Ghost Whisperer

Season 1 Episode 16

Dead Man's Ridge

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2006 on CBS

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  • One of Andrea's friends goes missing on a hike...

    Aisha Tyler takes center stage in this episode, "Dead Man's Ridge", as she is suddenly haunted by something unseen that seems ready to drive her to utter madness. The spirit, which flickers in and out, turns out to be that of an old friend from Tyler's days as an ADA in Manhattan, who has taken a terrible fall while mountain climbing. He has something important to tell her as he drifts back and forth between life and death in a hospital ICU. Stephen Tobolowsky, familiar from both TV and movies, plays the surgeon in charge of the dieing guy. He is a hard-headed realist who doesn't want Melinda telling him what to do with his patient. An exciting episode that takes us far away from the Grandview set, if only for a little while. Matt Keeslar is on the scary side as the come-and-go ghost of the hiker.
  • Andrea's Friend Goes Missing During A Hiking Trip And Melinda Is Brought In To Help Find Him.

    Andrea's Friend Dennis Goes Missing During A Hiking Trip And Melinda Is Brought In To Try To Find Him.
    We Finally Find Out The Reason Why Andrea Chose To Live A Simple Life, It's Because She Can Sometimes Feel A Ghost's Presence (We See Evidence Of This In 'Last Execution' When Andrea Feels There's Someone Watching Her)
    Andrea Also Finds Out That Dennis Had A Crush On Her, But Did Not Tell Her.
    Melinda Contacts Dennis's Brother And They Go To Dead Man's Ridge, Hence The Title Of The Episode.
    Turns Out Dennis Wasn't Even Dead, Melinda Could See Him Everytime He Flatlined!! What A Story! I Love It!
  • Andrea-Centric

    We finally find out the true reason on why Andrea decided to live a more simple life outside the D.A.'s office. It is told in the story of a haunting she has received from one of her fellow co-workers. Melinda and Jim hope to get Andrea hope through the situation she is in and also tries to help the ghost cross over.

    I found this story fun to watch because we find out Andrea's past, but there wasn't anything so unique about this episode. I would have actually prefered something more shocking about Andrea's past insted of something so ordinary. Anyway, great episode.
  • Dead people flirt too!

    Well Melinda seems to be a hit with dead people, they are even trying to hit on her now. I thought this was cute and very funny.

    I love that he was not really dead. He was alive but when he flatlined that was when Melinda could see him. Excellent and very well thought of. It was a pitty he couldn't be saved as well. That really would have been something to tell the grandchildren!

    A bit confusing of why he was haunting Andrea after only knowing her for a short time and not seeing her in years. Must have felt Melindas power through Andrea or something.
  • Andrea's Turn.

    I liked this episode because it featured on Andrea a bit more and it we got a slight peak into her past life.

    Some guy who had a crush on Andrea seeks her out to help his trap brother up in the mountains.

    I really thought Dennis should've lived.......Andrea needs a fling in her life.

    Overall, a decent episode.
  • Another one gets away.

    Poor Andrea. She doesn't have much luck in the romance stakes does she. This episode focuses less on Melinda and more on Andrea as the ghost of someone she used to work with at the DA's office appears to be haunting her. Only he is not a ghost.... not yet anyway. For more info you'll have to watch and find out. I had been waiting for Andrea to be given a bit more of a role, and I'm hoping that the writers keep it up. Afterall, what is the use of having a cast of three characters if they don't use them to their full potential? This is an extremely well acted and emotional episode, and is yet another great addition to one of my favourite series.
  • Very Different

    This is 100% a completely different episode than all the others it has a much creepier approach and I like that and I also like the fact that Andrea is the target. The Ghost effects are also really cool you can totally tell that the show has gotten more money lol and I love that they did cause I think they needed it to make the ghosts appear creepier than they normally did. We finally know alot more about Andrea which alot of people where wondering about I hope now they are happy but I also hope they show more of Melinda and Andrea working together to cross ghost over cause they are perfect as a team one does research on why the person die/how and Melinda helps them cross over.

    Everyone did a fantastic job on this episode I love Jennifer and Aisha's acting they are such great actresses and I'm glad they are on the series together they play off each other perfectly I hope to see more of them together in future episodes.
  • A ghost is trying to get to Andrea. The ghost yells out something you can't understand which turns out to be "I'M NOT DEAD!" He needs to reconcile with the younger brother he wronged. They take a trip up Dead Man's Ridge from which only one returns.

    Sorry, but why didn't the guy just say "Quick! Go look on the backside of Dead Man's Ridge"? when he flatlined? Seems to me that helicopter should have been searching as soon as they found the backpack with the guy's name and address in it!'

    The acting was terrific as usual, but at first it seemed Andrea hardly knew this guy, and by the end he's the one that got away? They had big crushes on eachother but he was too shy to make a move because her reputation for having "been around the world" intimidated him? And she was bold enough to throw him a going away party, but couldn't come up with something like "would you mind walking me to my car?" What's with Andrea? If I had her looks and brains I'd never be sittin' home on Saturday night.

    I loved when the flirty young doctor turns out to be a ghost, didn't see that coming. I liked Melinda's amused delight at being flirted with (by a handsome young ghost-doctor, as it turns out) too.

    Good episode. Didn't cry this time though, and I cry at ice skating.