Ghost Whisperer

Season 2 Episode 11

Cat's Claw

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 2006 on CBS
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While Melinda is at the University’s botany lab she deals with some telekinetic events while dealing with a plant from Peru that is bleeding. Melinda finds that she must help a Doctor save herself.

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  • It isn't the most interesting episode, but still worthwhile.

    Beore I get into it, I think that this episode wasn't as good as some others that we have had, and as a result, I wouldn't recommend it as highly as some other episodes.

    I think that the storyline was very interesting and quite suspenseful at times, but overall, it was fairly lacking. The episode did have a good amount of suspense, but once again, not as much as most other episodes, which was my major criticism.

    I also think that it dragged on for too long and I became a little confused at times, and I didn't particularly enjoy that.

    However, in saying that, the episode wasn't awful. It was still highly interesting for the most part, and I would still recommend this, but not as highly as other episodes.moreless
  • Very interesting but I got lost a couple of times

    Very cool. Shows alot of Mythology of another culture and I have always been fascinated by stuff like that. I got confused when Melinda kept getting lost in this jungle and such. Is she more than a woman who could talk to the dead? Is she also precognitive? Maybe an empath too? Or some kind of seer? I just can't really tell. It's hard to figure that part of her out these days but none the less the show is still very exciting! I will always love it. She told the doctor who she is but I still wish she would tell Deliah. She seems like a kind, understanding and honest woman who might actually need Melinda for just that.moreless
  • This episode was definitely exciting...but i'm kinda worried about the relationship between Melinda and Professor Payne!

    I loved this episode...i think it was another great installment!

    However, i'm a little worried about the relationship between Melinda and Professor Payne!

    I don't know why, but i'm kinda getting the impression that the writers are preparing them for an affair!

    That would be totally awful...cause i love Melinda and Jim together...but stuff happen!

    I hope i'm wrong...but i can't shake that feeling.

    It like they're always at each the whole drunk scene! My imagination may be running away with me, but...

    Anyway, only time will tell what will happen...who knows? Hopefully i'm way off base...and Melinda and Jim will live happily everafter!moreless
  • Wow there is alot of Professor Payne. (Can't spell). lol. I really liked this episode.

    Of course this show is about ghosts but yet again Melinda encounters another ghost lol. Duh. But this ghost got to take her to the jungle where she sees a thing that is an omen of death. We also discover that the Cat's Claw is a yellow flower from the jungle. Alot more is known about Payne in this episode like his interests and how he knows people from the episode like the deceased. Then Melinda tells payna the secret yet she won't tell Camryn Manheim lol. I think Payne is really cool. I really enjoyed this episode with different aspects of it with the visions and stuff. Good episode.moreless
Julie Ann Emery

Julie Ann Emery

Dr. Penn Gorgan

Guest Star

Reed Diamond

Reed Diamond

Dr. Martin Schaer

Guest Star

Daniel J. Johnson (II)

Daniel J. Johnson (II)


Guest Star

Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr

Professor Rick Payne

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • We can see that the ghost eyes change color from deep brown to light green.
      When Martin Shaer is telling the story to Melinda and he is on the tent he has brown eyes but when he is going to the light he has light green eyes.

    • In this episode, Melinda tells Professor Payne about what she can do.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Professor Payne: I will see you again...never!

    • Jim: Did Payne have something to do with this? Or her?
      Melinda: No, it was an anonymous tip.
      Jim: Oh. Fill me in later.

    • Melinda: Is that why you came to my house?
      Professor Payne: Yes.
      Melinda: Was it necessary to be drunk?
      Professor Payne: Yes, because I didn't make the decision to go to your house until after I was drunk.

    • Jim: He's the guy every guy wants to be.
      Melinda: Except he's dead.
      Jim: Yeah, except that.

    • Melinda: Is this a mosquito?
      Jim: At this time of year? Global warming has come to Grandview at 9:53 pm.

    • Melinda: She's inside, break down the door!
      (Professor Payne just stares.)
      Melinda: Do you want me to do it?
      Professor Payne: Yes!

    • Jim: The ghost is haunting the men's restroom? That's disgusting.

    • Professor Payne: I have really got to go.
      Melinda: I thought you said I had 15 minutes.
      Professor Payne: You're on Payne time baby.

    • Professor Payne: I think I may have been partially inebriated the other night.
      Melinda: Partially?
      Professor Payne: Partially, which I probably owe you an apology for, which will come in the very near future.

    • Professor Payne: I guess your husband's not home because if he was I'd probably be pulling his fist out of my face right about now.
      Melinda: You might get to do that at a later date.

    • Melinda: Do you have to be this crass or can't you help it?
      Professor Payne: I can help it. I usually do it as a defense mechanism so I don't get too emotionally attached to humanity.

    • Professor Payne: I didn't leave my keys in the door. I never leave my keys in the door. This is really strange.
      Melinda: Everyone loses their keys.
      Professor Payne: I'm not everyone.

    • Professor Payne (to Melinda): I may be drunk, Melinda Gordon, but at least I'm telling the truth...

    • Professor Payne: Hi!
      Melinda: You've been drinking...
      Professor Payne: Statement or question?
      Melinda: What do you want?
      Professor Payne: What do I want? Good. I'll tell you what I want... I wanna know... I wanna know what it is that you do!
      Melinda: You shouldn't be doing this...
      Professor Payne: The world is filled with people doing things they shouldn't be doing! Having sex with other people's wives, cheating on their taxes, running red lights, Iraq...

    • Jim: I'll try not to wake you up.
      Melinda: Please do! I like to know you're back.

    • Melinda: He knows that things are happening. I couldn't come up with a rational explanation, so... I run out of lies sometimes.
      Jim: Hey, they're not lies. Whatever you think, they're not lies.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Rick: Next you'll just pull a rabbit out of your hat...But with your hat, there's a very interesting question, and that's whether or not will the rabbit be dead or alive.

      The physicist Erwin Schrödinger postulated a thought experiment to illustrate the paradoxical nature of quantum physics. In the experiment, a cat is inside a steel chamber with a radioactive source with a chance of decay and a poisonous gas. Because quantum events are indeterminate until they are observed, until the chamber is opened, the cat is both dead and alive.

    • Rick: Ah, you saw me! You saw me! There's no denying you saw me!

      Professor Payne echoes the words of many ghosts throughout the series when they first realize Melinda can see them.