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CBS (ended 2010)
Two external sets for Jennifer Love Hewitt's CBS show burned down in Universal Studios blaze; production will not be interrupted.
Jun 02, 2008
Ghost Whisperer sets go up in flames
Tim Surette

A large fire broke out this weekend at the Universal Studios theme park in Los Angeles on Friday, taking with it several landmarks. Thankfully, no one was injured in the fire, which was reportedly the size of two city blocks at one point. But it's the loss of the iconic Courtyard Square set that may be felt most around...

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TV Virgin
Feb 08, 2010
Ghost Whisperer: Dead on Arrival
Before Friday, we'd never seen Ghost Whisperer—and wouldn't be upset if we never saw it again.
Chop Chop
May 18, 2010
CBS Cleans House, Cancels Seven
Which shows survived the network's overhaul and which shows got the axe?
Ghost Whisperer and CSI: Miami adding pop-up clues, facts, more to encore presentations.
Feb 16, 2008
More "enhanced" reruns coming

Back in the old days, VH1 came up with an ingenious plan to spice up the constant replay of tired music videos: Pop-up Video. Videos would air normally, but quick "bubbles" containing information either on the artist or relevant to the video would "pop up," giving viewers a better understanding of what was going on. It was great...for music videos.

In late January, ABC employed the tactic for its rebroadcast of the Lost season three finale in an attempt to bring in viewers who may have missed the first three seasons. As an attempt to explain Lost's complicated and intertwining storylines, text at the bottom of the screen was designed to fill in new viewers to what was going on.

It was met with mostly poor reception, but some did find the pop-ups entertaining. Last night's rerun of last week's Lost episode also featured some pop-up ...

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Annual sci-fi-centric Saturn Awards show honors Heroes and Battlestar Galactica as best TV programs.
May 11, 2007
Heroes, Battlestar grab awards

Aliens, superheroes, and cave dwellers got their day in the sun yesterday, as the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films held its 33rd annual Saturn Awards in Los Angeles. The show recognizes the best in science fiction, horror, and fantasy movies and television shows as voted by the academy, and was hosted by Greg Grunberg (Heroes) and comedian Jeffrey Ross.

Fan favorite Heroes showed its might, taking home the award for Best Network Television Series. The NBC show beat out other nominees Lost, Jericho, Smallville, 24, and Veronica Mars for the honors.

The Best Syndication/Cable Television Series prize went to the Sci Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica. The show was nominated alongside The Closer, Dexter, Doctor Who, Eureka, Kyle XY, and Stargate SG-1.

Individual awards were given to Best Actor Michael C. Hall for his role as ...

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News Briefs
May 28, 2010
Gary Coleman (1968-2010)
Plus: Full ratings rankings for this season's network shows, Ghost Whisperer is done whisperin' for good, and Dora the Exploring Illegal Immigrant?
Status Report
Apr 30, 2010
What's Been Renewed, What's Been Canceled, What's Left
A comprehensive list of which TV shows are returning next season, which shows have been canceled, and which shows are still in limbo.
Network officially renews almost a dozen for next fall, including Big Bang, CSI trio; no Jericho...yet.
Feb 15, 2008
CBS renews plethora of crime dramas

Earlier this week, ABC sent out the ho-hum announcement that it had picked up nine shows for early renewal. The no-brainers included Lost, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and previously announced freshman shows such as Pushing Daisies.

Nothing groundbreaking there, but from a business point of view, it had to be done. Today it was CBS's turn to send out a "no duh" press release, announcing its renewals for next season.

On the list are the Eye's version of no-brainers--its armada of crime procedurals: CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, NCIS, Numb3rs, and Without a Trace.

Also coming back for more will be Charlie Sheen's Two and a Half Men, J-Lo Hewitt's Ghost Whisperer, and newbie The Big Bang ...

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Brad and Angelina move over - Hollywood has a new couple on the scene.
Mar 16, 2009
Jamie announces love for Jennifer

Comedy actor Jamie Kennedy has announced that he and fellow thesp Jennifer Love Hewitt are an item.

It comes just months after Jennifer broke off her engagement to actor Ross McCall. The Scream star spilled the beans on Ryan Seacrest's radio show.

Asked if rumours of the pair's romantic ties were true, Jamie said: "Yes, I'm just gonna say it - yes we are dating."

He continued: "We're actually more than dating. We're not engaged, but we're more than in love."

He gushed: "She's so talented, she can sing, she can dance, and she's hilarious... and hot."

It's time once again for TV upfronts, when networks converge to host a series of presentations in which they bombard advertisers, press representatives, and others with exciting news about the upcoming season. Whispered gossip fills the air, series pickups and cancellations are announced, and network presidents wax poetic over the undeniable greatness of their latest small-screen creations. We want to make sure you've got the goods on all of this important news, so we'll continue to update these pages as new information is revealed. Keep checking back, and by the end of the week you'll have the fall season memorized!
May 10, 2006
2006 Upfronts


Fall schedule announced! The NBC upfront took place Monday, May 15; this section will be updated as announcements are made.

Renewed Shows

The Apprentice (to return midseason)

The Biggest Loser


Crossing Jordan (to return midseason)

Deal or No Deal


Las Vegas

Last Comic Standing

Law & Order

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


My Name is Earl

The Office

Scrubs (to return midseason)

New Shows Picked Up

20 Good Years
This new comedy from the cocreator of The Cosby Show follows the adventures of two friends who finally realize that life doesn't last forever. John Lowry and Stanley Friedman are an odd pair to be buddies. They're polar opposites in every way and have a hard time seeing eye to eye. The one thing they can agree on is that they only have ...

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