Ghost Whisperer

Season 5 Episode 11

Dead Air

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2010 on CBS

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  • One of my favorite episodes of this show!

    I foudn this to be an extremely interesting episode, and it was certainly very enjoyable from start until finish.

    The storyline was very well constructed, and to me, it didn't really have any flaws, so I found that to be sensational.

    I also thought that this was a very good episode in terms of the whole case, and I think it was perhaps one of the best we have ever seen of the show, and I hope there are more like this to come in the future.

    Overall, I highly recommend this episode, as it had all the aspectrs of an amazing episode and really, itr had nothing wrong with it.
  • A very interesting episode, a lot of casts were involve on the storyline. But the most important aspect of this episode is the moral lesson of the story.

    It involves family relations and friends relationship. It also tackles importance of TRUST in a relationship.

    Story starts with Ned having an On the Job training at a local radio station as a DJ. This is where the haunting begins after Ned and his friend pulled out staged prank call live on the radio. The radio station both goes haywire and Ned suspected a haunting on the radio station.

    After Ned informed Melinda on the incident on the radio station booth, they have started investigating on who's the ghost haunting Ned. Delia, Ned's mother got very concerned due to his son got involved again on a angry ghost. Melinda and her son Aiden discovered another way communicating to each other, that is by sharing the same dream. As they are closing to identify the ghost haunting the station a lot of twist and turns happened due to the uncooperative of the parties involved on the incident. Melinda decided to observe on the both to check out if she can see the ghost but during the haunting. Ned got busted when the ghost gave a message on the booth about his current girlfriend and her roommate. This is where the moral of the story begins and it's all about TRUST in a relationship. The ghost got killed due to a previous prank call on the same radio station where Ned is having his On the job training. Two couples were involve and it got ugly when one couple was involved on the radio station prank call. It's pretty long story on how it got ugly after the prank call. But to make the story short distrust to your partner will break the relationship in pieces. Complete review see page: