Ghost Whisperer

Season 4 Episode 13

Body of Water

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2009 on CBS

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    Body of Water: Review

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    Love this show, one of the best shows ever, and one of the best episodes. hope this show never ends.
    This episodes shows exactly why i love this show, exciting from the begining to the end of every episode.
    I just want more more more of Ghost Whisperer.
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    Greats from Croatia.

    Melinda has been suffering from the loss of Jim. As Ghost Whisperer viewers know, he is now somewhere in the body of Sam. Sam has been having flashbacks and been remembering his past with Nicole and Melinda. Melinda helps several ghosts cross over eventually that were suppose to be cremated. The guy who was suppose to cremate them threw their bodies into a lake because of financial lack to replace the fire furnace. The ghosts were extremely upset, but the families of the lost loved ones came together and said there was no shame. Shame held many ghosts back to where they couldnt go into the light. Also, in the beginning of the episode, Melinda allowed Nicole to stay at her home for a week. Delia tells Melinda that she needs to fight for Sam/Jim. Nicole/Nikki gets a hotel and Melinda tells Sam to hold out... hold out for everything. Sam remembers his past life and the fact that he wanted to have kids which gives Melinda hope. At the end of the episode, its breathtaking. Melinda talks to Nicole downstairs and they decide there is no hard feelings. Melinda thinks Jim and Nicole are leaving. Together. But it turns out only Nicole is. Nicole drives away and looks at Melinda. They walk slowly towards eachother as a very emotional song is playing.. The end stops where they are both a foot away.
  • The Best Episode this season

    Finally we have another perfect episode. This is the first episode after this season's premiere which showed us more of the "bigger" storyline (I mean - the underground, melinda's dad, the watchers etc.). I really missed those things.

    The scene where Melinda spoke with the black woman spirit in white robe (one of the watchers) near the lake was awesome. Also the crossing-over was really beautiful. (I missed these mass-crossing-overs). And then Jim/Sam storyline... I was nervous like hell every scene where Nicole appeared. I just kept whispering: die, die, die... But the outcome was ten times better than Nicole's death. She just LEFT. That was more than just shocking. The last five minutes of the episode were just painful, because I thought that Jim was going to leave too, but thank God...
  • This episode is the first for JLH as both producer and director. The backend ghost story was good.

    Jim/Sam chose Melinda over Nikki/Nicole. He did it all on his own. I wonder what will happen with the Sam/Jim actors. Will Jim/David Conrad take over? I hate the Sam flashes of the other actor. I have questions about the group of ghosts that stay behind to help. I have never heard of such a thing. They should all go into the light. I have read in many places that if earthbound spirits choose to stay near the physical plane, then they may get influenced by bad negative energies. In Asian religion, these earthbound spirits will become hungry ghosts. I think that the show should explain more of this concept in the future.
  • Where the heart's at.

    I thought the episode beautifully focused on the idea that your heart guides you. I thought everything Melinda said to Jim had that as its meaning. In particular Melinda telling him to forget about what other people were saying he should feel, but just allow his real feelings to guide him. The same goes for the session between Jim and Eli. The fact that he couldn't figure out why he was struggling to feel emotions for Nicole even though she was pretty, and wanted the same things he did. Even the decision that Nicole made to leave was related to it. She said that Sam finally wanted the things she had always wanted, yet she knew that something was missing within him, so she left. Everybody was guided by their heart and the final scene between Melinda and Jim, staring at each other, showed where their hearts were at.
  • Sam/Jim finally makes his decision. Hopefully there won't be something big that gets in the way of it again.

    I think that Jamie Kennedy does an another great job as Eli character. It still surprises me to see him a more serious role. I gotta say that one my favorite part of this episode is such an insignificant part but very sweet. It's when Eli hugs the kid who comes out of his office when Jim was there for his therapy session. To other parts of the episode. I like to note that Jim finally stays with Melinda. The way Nikki was saying sounded as if he was leaving, but I knew that he would stay. Without Jim the show would just be missing a key element. I thought that the ghost story tonight was interesting. I wonder why they couldn't just move on if their problems were fixed. I guess in a way that's understandable though. You've done wrong during life and I guess now it's another chance to do right.
  • This episode talked a lot about Shame and how it can hold you back, how big of a role it can have on someone's life.

    The gost's felt shame for what they had become, the old man felt shame for what he had to the people who had died, Sam/Jim felt shame about how he had been before he lost him memory. Even Melinda felt shame though her's was more abstract and harder to define.

    The ghost's said they wanted to protect the living and yet in a way they wanted to protect themselves as well. They didn't want the living to see them as they were, as what they had become and so they warned Melinda and Eli to tell no one. The old man wouldn't take his pain meds because he was sure that the pain was part of his pennance for what he had done to those people. To him his actions were so shameful that he deserved the pain, deserved to suffer.

    Sam/Jim tried to make up for how he had behaved before by being better to Nicole deciding to settle with comfortable.

    The end speech that one of the wives made was amazingly accurate for this episode. It tied everything that had been portrayed during the episode with the different characters together. she said that all of us travel down different paths and some paths branch out where you have to walk alone but all of us are walking to the same place: the unknown. And that its ok to make mistakes, and to fear things, and to make mistakes, and to die. Its ok because there's no shame in any of it.

    Plus the ending scene with Nicole leaving and Sam/Jim deciding to stay. It was a beautiful scene adn the music that was playing was spectacualr and fit everything so well.

    All in all it was avery philisophical episode and one of the more meaningful that I have ever seen of this series.
  • Worst episode of the season.

    Ghost Whisperer has quietly become one of the most consistently good dramas on television featuring really compelling stories on a weekly basis.

    Yet in Jennifer Love Hewitt's directorial debut the show suffered. Things just came off as so unimportant from the start and the backstory of the ghost was about as fillerish as you could expect.

    I just could not get into this episode at all. Luckily things progressed quickly, but from the bizarre opening scene with the teenager randomly going into the water to the inconclusive ending, this was one of the weakest installments of the year, possibly the series, for Ghost Whisperer.