda sees what appears that Sam and Nicole are leaving together. But only Nicole is leaving. She tells Sam to be happy. She drives way. Melinda is shocked. The last scene shows Melinda and Sam walking towards each other. It's romantic and gives Melinda hope. The episodes end with them staring at each other a foot away from one another.